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BrickFair Virginia 2019 Review - PICTURE HEAVY!

06 August 2019 - 08:35 AM

Another BrickFair has passed, which means it's time to rant about it!


First off, before moving onto several amazing MOCs, huge thanks to Dalton for coming out to visit! It is always a pleasure to attach an online name to a face and an actual name (also, thanks for the artwork). For those that live in the DMV area, you'll have yet another shot to visit next year at BFVA 2020! 


Anyways, onto the builds!










































With that out of the way, my favorite MOC definitely goes to Deep Space 9. That thing almost stood 6 feet tall, and had a diameter of about 6 feet as well. It also has LEDs inside, allowing it to light up.


This year, I also had the pleasure of receiving my first nomination for Best Castle/Knights. I was also extremely happy to see that one of my fellow castle builders finally got a Brickee for Best Castle/Knights. Honestly, he did an awesome job with his build:




Hammerstone Keep by Richard Sala


As for swag, well... there isn't much to show off really! Most of the unreleased BW stuff I already own and have showed off before (I think). I also finally got my hands on several overmolded BrickArms prototypes including the Bone-Jack Tri-Barrel Shotgun, M27 IAR, Maulers from Halo 3, modcom UCS MK2, and a laser cannon (can't remember the official name, but I know it can no longer be created because the mold broke).


I'll probably have a separate topic fully detailing my thoughts on those.


So how was BrickFair overall? Pretty good!


We had quite the decent turn out and we appeared to have way more space for most of the displays. The castle location kind of sucked since we were the only theme shoved in the market place, but hey, every year, someone has to have a crappy spot! The builds were high quality, and a lot of folks came up with some super creative stuff. I even got a new idea, which will be next BFVA's build. 


Anywho, I should probably get back to work since I am writing this from my half a cubicle. I might post some additional thoughts later. Stay tuned for that Unreleased/Proto post (probably shove it in the minifig topic of mine) one of these days.


Until then, I'm out!

- Nick

Brickfair Virginia 2019: One More Battle

29 June 2019 - 02:45 PM

Hey folks,


Feels like forever since I've made a thing. However, that hasn't stopped me from preparing for Brickfair Virginia this year. This year will feature 120 Ankorans vs. 130 Altrairian Orcs. Of course, this does not factor in any unique figures that will be on both sides or the one cameo figure. No need to guess who that figure is, it's Tom Drake. Honestly, he's a regular as far as yearly builds go, and one of the few figures that would seamlessly blend in with the other Ankoran soldiers. 


So far, here's the layout!






I still have some terrain layering that needs to be done, which will probably happen tomorrow. During the month of July, I'll be working on a temple on one side of the battlefield. It'll look broken up, but should be pretty nice when a ton of decorations are added. Oh, and there will be plenty of blood! 


So yeah...


That's all for now. I am aiming to have the other baseplates layered tomorrow.


- Nick

Nerd Stuff for Nerds

19 June 2019 - 02:50 PM

Hey folks!


Been awhile since I said anything, so I figure I ought to say something. Does anyone have any nerdy things? Whether it's figures, replicas, posters or whatever out there?


Recently, I've found myself gathering replica weapons from various games. I'll start by showing off my most recent acquisition:




Dark Drinker from Destiny 1.


This goes up there as one of my top 3 swords (1 - Ashbringer, 2 - Dark Drinker, 3 - Moonlight Greatsword). I bought it from Fire and Steel (fireandsteel.ca), and I am quite happy with how durable it is!







It was a sword with a spin to win, and possibly my favorite exotic!

BrickForge Closing

31 October 2018 - 07:00 AM

Hey folks!


Got some LEGO related news. While it may not be TLG related, I was notified by email that BrickForge will be closing in the next couple of months. After 13 years of business, it appears as though we will be losing yet another vendor. 


So pour one out, press F to pay respects, say your last words, and buy up anything that you want that's left!

Nightstalker's Guide to Army Building

26 September 2018 - 02:10 PM

If you're reading this then you must have some general interest in making awesome armies with LEGO. Alternatively, you're curious on how I do this. Well, it doesn't matter why you're here, I'm going to go into this! More importantly, I will literally be using this topic to showcase building my next army. That's right! Rather than wait for the final reveal, which I typically do, I'm going to walk through my process and thoughts as I build my next army.


Let's get into this!




For starters, what the heck is an army?


According to the Webster, it is an organized military force equipped for fighting on land.


"Duh, Nick, we already know that!" Of course you know that! I specifically want to highlight the whole, "organized military force," bit of it. Now, a lot of times when people want to put together a LEGO army, the first thing they think of is this:




This is a massive clone army. People are taken in by the sheer number of minifigs and set that as their primary goal. That's fine; shoot for the stars! However, acquiring that many minifigs can be a daunting task. More importantly, the average LEGO enthusiast, you don't have the resources to do so! That's 100% fine! Why? Because an army doesn't need to consist of massive troop numbers. Truth be told, for MOC'ing purposes, most people typically end up using 30-35 minifigs. Others might have specialized groups that are roughly a size of 10. Of course, some go for smaller numbers. In the end, it doesn't quite matter; they just need to be an organized military force. I'll touch on the whole "organized" thing a bit later.


Now, before you even consider building an army, the following questions need to be answered:


1) Where is your army from? 


- Everyone has a home, even if it's the road.


2) Who's leading this army?


- Are they a King, a Queen, Emperor, or is this a motley group of militia led by a village elder?


3) Under what banner/colors do they unite?


- All armies need some form of recognition! Maybe it's an emblem that exists, maybe it's the colors, perhaps it's the type of weaponry they use.


These three questions should give you a solid foundation for starting your army. I should mention that at this stage of planning, you probably won't have any minifigs assembled yet. That's okay! You shouldn't have any minifigs built, or if you do have any, they should be at very low numbers.


"Can you show us an example?" Sure thing! Without further ado, let me introduce the next army I'll be building!




The next army is *drum roll please* ...



The Army of Bara-Gol (Orcs).


1) The orcs are from the lovely little land of Altrairia (left side of the map).

2) Warchief Gromack Urgol

3) They unite specifically under the following emblem:




And there ya go! The first couple of questions answered! From here, I'll be able to build off of this and eventually create a complex faction!


Anyways, that's all for now! Next time, I'll talk about the, "The Number Game," which will fully delve into army sizes and divisions.


Hope you enjoyed, and have an awesome day!