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  • On Syringes


I know this is a Fantasy world and all, but for a second I thought that this was the most unbelievable thing that has appeared in Wulfgard so far.


But according to Wikipedia, Syringes have been in use since the days of the Romans, so I digress. It's not that often that you see this much detail in a fantasy universe.

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20 May 2018 - 06:38 PM

Agethar returned from the kitchen, munching on a drumstick, and carrying a plate of assorted food he had gathered to eat. The Venator seemed oblivious to the fact that they were in the middle of figuring out what which Venators they would be investigating the disappearance of, as well as the fact that Maugrimm had entered the great hall unannounced until his hound rubbed up against his leg. After this, he handed him the rest of his drumstick.


 "For my part, I intend to follow the trail of Indigo and Darin to Dragon's Lair. Who will come with me?"


"I'll assist you in your search for Indigo and Darin. Although I can't say I'm familiar with either of them."


"Sounds fun, count me in!" Agethar said as he approached the pair "Agethar o' Bjornburg at yer service, and ye two are?"




​"I think I'll check Fort Slaughter myself, if we're all running as fast as our legs can take us. Sounds like a lovely place. Don't think I've ever had the pleasure to visit... anyone wanna come with?"


"I'd love to, if you'll take me. Do you mind taking along? I'm dying to leave."


"I'll join you two in a second," Cyrus called back to the flirting pair as he walked over to Crestwell.


"Hello, old friend," he said as he nodded at the old Venator "I need use of your knowledge. If possible, I would appreciate it if you could tell me anything you know about the three different locations, as well as the forbidden wing on the second floor."


In Topic: ZONE - Castle Greywatch (A Dying Breed - START)

19 May 2018 - 09:19 AM

After such a long time on the road, with all that he had gone through while on the quest to return Dainslief to its rightful owner, Agethar had hoped that he would be able to relax a little once he returned to Castle Greywatch. Apparently, the gods had other plans.


Or monsters, as the case may be.


Agethar had seen Venators come and go in his years of service. Ferris Ravenborn, Krilda Felskith, and many others had either died on hunts or had abandoned the order all together, but this was different. Six venators had vanished under mysterious circumstances, and now another twelve had simply up and left. Agethar had recognized a few among them: the bearded man who had been one of the first to leave had been one of his mentors when he had first joined the Venatory, and it had shaken him to see someone who he had respected so much leave the order at the first sign of trouble.


But that did not bother him as much as Brennus' statement about their privacy being revoked, as well as the Venator's leader's treatment of his one-eyed comrade. At one time, Agethar would have bristled and most likely yelled several choice words and obsenitties at Brennus for daring to question the honor of the legendary Venator Caiden Voros. But now after adventuring with Caiden and seeing, really seeing, what the Venator was, he wasn't sure who was in the right.


And, as in many situations like this, the only solution was for him to find something to eat and drink in order to settle his nerves.




Cyrus stood silently, surveying the room as their leader's speech dwindled down until it finally ended. 


At one time in his life, the Venator would have been worried about this, and would have bombarded everyone with questions about it. But now, he took it with stoic ease.


He was glad that some familiar faces had chosen to stay with them, though many had abandoned the order outright before his very eyes. Cyrus hadn't been close friends with any of the missing Venators, so he had no reason to leave because of their apparent deaths, but he could understand why others would. Though, he was glad that Agethar, his old hunting partner, had chosen to stay with the order.


Cyrus was worried, however, about Brennus' revoking their privacy. He, like many others, had secrets that he would rather not see the light of day. He was concerned about the forbidden wing in the second floor.Maybe in his apparent zeal to protect them, their 'leader' was trying to unleash gods knew what upon the order. He then moved through the crowd, trying to find a certain venator.


Hopefully, Crestwell would have some information on the forbidden wing.

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19 May 2018 - 08:32 AM

From what I can gather, three groups of Venator duos vanished in three different locations. We are starting out with twelve player characters, we could investigate in one of two ways:


1: Investigate each location with three groups of four, which would be quicker but have a higher chance of casualties.

2: Investigate each location as a group, but move slower.


But I think the bigger mystery is why Capulet has an Inquisitor character in this campaign. Maybe she's hunting whatever's lurking in the forbidden rooms...

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18 May 2018 - 07:48 PM

This is probably a pipe dream, but I think it would be cool if some of the more memorable members of the Scorpiontowne Guard showed up.


The ones I'm thinking of are Thrawn, Joker, Sgt. Crusty, and Ocelot, but its up to you.