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#487188 ZONE - Castle Greywatch (A Dying Breed - START)

Posted by Sareth on 23 May 2018 - 12:48 PM

"I'll come. Though I'm not sure Cristina'll appreciate my being there."


"Still, thanks" Hollí said gratefully. Though thoroughly confident in her own skills, given the recent events it made her feel good to have such a capable and storied (and absurdly tall; it almost hurt her neck to talk to him) Venator along.


Then, however, something occurred which killed her good mood completely. It began with an entrance about as subtle as a troll in a temple:


"Top o’ the morning to ya, sadsacks!"


Bemused, Hollí turned to see the source of the disturbance, and only by sheer force of will did she manage to maintain her part-amused, part-confused expression as she caught sight of the distinctively black-clothed woman who had entered.


Her first thought was: Merciful Artemis, they've found me! Her second, somewhat more considered thought was: Wait, no one knows about my Gift---she can't be here for me. Her third thought was: I though Inquisitors had, like, subtlety or something. And did she really just call those cowards who left stage hands? ...Actually, that last bit was kind of funny, and Hollí found herself snickering in spite of herself.


Still, though apparently devoid of tact, guile, and possibly basic intelligence---and despite being here on behalf of Silvius... supposedly---the Inquisitor posed a real threat to her. Especially if, Hollí considered, that guileless act was actually a ruse by the Inquisitor so that she'd underestimate her and lower her guard... Not that there was a chance of that happening, Hollí thought to herself, resolving to be extra careful and keep an eye on the Inquisitor any time she was around. At least, for the moment, the red-haired mage hunter was occupied talking to Brennus and Cyrus' Helmet (as Hollí thought of the perpetually-armored Venator). And, if the Inquisitor really was looking for Silvius, she should be headed towards Kyjovia, so Hollí wouldn't have to worry about her for a while. Although the elf was now rather anxious to leave, though she was careful not to show it.


So preoccupied had she been by the Inquisitor's bizarre---and, to her, disturbing---arrival, that Hollí was somewhat surprised upon turning back to discover that two more Venators had apparently joined her, Caiden, Agethar, and Auric. One was the stripling half-elf---who was, frustratingly, also taller than her---Krystia, who appeared to be hanging on Caiden's every word... and rather looked as if she wished she was hanging on his arm (to be fair, they were nice arms), and perhaps certain other parts of his anatomy as well. Hollí wasn't sure whether to laugh or go 'awww!' at the sight. Young crushes were so adorable... and stupid.


The other newcomer was the hulking woodsman (seriously, where did humans find all these six-plus-foot giants?) Araven, who, even before he said it, Hollí dimly recalled was Krystia's partner.


"... If you're talking about coming with us to Dragon's Lair, I assume we'll talk to Cristina first. But it's not exclusively my decision."


"I'd second talking to Cristina first" Hollí spoke up, returning to the task at hand. "With so many gone missing, the last thing we want to do is go in blind."


Then she turned to Araven and Krystia: "I'm Hollí Emberleaf" she introduced herself. "You're welcome to join us!"

#487165 A Dying Breed OOC - Rules, Character List, and Chat

Posted by Sareth on 21 May 2018 - 03:22 PM

A Quick-Facts Lore/Info Post (for your characters)

...that I should have done before the RP even started but I am disorganized lately. Don't be me.


You'll want to read this.



  • Brennus of Ravenstone has been with the Venatori for a very, very long time. His half-elven blood has given him an advantage of lifespan over Men, which he has so far dedicated almost solely to serving his order, though he seems not terribly keen on sharing his age. But he has admitted he's been with the order for, at least, over fifty years. However, he did have one instance in which he broke the order's code and killed a man, in order to reach a monster he deemed too dangerous to let live, that the man was defending out of "misplaced love." This is the only slight on Brennus's otherwise very long, very spotless record, and he was such a senior and valued member of the order that it went largely overlooked, though some of the older Venatori remember this and believe he should have been discharged from the order for it, despite his extensive attempts to repent (this event occurred a little over twenty years ago).


