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Rycast Site News / Blog > "Making Music using Computers" Guide

Posted 14 July 2008

I've added a guide in the writing section of my website -- "Making Music using Computers." This is mostly a beginner's guide, which covers everything from audio interfaces and MIDI keyboards to DAWs and VSTs. I've also included a terminology section with audio creation-related terms... Hopefully, someone somewhere may find the guide...

Rycast Site News / Blog > Modern Military / Special Forces LEGO Minifig Customs

Posted 06 June 2008

I've made some new Modern Military / Special Forces LEGO minifig customs, which will soon be available for purchase in Justin's online decal shop. The customs were inspired from the Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six (Rogue Spear, Raven Shield) video games.

Here is a direct link to view the customs. They will also be viewable on Brickshelf.

Rycast Site News / Blog > Nova Refuge Site Updates

Posted 25 May 2008

I've made three small additions to the Nova Refuge site. In the Galaxy section, under Factions, I've updated the Victory, Xarkon, and Grimm's Army pages to have animated 3D renderings of their respective logos. I created the renderings using 3ds Max, Photoshop, and Flash.

Besides that, I've also made a few small changes to the global design...

Rycast Site News / Blog > Software Upgrades

Posted 13 May 2008

Justin and I recently upgraded our Adobe graphics software (Photoshop, Flash, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, etc.) to the latest versions (CS3), and there a lot of features in them that I can't wait to use -- especially in the new version of Flash. Also, I've finally gotten Cakewalk Sonar 7 to go with the rest of my audio creation software. It's a lot...