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The Four Horsemen.

07 August 2011 - 09:16 AM

((This is my novel from November 2010's NaNoWriMo challenge. I won the challenge (completed a 50,000 word novel within 30 days).
The novel sucked. I'm finally editing it, so maybe it will be less suck. I'm using Word so I can track changes, just for funsies. I'm in the process of editing it, so I won't post the whole thing at once.

This is the opener. It's short, I'm sorry, but I think it's best to post this and the next part separately.))

Posted Image

The Four Horsemen.
A Tale in which the Apocalypse is averted.

Orlick Thompson was, arguably, the most talented and dedicated Agent of the Cog in recent history. When he graduated at the top of his class from the Academy, he was almost immediately put into active duty. He soon expressed tremendous skill in the fields of mental agility, leadership, and social interactions, epitomizing eveything the Agency strove for. He quickly advanced in the ranks, and was soon allowed to take on an apprentice.
That apprentice was Othello Buccarri.
Orlick Thompson and Othello Buccarri made an incredible pair. A Tori’muuk with a Gakkurri made for an odd-looking duo, what with one’s green skin, large lower mandibles and red eyes, and the other’s coarse skin-wrappings, sparkling eyes and awkward buckteeth, but the two were quickly identified among London civillians as a popular pair for settling disputes and solving problems. The two patrolled often and stopped criminal activity by the truckload. They even used similar beam weapons, both based upon an ancient guard-shoto sword, with the blade perpendicular to the hilt

The day Othello died was, possibly, the only day anyone has ever seen Orlick’s BloodRage. The inseparable pair had been following a report of a break-in at the museum. They arrived shortly after the bandit fled the scene and saw him scamper off with only one artifact. Immediately, the pair of Agents gave chase. They chased the bandit up and down the Thames until they finally cornered him in an alleyway off the Blackfairs Railway Bridge. As Orlick and Othello closed in on the bandit, the Tori’muuk was able to identify the stolen artifact: the Bow of Souls.
“Yes,” he had said into his handheld telecommunicator, “It’s the InflectoAnimus,” radioing back to headquarters. The bandit had raised the Bow then (oblivious to its true power) and pointed it at the Agents . Othello had cried out as the bandit let fly the arrow, which burned through the London night air like a candle negative. The bolt flew at Orlick and would have struck true, had Othello not leapt forth and shoved his master out of the way. Orlick watched as the Effectus Tellum ripped into Othello’s body. The young apprentice’s soul and body was ripped apart and brutally destroyed by a spear of demonic energy.
No one remembers what, exactly, happened after that, not even Orlick. Some Agents found Orlick at the scene in early morning, covered in blood, with what was left of Othello’s head in his lap. The Tori’ would not leave his apprentice’s body until he passed out from sheer exhaustion around midafternoon. He would not speak until a few days after that.

In short, it changed him.
Orlick was required to undego therapy and see many a psychiatrist before he could resume active duty. He is to be accompanied by another Agent at almost all times, to monitor his actions and mental state after such a traumatic event.
Orlick has requested to resume active duty unmonitored many a time, only to be turned down by the Council.
However, what with the rising tensions in China, we are in need of any and all Agents we can get. The Council approved Orlick’s last request on one condition: he take on another apprentice. Orlick refused at first, but the deal was non-negotiable. With much grudge and contempt, the Agent agreed to another apprentice..
That new apprentice is me.

Magic's MOC Dump III

07 July 2011 - 09:29 AM

I haven't taken a sh- er, image dumped on you guys recently, so I figure I might as well let you guys know what I've been up to, especially since I stopped participating (actively) in the LEGO portion of this forum.

Anyway, in reverse chronological order, here we go:


Posted Image

Gee, this thing dates back to April. That, my friends, is a long frikkin' time for the internet. This thing (which started off as a plane, by the way) has been so long taken apart ... that it's been a long time since I've seen it built.

Royal Guardian Steam Golem Halbardier

Posted Image

This was built due to inspiration from this picture.
The Steam Golem almost made it to BrickFiesta. Almost.

Flying Mummy Jumpsuit

Posted Image

Well, that's an odd crossing of themes.


Posted Image

I like this. Still together, oddly enough. It was on display at BrickFiesta, though as part of my brother's scene (he needed something that would go in a commercial garage, and this thing was lying around, so I let him use it as such).


