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On Fantastical Funnies

Part 10: Returning with a BANG!

Posted by Nightstalker, 11 February 2018 · 47 views

Sup folks!
Welcome back to another post about Fantasy Funnies, and the insane thinking behind them. Not much to really rant about right now, so let's get to it!
81. Me and Lockpicking...
This one funny right here sums up my experience with picking loc...

Part 9: Back to Business

Posted by Nightstalker, 26 January 2018 · 390 views

Alrighty folks, after spending a massive amount of time away, it's time to start up with everything again.
While I was gone, I took care of a number of goals that I really wanted to do, including:
- Purchasing my first firearm.
- Purchasing a gaming PC and DXRacer for my bro.
- Numerous car repairs.
With all of that finished, it's tim...

Part 8: Another Round!

Posted by Nightstalker, 07 May 2017 · 692 views

Greetings lords, ladies, and peasants of SSLF!
After a much needed break, it's time to get back to it. So, before I start, here are a couple of things you can look forward to. First off, for those curious about custom minifigs, I've gone ahead and started a list of gray market vendors that carry cool stuff (SSLF included). You can find that here:...

Part 7: Mo' Explanations!

Posted by Nightstalker, 08 April 2017 · 435 views

Hello, once again, SSLFers!
Thank you for joining me on yet another explanation of Fantasy Funnies. A couple of quick updates real quickly. First off, Fantasy Funnies will be happening next weekend. Last weekend I took the day off. Also, you might have noticed that I didn't update Minifig Showcase yesterday. Don't worry, it's not on hold because of...

Part 6: Another Round of Madness

Posted by Nightstalker, 25 March 2017 · 302 views

Hello once again ladies and gentlemen of SSLF!
For those who are returning, welcome back, and thanks for reading! For those who might be checking out this blog for the first time, I hope you enjoy this. I've got another round of ten funnies to explain, and I hope you all brought some snacks and a comfortable chair. 
So let's get started...

Part 5: The Ramblings of a Funny Man

Posted by Nightstalker, 11 March 2017 · 481 views

Hello, once again, Ladies and Gentlemen of SSLF!
It feels good to be doing this again! Some RL stuff has been setting me back, but with all of that taken care of, it is time to let the madness go forth once more! Wait, a second, I'm not mad. Maybe I am; I am sitting here typing to myself...
*pauses to think for a moment*
Okay, ramblin...

Part 4: A week late, but still fresh!

Posted by Nightstalker, 25 February 2017 · 200 views

Hello residents of SSLF!
And welcome back to another issue of of, "On Fantastical Funnies." I might be a week late on this post, but everything is still fresh! So sit back, grab some snacks, and get ready for another trip into the mind of insanity!
31) A picture for a different age.

Part 3: It goes on...

Posted by Nightstalker, 04 February 2017 · 141 views

Greetings Lords and Ladies of SSLF,
I hope everyone has had a fantastic week! More importantly, I hope everyone is having a jolly weekend! If you're here reading this then thanks for stopping by to take a look at the rantings of a fantastical funny maker. So sit back, grab some snacks, and enjoy as I rant about ten more Fantasy Funnies!

Part 2: On the Path to Stupidity

Posted by Nightstalker, 21 January 2017 · 143 views

Hello and welcome denizens of SSLF!
This is officially week #2 of a long series about explaining Fantasy Funnies. Personally, I just like the opportunity to be able to sit down and rant about it. But before I continue, here's a quick little update!
You may have noticed that the Construction Zone has gotten all dusty again. Well have no fear,...

Part 1: Yes, this is now a thing...

Posted by Nightstalker, 07 January 2017 · 162 views

Hello good Freebies, Novas, Mods, and Admins of SSLF!
My name is Nick, and this is possibly the first blog I have ever created, and one that I intend to keep going for a while.
So, without further ado, let me fully explain what this is.
A while back, I got this idea of making a bunch of captions with LEGO simply to poke at weird thing...

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