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Yesterday, 09:52 PM

So, here are my current ideas:
  • The Venator RP from that old poll. I wouldn't expect or require anyone to play any existing characters, and it wouldn't require any previous knowledge. All players would be Venatori, with possibly some case made for someone outside the faction, as long as they're still Imperials (such as knights). I'm actually getting increasingly fond of this one; I was pretty fond of it when I first came up with it, too.
  • A RP focusing on Northrim and Nordling clans. Would include politics, adventure, and lore exploration. Berserkers and werewolves would be involved. All players would be Nordlings of potentially various clans, with perhaps some leeway for outsiders who have integrated themselves, but they would have to have extremely close allegiance to a particular clan in order to suit the RP.

Note that all of these RPs would be low fantasy/low magic and require no prior knowledge of Errant events (although, it being a persistent world, players' actions in it will remain constant). I often feel like Errant is too high in magic, more often than not, and it'd be fun to try steering away from that for a while and at least trying to do something closer to the heart of the setting. :P


Both sound good, but I'm leaning towards the Venatori as well, since I already have an appropriate char. for that.


And I second the sentiment: we have been rather flush with magic-users (admittedly, I was a couple of them...). :D

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18 January 2018 - 12:29 PM

You forgot a couple, Ocelot:


- They killed off Dak---a super important character; he was introduced like Luke's (best?) friend for crying out loud!---after about 1 minute of screentime and two short lines of dialogue. And then the movie had the audacity to continue on like he never existed.


- How the heck did the Empire BEAT Han & co. to Cloud City, when they only knew they were headed there because of Boba Fett tailing them (tailing: as in following BEHIND)?






Edit: "Reyinn", really? Major fail for whoever did the latest poll. Rey+Finn's portmanteau name should clearly be "FRey." Or "FiRey" (pronounced 'fiery').  :D


Edit2: And this poll is totally missing some of the movie's best couples, like: Chewie x Porg ("Chorg"?); Leia x The Cold Hard Vacuum of Space (I say we call this one "Leice" for short); and the obvious best couple, Raddus x Supremacy ("Starburst"---theirs was a doomed love).

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06 January 2018 - 03:20 PM

I'd lean towards a group of knights/soldiers for the sake of newcomers but also making characters of that sort is oddly difficult for me. Granted, monsters in disguise are, I assume, an option in that kind of case... :v


If they are, I've got dibs on a vampire knight (since he's been sitting in the special permissions topic for the last three months). :D

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06 January 2018 - 10:37 AM

Anyone have any particular preferences as to what they'd like to see, especially if I were to start brainstorming for a faction-centric campaign?


I guess I would favor leaning away from what have sort of become the two "standard" factions (Inquisitors and Templar) in favor of something at least a little less overtly magical.


For Imperials: either the Venatori, or a group of knights/soldiers. I'd be willing to try the Caiden Venator campaign you've brought up in the past (though, focusing on a long-established char., it would probably be less welcoming to newcomers).


Something Imperial would probably be the best starting point, being a little simpler and more relatable, but if one wanted to do something else, a campaign focusing on the elven Longstriders, or maybe a group of northmen (the Brotherhood of the Bifrost Banner, perhaps) might work, too.

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05 January 2018 - 11:49 PM

Pretty much reiterating what I said the last time this came up:


I'd go for a story/character -driven campaign. And preferably one focusing more-or-less on a single faction, so as to hopefully ensure at least some amount of party cohesion.




P.S.: I like your new profile pic., Wolfy. :3