Yeah. I kinda could have used that information so Hollí didn't look like an idiot... especially since that's the sort of thing she should know (the fact that he was already in the order when she joined would make it pretty obvious that he'd been in longer than her). :brickwall:


#487144 A Dying Breed OOC - Rules, Character List, and Chat

Posted by Sareth on 20 May 2018 - 05:55 PM

I think smaller groups, like you said, would encourage more intimate (don't look at me like that) interactions - and more interactions in general.


Feel free to ask Caiden, whoever wants him.


*Looks really hard* :wub:





Oh. I was hoping/expecting Caiden would come with Hollí, since he's Tom's friend and thus might be more familiar with/have more influence with Dragon's Lair/the Drake family. (Or, since Tom was kinda the black wolf sheep of his family, would Caiden's being friends with him count against him when it comes to the other Drakes?)

#487133 ZONE - Castle Greywatch (A Dying Breed - START)

Posted by Sareth on 19 May 2018 - 10:54 AM

An uncharacteristic frown creased Hollí's features, the fiery-haired elf in a correspondingly somber mood. For over half her life---thirty-eight years, a span greater than the ages of some present---she had dedicated herself to the Venatori. And not once in all those years had she regretted her decision. But some, it seemed, felt rather differently about the order.


"Faithless cravens" she spat under her breath as the last of the men who had turned in their cloaks left. Over a dozen gone---one of them her partner of the last five years, a man she thought she had known... but evidently had not. Six missing---likely dead---and over a dozen more fled. She felt the loss of the former far more keenly than the latter, but all losses mattered in an order as small as the Venatori.


At least there were still some who retained their honor. Hollí had been around a long time, and prided herself on knowing every member of the order by name and reputation, if nothing else. And so, as she looked around the room she easily identified all those present. Every one of whom, even the half-dwarf, was substantially taller than her---something that had no bearing on the current situation, but was merely a long-standing annoyance which she had long ago become accustomed to. It was a decent assemblage, with many experienced and capable hunters, though rather smaller than she would have preferred. Although a couple, like old Crestwell and the young pup Krystia, would likely need some extra care if---or rather, when---they got into danger.


But the reduction of their numbers was not the only dire change of late. Now one sought to elevate himself above the rest. There was something about this Brennus which rubbed Hollí the wrong way---something about how confidently and seemingly casually he had assumed for himself the role of de-facto leader of them all, when there had never before been such a position nor a need for one. And then there was his unilateral decision to abrogate the privacy of every members' personal rooms... as well as the way he immediately turned to accusing their own when one voiced opposition to his actions.


Hollí knew every member of the order by reputation, and the one-eyed venator had more of one than most. While his actions of late had indeed been decidedly unusual, if there was a Venator less likely to betray the order than Caiden Voros (or herself) she had a hard time thinking of them. She could not remain silent.


“You, the one without a partner for months, is telling me this? The one who just showed up again after being gone, alone, for so long, breaking our codes? For all we know, you’ve broken multiple parts of the code. We may all have equal authority in theory, Redfield, but if we don’t… then you surely now have the least.”


"And a killer like you has the most?" Hollí retorted sharply. "Perhaps you of all people shouldn't cast aspersions" she said pointedly.


"We are all Venatori, here. And there would be no faster way to ensure our order's end than to turn our suspicions on each other. Our focus should be on discovering what happened to our missing comrades" she continued, addressing those assembled. Catching Caiden's gaze for an instant, she gave him a brief, subtle nod of support. Given her own well-deserved reputation, this was a side of Hollí that few had ever seen. But needs must.


Then she turned back to face Brennus once more, though her next words were for everyone. "However, if any of you feel it necessary for trust, I invite any or all of you to search my room. Mayhaps you'll enjoy my collection of woodcarvings" she finished brightly, with a slight grin, hoping to dispel a bit of the tension. In truth, unlike---she hoped---most or all of those assembled, Hollí did have a secret. But it was not the sort of secret that could ever be revealed by a look through her paltry, innocent belongings.


She paused for a moment, before speaking again. "For my part, I intend to follow the trail of Indigo and Darin to Dragon's Lair. Who will come with me?"

