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The Hawk's Nest > Tales of Wrestling #3: Rob Van Dam

Posted 18 March 2017

Hey guys. I posted a new blog about a childhood favorite, Rob Van Dam, on my site! Check it out here . 

The Hawk's Nest > Wrestling Wednesday #2: Chris Jericho

Posted 21 February 2017

Its time for Hawk's Wrestling Wednesday, the greatest wrestling blog on the entirety of the internet, and if you disagree you're a stupid idiot! Obviously, I'm a pretty big wrestling fan ("GASP, really?") and I am a huge fan of the video "Wrestling Isn't Wrestling" which...

The Hawk's Nest > Wrestling Wednesday #1: Naito

Posted 25 January 2017

Look what I found on Brickshelf! Guess I must have made myself a logo a while back for a blog that never materialized. But regardless, here it is now for a blog that will actually happen (at least this once). Its Wednesday, so you all know what that means! Its time for Hawk...