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Alec Syrion

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Posted 12 September 2017 - 05:25 PM

Here's a knight.


* One question, Wolfy: I'm having difficulty deciding on which combat skill to give him.


My idea for him is that, rather than the 'standard' knightly hack-n-slash, he fights in a manner a bit more akin to fencing.


The focus on, quick, light cuts and thrusts (i.e. speed) would suggest Finesse Combat. Also, he would often fight dual-wielding a dagger in his off-hand, and I'm not sure whether that would fall under "unconventional and sometimes underhanded methods".


On the other hand, Noble combat explicitly mentions dueling, something he is meant to be very good at.


Any opinion? (If I went with Finesse Combat, I'd probably switch one point of Strength into Agility.)




Alec Syrion


Full Name: Sir Alexandre Syrion

Aliases: Alec, Alec the Acrobat (derogatory), Alec the Bladedancer (either derogatory or admiring, depending on the speaker), Alec the Duelist


Sex: Male

Race: Human (Achæan)

Birthplace: Illikon, Achæan Empire


Affinity: Earth

Deity: Athena, Ares, Nike

Faction: Achæan Empire


Talents: (Noble/Finesse) Combat*, Acrobatics, Education (Common Imperial), Balanced Soul



Strength: 8

Agility: 8

Constitution: 5

Perception: 6

Intelligence: 7

Spirit: 6

Luck: 2



Fairly tall, at 5'10'', Alec is well-built—if slightly on the leaner side. His somewhat boyish features are a little on the thin side, and overall quite handsome. A vertical scar marks the right side of his face—cutting straight down through his eyebrow before continuing for a short ways below the eye, although sparing the eye itself—lending a bit of a rakish cast to his features. His naturally wavy hair is a deep, dark brown, though slight coppery glints can be seen in it in the proper light; he keeps it at a short-to-middling length. His eyes are a clear gray.


He wears a long sleeved shirt, and pants, of silver-trimmed midnight-blue cloth, and black leather boots. Over the shirt he wears a black gambeson; and over the gambeson he wears a long-sleeved shirt of chainmail; the mail hangs nearly to his knees, and is split front and back below the waist for horse-riding. Over the armor he wears a thin, long-sleeved, silver-trimmed midnight-blue surcoat bearing his family's coat of arms: a rampant, copper-red enfield on a silver shield. Black leather greaves protect his shins, and he wears black leather gloves that each have a patch of chainmail sewn into them to protect the backs of his hands. He also wears a relatively open steel helmet.


He wears a silver signet ring bearing his family's seal—although he most often wears it on a chain around his neck, and not on his finger.


His primary weapon is a long, slender, elegant sidesword. In addition, he carries a long-bladed parrying dagger, and a small steel buckler that can be carried on his belt when he’s not using it.


His horse is a large draft-cross mare named Lily: black with a white splotch on her forehead.



(Nobleman Pack)

   • Clothing

   • Steel chainmail shirt

   • Leather armor (greaves)

   • Surcoat of house colors

   • Steel sidesword

   • Steel parrying dagger

   • Water and Rations

   Armor: chainmail-backed leather gloves, steel helmet

   • Small steel buckler

   • Silver signet ring


OTHER POSSESSIONS: Black draft-cross mare.



Born in Illikon, the sole son and heir of the Syrion family, knighthood was Alec's birthright—and expected of him. His father even managed to get him a pageship, and subsequent squireship, in Gryphon Roost with the prestigious Kallistos family.


However, he never took any of this for granted. Being a rather new noble family—his grandfather having been a cataphract in the Legions before he was knighted for heroic efforts in combat—some of the other, much older noble families looked down on him and his family, which left him with the fierce urge to surpass them, so as to throw their haughty attitudes back in their faces. As such, he was a wondrous and dedicated student of all knightly skills and, after having fought in battle several times as a squire, was knighted at only 18 years old.


In the more than a decade since, he has fought for the Empire numerous times, providing exemplary service—marred, perhaps, only by his predilection for cutting some of his fellow nobles to ribbons in honor duels.


Campaign History:







While generally good-natured and easy going, if slightly on the laconic side at times, Alec—frequently the target of scorn or derision from knights or other nobles from far older families, for both the newness of his family’s noble status, as well as his elegant and ‘un-knightly’ manner of fighting—can be somewhat prickly when it comes to matters of honor. As such, he has fought—and won—a rather large number of duels against his fellow nobles. However, with the sole exception of his very first duel—a messy, protracted affair responsible for the scar on his face, which he won by the skin of his teeth—he has avoided killing his opponents, feeling that a living, heavily scarred opponent makes for a better object lesson than a neatly-skewered dead one.


While, ever since the hard-earned lesson that was his first duel, Alec is always honest with himself as to the limits of his abilities, he is quite proud and confident in his skills as a swordsman and duelist—which can, at times, make him appear cocky or arrogant to others.




"This means I will not have to regret sending back their envoy short a few limbs."

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Posted 15 September 2017 - 09:59 AM

Full Name: Sir Alexandre Syrion


What do we say to this very familiar sounding name?



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