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In Topic: Let's Play! (Or watch video games on Youtube)

02 February 2017 - 03:48 PM

So streaming Overwatch doesn't work too well for me, because my internet is crap and trying to both run a multiplayer game and stream at once just leads to dropped frames and an unplayable ping a lot of the time. I've recorded a few sessions, but going back to do editing (I don't like dumping the unedited, non-live footage) hasn't been something I've had a lot of time to do.


That being said, I can stream single-player games okay, but I've found I'm not that entertaining when trying to do commentary on my own. If anyone would be up for joining me in commenting/deriding me to the audience as I flounder through random games, I'd love to give that a whirl; maintaining a skype voice call while streaming should, I hope, still be within the realm of what my connection can handle


You could use Discord instead. It doesn't lag you like Skype does and is supposed to be used in conjunction with gaming and has specific stream settings.

In Topic: Let's Play! (Or watch video games on Youtube)

02 February 2017 - 03:45 AM

That makes me realize I should game with SSLF more. I haven't played Overwatch in forever.

In Topic: The Pokemon Thread

01 February 2017 - 03:30 PM

I don't really have a problem with "legal" hacks, meaning as long as it doesn't put the stats over what they could possibly be normally or have any moves that it couldn't learn normally, I don't have a problem with it. That said, I did just breed a completely legit shiny myself, I won't quite say what it is yet since it will be a member of the team I am using to battle Hawk, but it felt real good seeing the little guy hatch out of it's egg. 


Style, no need to pay me back for the Litten. Like I said, it's an extra for me as I already have a competitive shiny Incineroar, so I don't need the little guy. 

In Topic: The Pokemon Thread

01 February 2017 - 01:30 AM

Well I got my shiny Cubone a few weeks ago. It was actually a very magical moment for me, as I dreamed about hatching it the night before, I wasn't expecting the next trial to be fire-themed with a bunch of dancing Alolan Marowaks. I evolved mine into a sikkkkk blue Marowak, and knocked out that trial, and all of those wannabe Marowaks with ease, and finished the rest of the island up. Poke Pelago is pretty cool, gives me something to do while I'm breeding, which now that I've reached the third island... I'm gonna commit myself to breeding a shiny Litten...



Kill me, Pete


I have an extra shiny Litten I could just give you if you'd like.

In Topic: The Pokemon Thread

26 January 2017 - 12:13 PM

Well, Pokemon Bank was released a couple of days ago, which means my plethora of competitive Pokemon, along with my Dittos, finally made the jump to Alola. And with a Ditto, means I can finally breed a team capable of taking Hawk down. 


The process has begun, Hawk. Hope you're ready for it.