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BrickFair Virginia 2016 Review: Of Myths and Legends

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#1 Nightstalker


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Posted 09 August 2016 - 01:26 PM


Before I start this here is a photo of a bunch of us castle/fantasy guys:




I got the chance to hang out with many awesome folks, and even pick up a couple of great building tips. The names of all of these guys are:


<forth coming>


Now then... for starters, here is everything I was a part of:


Cold Reaver (Dark Blue and Black Ship in the top left)




The Fall of Lord Agruzgakbalat









LoR Collab













And that sums up my activity. 


Now for some highlights!


Anyone for some Zelda?





Cthulu Rises!



Best Space MOC and the most B@D@$$ Tank Ever!



Metroid Prime is cool too!



Heroic Weaponry, Heroes, and Baddies!






More Evidence that LEGO needed to make a Balrog




These are just some of the great builds that were present. You can see more at the link below (once it is public):




Stay tuned for part 2, where I show off some awesome prototype stuff from BrickArms, BrickWarriors, and other stuff!


Until then, I have another build to plan out.


Hope you all enjoy! And I hope this inspires people to come out next year!



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#2 Joe


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Posted 10 August 2016 - 03:35 AM

What, no punch-ups? Worst. Brickfair. Ever.
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#3 Nightstalker


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Posted 20 August 2016 - 03:42 PM


Oh so you thought I was done!?


Not a chance folks. For starters, here is the link to my full gallery:




Besides, what would any BFVA be without one of my swag reviews!  :lego_smile:


But before I jump into that, here are some interesting stats about his years event:

SSLF Stats

- Number of people that asked about my SSLF shirt: 3

- Number of people that thought I was Scorp: 2

- Number of people that asked if Scorp and Werewolf would be present: 6 

- Number of people that asked about custom commissions: 2

- Number of people that recognized Tom Drake: 8



- Number of people that pointed out Leonardo in the SSLF Raid: At a minimum 100

- Number of people that saw our LoR collab and thought it was pirates: 8+ (was not present the entire time)


All in all, a pretty good year! Next year, I am considering requesting to be a re-seller for custom figs if Scorp would allow it (and if I knew a bunch of folks would be looking for some cool stuff). But that is neither here nor there...


And now...


:10coinz:  :10coinz:  :10coinz:  :10coinz:  :10coinz: BRICKFAIR VIRGINIA 2016 SWAG REVIEW  :10coinz:  :10coinz:  :10coinz:  :10coinz:  :10coinz: 


For starters, let me talk about my badge:




This year I gained the eclipseGRAFX brick, another BFVA brick, "Head of Fantasy Funnies," brick, and the, "Tip Your Healer," brick (three types were available, for each Overwatch healer. I am considering adding the brick, "I'm not Saber-Scorpion."


So that is my badge loot. Now, for the minifig stuff. All of the stuff shown below is either brand new or prototypes.






1) Brickarms Man Portable Cannon (MPC)

- If you are a fan of Halo, then you probably recognize this bad boy from Halo 3 and Halo: Reach. This BA weapon has never been sold before, but was available for $15 each. 5 pieces make up the gun, and it is the heaviest sci-fi machine gun out there! I am certain if you checked GI Brick over the last couple of weeks, you possibly could have found some (typically after conventions, any unique protos or over-molded weapons go online until they are sold out).




2) Brickarms Trench Knife

- I am no fan of WWII or WWI weaponry. However, as a fantasy nerd, I found an appeal to this primarily because of Dark Souls 3. This knife is actually over-molded. It is not visible in the picture, but the grip is a different color. I really like the spikes around the hand, which remind me of the BrickWarriors caestus. The blade is thin and short, but of high quality, like the rest of BA's stuff.


-- Bonus Picture --










3) Brickarms Fused M4 SOPMOD

- As of fan of modern weaponry, this was one of those prototype weapons I picked up in the yard sale. Just as sturdy as the ARC Rifle, this variant features far more attachments, but the same connection points. If you are into modern weapons for your minifigs, keep an eye out for this bad boy if you are ever at a convention.








4) Brickarms McCree Revolver

- "It's high noon somewhere in the world..." A couple of weeks before BFVA, the over-molded version went on sale on GIBrick. I picked up two there, and traded one for a BrickWarriors Dark Ranger. However, I found out that some of the over-molded ones were kept for BFVA and managed to get another one. Along with those, several titanium versions were made (I have 5 of those). When it comes to sci-fi style weapons, this revolver is the beast! Besides, it gives your minifigs the ability to call forth the powers of High Noon! Anyways, I have a feeling this will make it to production eventually... 








5) eclipseGRAFX Reaper Minifig

- With the popularity of Overwatch, you know people are looking for some cool minifigs! This is no exception. As you can see, Reaper has printing on both legs, waist, chest, back, face, and arms. He also features two BA sawed-off shotguns. His overall quality is very high, but it should be noted that this figure was not intended for excessive play. The print job will last a while, but it is capable of being removed over a period of time. 




