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Columbia class bridge, view 1

Columbia class bridge, view 1

The bridge of a Columbia class explorer ship. Made this after I got the urge to change the color of the floor in the old Defiance class bridge I had made. Obviously, I've done more than just that.



    Well, now you've made me curious as to what the final product is going to look like. The layout of it seems vaguely familiar....
    Well the only way it's getting "finished" is if I win the LEGO lottery. You see, this is the whole ship. The idea that I had at one time was "Hey, I can't draw and just writing these stories out doesn't quite feel right, maybe I can make a LEGO comic out of it." Then I built the first version of this and the Renegade and noticed my decimated LEGO boxes. Considering that this is just one of well over 16 sets that I would need (16 just being the Defiance's interiors), there's no way I'd ever pull it of.
    Oh, I know you wouldn't make the entire ship. I just meant the bridge(Needs more terminals methinks). Though if you do win the LEGO lottery....