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Full Name: Unknown
Aliases: Loxley, the Devil's advocate (by men), Tall, Dark, and Ruggedly Handsome (by women)
Sex: Male
Race: Human (Northern)
Birthplace: Small Achaean-occupied town near Rimegard
Affinity: Air
Deity: Ullr
Faction: Whatever one that Gisburn is joined up with at the moment

Martial Combat


Multilingual (Elven, Dwarven, and Beastfolk)




Strength: 8

Agility: 4

Constitution: 3

Perception: 8

Intelligence: 9

Spirit: 5

Luck: 5

Loxley looks like how he acts, a dark, brooding warrior that are fairly common to find these days. He is often seen in the company of the infamous Guy of Gisburn, acting as his bodyguard.
(Fortune Hunter's Pack + several custom items)
  • 1 full set of leather armor
  • 1 full set of simple clothing
  • 1 brown traveling cloak
  • Silver Necklace with a small figurine of Ullr attached
  • Northern Shortsword
  • Bow blessed by a shaman of Ullr
  • (20) Normal Arrows
  • (2) Hunting Knives
  • 1 map of Northrim
  • 1 clean bandage
  • Flint and tinder
  • Water and rations

Loxley, real name unknown, was born in a small Northern town that was soon conquered and added to the number of Achaean Outposts in the North. His father, a proud man that had lost an arm fighting in the Empire, took out his anger at this out on his family, particularly Loxley, who always resented the crippled, husk of a glorious Northern Warrior. Soon after coming of age, Loxley murdered his father, but was soon arrested by the Empire and shipped off to fight in their Gladiatorial Pit-fights.


At one such fight, his skill and aggression caught the eye of an Achaean Nobleman, one Sir Gisburn of Pikeston. After the matches were over for the day, Gisburn approached Loxley’s Keeper, and said that if the man could best him in combat, he would give him his freedom. Loxley accepted, believing that he could easily best an old, out-of-shape nobleman. However, when he actually fought the man, he was surprised to discover that Gisburn was still a capable warrior, and was defeated by him.


Gisburn, not wanting to see one who had given him the best fight he had gotten in years waste away in the Arenas of the Empire, decided to buy his freedom anyway. However, there was a catch: Loxley was to be his Bodyguard and Business Partner in all of the nobleman’s future ventures. The two have worked together ever since, with Gusburn being the brains and Loxley the brawn of all of their adventures. 

Campaign History:
Poor Relationship with his family
Bodyguard of Sir Gisburn of Pikeston
Loxley usually carries little money of his own: Gisburn usually gives him 25% of all earnings from their misadventures, but Loxley usually uses all of this to repair their equipment or gather new supplies.

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