#486882 A Dying Breed - Sign-ups

Posted by Sareth on 26 March 2018 - 09:36 PM

But fear not, Kate has good reasons to be in Castle Greywatch, one of which is that I wanted to reintroduce and refine her for future campaigns, and none of which involved messing with Sareth's character, whom I only just read about in this thread. (Sorry, my friend!) That was just an unhappy coincidence, or a happy one, if you don't like Sareth.  But why would you not like Sareth, you horrible person?




Tread carefully, Cappy. Keep in mind: this time my character actually is a pyromaniac*... and can set things on fire with her mind. :lol:





*(Heroes/Legends veterans will get it.)

#486878 A Dying Breed - Sign-ups

Posted by Sareth on 26 March 2018 - 05:21 PM

Veni, vidi, Venatori. I came, I saw, I submitted a Venator:


Hollí Emberleaf

#486695 Delving Too Deep OOC - Rules, Character List, and Chat

Posted by Sareth on 22 February 2018 - 06:05 PM

"I will not condone the greed of mortals. I am aware Xiraloc sleeps in a treasure vault. If any of you takes a single treasure beyond this sword demanded of you, I will relinquish my aid and leave you at the mercy of the demon. Is this understood?"


What is it with "superior" beings and denying me my loot? :angryfist:


Ah, well. At least Allya still has that book on how to summon archdemons.... you know, just in case we ever need one. :P

#486525 Star Wars: Kathleen Kennedy's Wild Ride

Posted by Sareth on 02 February 2018 - 04:42 PM

Forget that. I have discovered the greatest thing ever of all time:




And now I have ruined that epic piece of music for you forever. You're welcome. :P

#486443 Resurrection

Posted by Sareth on 19 January 2018 - 09:52 PM

So, here are my current ideas:
  • The Venator RP from that old poll. I wouldn't expect or require anyone to play any existing characters, and it wouldn't require any previous knowledge. All players would be Venatori, with possibly some case made for someone outside the faction, as long as they're still Imperials (such as knights). I'm actually getting increasingly fond of this one; I was pretty fond of it when I first came up with it, too.
  • A RP focusing on Northrim and Nordling clans. Would include politics, adventure, and lore exploration. Berserkers and werewolves would be involved. All players would be Nordlings of potentially various clans, with perhaps some leeway for outsiders who have integrated themselves, but they would have to have extremely close allegiance to a particular clan in order to suit the RP.

Note that all of these RPs would be low fantasy/low magic and require no prior knowledge of Errant events (although, it being a persistent world, players' actions in it will remain constant). I often feel like Errant is too high in magic, more often than not, and it'd be fun to try steering away from that for a while and at least trying to do something closer to the heart of the setting. :P


Both sound good, but I'm leaning towards the Venatori as well, since I already have an appropriate char. for that.


And I second the sentiment: we have been rather flush with magic-users (admittedly, I was a couple of them...). :D

#486431 Star Wars: Kathleen Kennedy's Wild Ride

Posted by Sareth on 18 January 2018 - 12:29 PM

You forgot a couple, Ocelot:


- They killed off Dak---a super important character; he was introduced like Luke's (best?) friend for crying out loud!---after about 1 minute of screentime and two short lines of dialogue. And then the movie had the audacity to continue on like he never existed.


- How the heck did the Empire BEAT Han & co. to Cloud City, when they only knew they were headed there because of Boba Fett tailing them (tailing: as in following BEHIND)?






Edit: "Reyinn", really? Major fail for whoever did the latest poll. Rey+Finn's portmanteau name should clearly be "FRey." Or "FiRey" (pronounced 'fiery').  :D


Edit2: And this poll is totally missing some of the movie's best couples, like: Chewie x Porg ("Chorg"?); Leia x The Cold Hard Vacuum of Space (I say we call this one "Leice" for short); and the obvious best couple, Raddus x Supremacy ("Starburst"---theirs was a doomed love).