Posted Image

It's sorta kinda almost not really I don't even know minfig scale (I think). Really, it was built to try out that reflection technique (which I botched, anyway).

Crocjaw Prototype

Posted Image

This thing has a pretty cool backstory that you guys should go check out because I'm a lazy piece of crap.

Crocjaw Snaggletooth

Posted Image

Ah, yes, Blacktron I up to their usual thievery and violence.

Actually, this thing doesn't have a title. It was kind of a tablescrap.

Posted Image

Wait a minute, this isn't a mech.

COG fembot fatale: "Desdemona"

Posted Image

I should probably post this in the WIP thread, but I was holding out for less suck pictures. Actually, I just forgot.

And, finally,


Posted Image

The last thing in my Photostream. This was fun to build. And pose, too.

Also: the Trainhead got blogged by a notoriously snarky and satirical blog called twee affect. And (I don't think) it wasn't satirical.
However, if they ever knew I wrote that above line, it would instantly turn satirical.

In fact, since you read through all my self-indulgent gabbering and sat through the many repeat MOC showings that may or may not have happened, you can have an extra photo:

Posted Image

However, I know that any shmuck that's just casually scrolling through this topic will see the bonus pic, it's really dedicated to you, the guy who has too much time and likes giant robots or LEGO or both.
Or maybe you just like me.
I'm down with that, too.

COG Fembot fatale (WIP)

16 May 2011 - 04:26 AM


So...every now and then, I like to pretend I know how to build Barnacle / Hero Factory.

There's a collaborative display for BrickFair that I'd like to participate in. The display will be a battle scene with two warring robot factions; the COG, a militaristic disciplinary force that controls the civilians, and the REB, a resistance movement.

I will be building a femme fatale for the COG. You can see the requirements for each faction here, but, essentially, this build needs to have a black "skeleton" with red armor. This is what it looks like so far:

Posted Image

I have plans for the upper arms; I just don't have the parts.
Before you bug me about how lame and skinny the legs look: they will be armored (somwehow). I don't necessarily know how, but that's what you're here for.
And I need good feet. I'm thinking some high-heel-esque feet. Does anyone have any good designs / ideas?

Any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated!

MSM-03 Gogg 1/100th scale Master Grade.

27 April 2011 - 04:10 AM


So, I recently got my hands on a MSM-03 Gogg Principality of Zeon Mass Production Aquatic Type Mobile Suit 1/100th scale Master Grade model kit. It's my first Master Grade, and I'm really excited about it. I'm posting this here because I want this thing to be good, and maybe you guys can give me some feedback.

Here is the initial sketch I did when I was in the planning stages of this project:

Posted Image

I've already assembled, sanded, sealed, and primed the inner frame of the model, seen here:

Posted Image

And I will be adding extra details (such as IC sockets) in these places:

Posted Image

So, by all means, let me know what you think!

I know that the Chaos Black goes OM NOM NOM to the beautiful details, so I was thinking about hitting it up with a light coat of some metallic paint (or, if worse comes to worse, dry brushing the entire frame with some silver paint (which would SUUUUCK)).

Also, I want to try this paint chipping technique I found here. Should the "unpainted metal" color be darker than the final coat, or lighter? In other words, should the paint that is "chipped away" be lighter or darker than the basecoat underneath?

Thank you for your feedback!


24 December 2010 - 04:46 AM

I haven't shown you guys anything new LEGO-wise in a while.

So, in reverse chronological order, here are some stuff I thought you would enjoy.

The 1928 Morris Minor - Mad Max style.
This is what Mad Max would have been like had the Apocalypse broken in the 1930s.

Posted Image

The Shôgun- Ć37 was initially built for NoVVember, but it lacked the correct components to qualify as a Vic Viper.

Posted Image

Thus, I built an actual Vic Viper.
The Valkyrie was fun, and it helped me develop a new cockpit box.

Posted Image

The Octopus pack was just great good fun. Not much to say about it.

Posted Image

And that brings me to my most recent MOC.
The Desert Walker is pretty unoriginal, technique-wise. But I enjoyed making it, and it's sitting right in front of me as I type this.

Posted Image

If anyone is interested, here's a link to my Flickr Photostream.