6) Brick Warriors Rebel Axe

- Brick Warriors has once again provided another great ligament chopper! If you have seen any of my recent Fantasy Funnies, you might have notices this awesome weapon. It was available for purchase at BFVA, and features some cool details. Furthermore, it is the best looking war axe I have seen. It is not nearly as big as the Minotaur Battle Axe, but it still an awesome two-handed weapon.




7) Brick Warriors Blunderbuss and Flintlock Rifle

- The blunderbuss just came out a week before BFVA, so if you want some more boom in pirates or fantasy, go get 'em! However, the rifle is unreleased. It will be coming eventually, but typically that means several months out. It is on par with other BW weapons, and it features grip points along the barrel and stock. Honestly, I was so glad to see these, I grabbed 25 of them to arm my Ankoran riflemen. The blunderbuss features the same grip points, which is really awesome as well.




8) Brick Warriors Flintlock Pistol

- These released with the blunderbuss as well. They have grip points on the handle and barrel. Honestly when looking at BW vs. BA flintlocks, they are both equally great choices. The variety allows for different figs to have different styles of weaponry.








9) Clone Army Customs Havoc Squad Leader

- Now, this minifig has a special place in my heart... because he is a former character of mine. I am no longer into Star Wars anymore, but I made it a habit to have all of my MMO characters in minifig form, and this is the closest thing to my SWTOR character. The printing is on all sides (except the back of the legs), and features good armor details, including the Havoc Squad Emblem. The backpack is not the highest quality, but still very good. I pieced this guy together and even gave him a dark-fleshy face, similar to how my character looked (not shown here).




10) Brick Warriors Fallen Sabres

- While I no longer play Destiny, their weaponry is still amazing. More importantly, upon seeing these, visions of Arc Burn returned to my head. These sci-fi swords are based off of the Fallen Vandal and Captain swords. They are pretty much spot on and feature one grip point. Honestly, I can see some dastardly space pirates using these as their new cutlasses.




11) Brick Warriors Fallen Wire Rifle

- Continuing my Destiny rant, anyone who has lived through an Arc Burn PoE or Nightfall know how much of a pain these rifles are. Too bad when players got a hold of them they were not nearly as effective. As far as sci-fi snipers go, this one is really unique. It has a distinct alien feel to it and features two grip points on the handle and barrel. Like the swords, the design is spot on, and will be a welcome addition in the sci fi arsenal.




12) Brick Warriors Knapsack

- Need a knapsack? How about one with two attachments? That's right! Originally shown off on the Brick Warriors Herovinci minifig (no longer available), this bag will be coming in the near future. It has nice detail, and beats out TLG's backpack design. This will more than likely be released alongside the flintlock rifle. After all, pirates do have a pesky armada to fight.


That is about it for the swag review! Unmentioned items include:


- Various custom minifig faces

- Wounded minifig torso

- One other Brick Warriors helmet

- A bunch of Fantasy Era dwarves

- 10 LotR Elrond minifigs

- 11 Female Samurai Warriors

- A slew of rare super hero minifigs


I also got a chance to speak with Thrash (Founder of Brick Warriors), and he has a ton of new and really awesome stuff in the works. I do not believe I am able to talk about it, but the LEGO community will be amazed at some of the things coming.


Well folks,

It has been one heck of a year.

As always, I will return next year, and hope the stuff I have shown off will inspire you to come out!


- Nick




Local SSLF Builder
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#4 Maverick-Werewolf


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Posted 20 August 2016 - 04:34 PM

EIGHT people recognized Tom?! Gosh, I'm flattered! For real. :o That's so awesome! I had no idea. Who the heck were they? :lol:

Also, Nightstalker, just wanted to say your display is seriously awesome. Should've said that earlier. And I'm super touched Tom got such an awesome position in it. Thank you, man.

As always, I really enjoy your Brickfair review. Some of that loot looks sweet. Scorp and I wanted to come this year, but we didn't quite make it. Thanks for represnting us so well. :P Hope we'll get to be there next year!


#5 Saber-Scorpion


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Posted 25 August 2016 - 03:03 PM

Awesome stuff, dude. Now I wish even more than I'd gone. I got guilted into doing a family thing that weekend instead, and all in all I wish I'd just bailed and gone to BrickFair anyway. :P I'll have to plan ahead for next year, for once.




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#6 Dalton Westmoore

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Posted 25 August 2016 - 05:23 PM

 Thanks for represnting us so well. :P Hope we'll get to be there next year!

Awesome stuff, dude. Now I wish even more than I'd gone. I got guilted into doing a family thing that weekend instead, and all in all I wish I'd just bailed and gone to BrickFair anyway. :P I'll have to plan ahead for next year, for once.


Maybe I'll see you guys next year as well!


I have an Idea for a build that will require a lot of decals from Scorp... :D

#7 Lukas Exemplar

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Posted 21 October 2016 - 07:55 PM

I love it Night. But why can't they have BrickFair in Denmark?  :cry:  The company is from bloody Denmark after all.....

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