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25 May 2018 - 08:05 PM

I'm going on vacation for a week starting tomorrow. I should be able to keep up, but my posting might get a bit scarcer.


Just FYI.

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23 May 2018 - 12:48 PM

"I'll come. Though I'm not sure Cristina'll appreciate my being there."


"Still, thanks" Hollí said gratefully. Though thoroughly confident in her own skills, given the recent events it made her feel good to have such a capable and storied (and absurdly tall; it almost hurt her neck to talk to him) Venator along.


Then, however, something occurred which killed her good mood completely. It began with an entrance about as subtle as a troll in a temple:


"Top o’ the morning to ya, sadsacks!"


Bemused, Hollí turned to see the source of the disturbance, and only by sheer force of will did she manage to maintain her part-amused, part-confused expression as she caught sight of the distinctively black-clothed woman who had entered.


Her first thought was: Merciful Artemis, they've found me! Her second, somewhat more considered thought was: Wait, no one knows about my Gift---she can't be here for me. Her third thought was: I though Inquisitors had, like, subtlety or something. And did she really just call those cowards who left stage hands? ...Actually, that last bit was kind of funny, and Hollí found herself snickering in spite of herself.


Still, though apparently devoid of tact, guile, and possibly basic intelligence---and despite being here on behalf of Silvius... supposedly---the Inquisitor posed a real threat to her. Especially if, Hollí considered, that guileless act was actually a ruse by the Inquisitor so that she'd underestimate her and lower her guard... Not that there was a chance of that happening, Hollí thought to herself, resolving to be extra careful and keep an eye on the Inquisitor any time she was around. At least, for the moment, the red-haired mage hunter was occupied talking to Brennus and Cyrus' Helmet (as Hollí thought of the perpetually-armored Venator). And, if the Inquisitor really was looking for Silvius, she should be headed towards Kyjovia, so Hollí wouldn't have to worry about her for a while. Although the elf was now rather anxious to leave, though she was careful not to show it.


So preoccupied had she been by the Inquisitor's bizarre---and, to her, disturbing---arrival, that Hollí was somewhat surprised upon turning back to discover that two more Venators had apparently joined her, Caiden, Agethar, and Auric. One was the stripling half-elf---who was, frustratingly, also taller than her---Krystia, who appeared to be hanging on Caiden's every word... and rather looked as if she wished she was hanging on his arm (to be fair, they were nice arms), and perhaps certain other parts of his anatomy as well. Hollí wasn't sure whether to laugh or go 'awww!' at the sight. Young crushes were so adorable... and stupid.


The other newcomer was the hulking woodsman (seriously, where did humans find all these six-plus-foot giants?) Araven, who, even before he said it, Hollí dimly recalled was Krystia's partner.


"... If you're talking about coming with us to Dragon's Lair, I assume we'll talk to Cristina first. But it's not exclusively my decision."


"I'd second talking to Cristina first" Hollí spoke up, returning to the task at hand. "With so many gone missing, the last thing we want to do is go in blind."


Then she turned to Araven and Krystia: "I'm Hollí Emberleaf" she introduced herself. "You're welcome to join us!"

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21 May 2018 - 03:33 PM

Kay. I edited my first post accordingly.

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21 May 2018 - 03:22 PM

A Quick-Facts Lore/Info Post (for your characters)

...that I should have done before the RP even started but I am disorganized lately. Don't be me.


You'll want to read this.



  • Brennus of Ravenstone has been with the Venatori for a very, very long time. His half-elven blood has given him an advantage of lifespan over Men, which he has so far dedicated almost solely to serving his order, though he seems not terribly keen on sharing his age. But he has admitted he's been with the order for, at least, over fifty years. However, he did have one instance in which he broke the order's code and killed a man, in order to reach a monster he deemed too dangerous to let live, that the man was defending out of "misplaced love." This is the only slight on Brennus's otherwise very long, very spotless record, and he was such a senior and valued member of the order that it went largely overlooked, though some of the older Venatori remember this and believe he should have been discharged from the order for it, despite his extensive attempts to repent (this event occurred a little over twenty years ago).


Yeah. I kinda could have used that information so Hollí didn't look like an idiot... especially since that's the sort of thing she should know (the fact that he was already in the order when she joined would make it pretty obvious that he'd been in longer than her). :brickwall:


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21 May 2018 - 09:26 AM

"I'll assist you in your search for Indigo and Darin. Although I can't say I'm familiar with either of them. My utmost concern is ensuring our fellow Venators are brought home safely."


Hollí returned the man's nod. "Glad to have you."


"Sounds fun, count me in! Agethar o' Bjornburg at yer service, and ye two are?"


"Hollí Emberleaf" she answered, turning to face Agethar. 'Fun' isn't how I would describe it, but sure, enjoy that optimism while you can, she thought to herself snarkily. "And you are... Auric Khasmin, right?" she continued aloud, turning back to the far-southerner.


She nodded thoughtfully to herself. Three was a decent number, however... After a moment, she turned to where Caiden stood a short distance away. "Since Indigo and Darin's assignment was somewhat more dangerous than the others, we could probably use your experience and skill---if you're willing to come along?" she asked the one-eyed Venator.