#486387 Resurrection

Posted by Sareth on 06 January 2018 - 03:20 PM

I'd lean towards a group of knights/soldiers for the sake of newcomers but also making characters of that sort is oddly difficult for me. Granted, monsters in disguise are, I assume, an option in that kind of case... :v


If they are, I've got dibs on a vampire knight (since he's been sitting in the special permissions topic for the last three months). :D

#486385 Resurrection

Posted by Sareth on 06 January 2018 - 10:37 AM

Anyone have any particular preferences as to what they'd like to see, especially if I were to start brainstorming for a faction-centric campaign?


I guess I would favor leaning away from what have sort of become the two "standard" factions (Inquisitors and Templar) in favor of something at least a little less overtly magical.


For Imperials: either the Venatori, or a group of knights/soldiers. I'd be willing to try the Caiden Venator campaign you've brought up in the past (though, focusing on a long-established char., it would probably be less welcoming to newcomers).


Something Imperial would probably be the best starting point, being a little simpler and more relatable, but if one wanted to do something else, a campaign focusing on the elven Longstriders, or maybe a group of northmen (the Brotherhood of the Bifrost Banner, perhaps) might work, too.

#486382 Resurrection

Posted by Sareth on 05 January 2018 - 11:49 PM

Pretty much reiterating what I said the last time this came up:


I'd go for a story/character -driven campaign. And preferably one focusing more-or-less on a single faction, so as to hopefully ensure at least some amount of party cohesion.




P.S.: I like your new profile pic., Wolfy. :3

#486342 Star Wars: Kathleen Kennedy's Wild Ride

Posted by Sareth on 24 December 2017 - 01:20 PM

We're discussing the science of how Star Wars technology and physics work. We have officially gone to the dark side of no return.... The physics do not need to work. The only thing that needs to happen is for you (targeted at no individual but in general) to suspend your disbelief.


That was actually the point I was trying to make---that the specifics don't matter. It doesn't matter whether Star Wars ships are powered by diesel engines, or magical zu-zu ray reactors, the concept of a spaceship running out of fuel is logically consistent with reality---hence making suspension of disbelief easy, or even not required.

#486340 Star Wars: Kathleen Kennedy's Wild Ride

Posted by Sareth on 24 December 2017 - 10:06 AM

I really wanted to avoid getting caught up in all this, but this I couldn't ignore:


Power generators both small and massive alike are what powers starfighters to heavy cruisers and they can only handle so much strain at even given time.  And its implied these devices are nuclear somehow and thus can recharge and have perpetual energy properties.  Whether that would be powering the lasers, the shields, or the engines.


"nuclear somehow" = "can recharge and have perpetual energy properties"




I'm sorry, just NO. For one, nuclear reactors do run out of fuel---military ones (on aircraft carriers and submarines) have to be refueled every 10+ years (I forget the exact schedule), while land-based civilian ones are refueled every couple of years. Star Wars being futuristic (if a long, long time ago) we could assume that they are using something more advanced, like fusion reactors---which would likewise need refueling with tritium/deuterium. "Perpetual energy properties" are flat-out impossible, on account of that pesky First Law of Thermodynamics, so no matter what kind of reactors they use, it would need to consume some sort of fuel, and hence eventually would run out without resupply.

Anyways, where I am going with this is how utterly drawn out and not believable it was that the Capital Resistance ship was running out of fuel and yet the whole time is was able to power its shields to take hours worth of laser barrages.


Let me put it this way: when your car is running low on gas, the top speed it can achieve isn't reduced---it runs at full performance right up until the moment it's out, whereupon everything stops.


Now, it's true that the Resistance ship could have saved fuel by reducing its engine output and powering down its shields, but that would be somewhat counterproductive as it would have resulted in them, you know, exploding. ("At least we were fuel efficient!" makes for a poor set of last words :P )






And those Porgs.... try to defend those abominations...


Challenge accepted. I found the porgs to be hilarious and adorable---easily some of the best dedicated comic relief in a Star Wars movie (beaten out only by BB-8 in TFA) on account of the fact that they didn't talk (the same reason Pascal and Maximus from Tangled are the best comic relief sidekicks in the Disney fairy-tale films IMHO). :D


I also loved the crystal lynx-coyotes.