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Neitha Ardet

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Posted 20 May 2017 - 03:31 PM

Neitha Ardet


Full Name: Neitha Ardet (NAY-thuh are-DET)

Aliases: The Dervish Princess


Sex: Female

Race: Human (Kemheti/Parsansharian)

Birthplace: Northern Kemhet


Affinity: Fire

Deity: The whole Kemheti pantheon

Faction: None


Talents: Finesse Combat, Charisma, Acrobatics, Subtlety, Thievery 



Strength: 4

Agility: 10

Constitution: 4

Perception: 7

Intelligence: 8

Spirit: 6

Luck: 3



Tall, dark, gorgeous, and wild pretty much sums up Neitha. She stands a hair over 5'10'' in height, with dusky skin, and looks that turn heads. While not particularly strong, what musculature she has is very well defined, as she is leanly built with little extraneous body fat. Her dark brown hair is kept short, and seems to have been cut completely at random, as the length varies noticeably from point to point; Her hair tends to stick out from her head, contributing to her wild and untamed look. Her eyes are a striking hazel color.


She has symmetrical 'Eye of Horus' tattoos around both of her eyes (like this, but a bit bigger). In addition, she wears a pair of smallish bronze hoop earrings, and a pair of arm bracelets on her biceps—one with an Ankh, and one in the shape of a snake.


For clothing, she wears a thin sleeveless shirt, and pants—both made of light gray cloth—and leather boots. Her torso is covered by a leather-and-bronze cuirass, and she wears a bright crimson sash at her hips. She also wears a matching pair of leather-and-bronze vambraces that cover her forearms; Her hands are bare. She now also wears a pair of steel greaves, which she was gifted in Veritshire as a reward for her efforts in protecting the city.


She carries an assortment of weapons: First, is a yatagan sword. In addition, she carries a  mambele throwing knife. She also carries a very old bronze Kemheti knife—her only family heirloom—and a smaller knife sheathed on the inside of her left forearm.  She is a dead aim at throwing any of these weapons—even the sword.



   • Leather-and-bronze armor (cuirass and vambraces)

   • Clothing

   • Jewelry (bronze)

   • Small Knife

   • Steel Mambele

   • Water and rations

   • Flint and tinder

   • Torch

   • A clean bandage

   • Steel yatagan sword

   • Old bronze knife

   • Steel Greaves



Neitha was born in northern Kemhet, the bastard daughter of a Kemhetian noble, and a Parsansharian woman. Despite being a bastard, her father—being otherwise childless—took her in and raised her as his own, and she lived a good, if ordinary, life for many years. That ended when she was eleven, when her father's jealous younger brother—desiring his station—sent assassins to kill them. Her father and all of his servants were killed, and Neitha only barely managed to escape. Fearing that her uncle would continue to send killers after her, she fled north into the Empire. 


As a little child with no family or money—she had a fancy ancient Kemehtian knife that her father had given her, but she would never sell it, it being all she had left of him—her options for survival were extremely limited, and she chose the easiest: Stealing—something she turned out to be quite good at, having quick eyes and quicker hands. For a few years, she managed a decent existence by this manner. Until, one day, when she made the mistake of trying to rob a noble, and got caught—but not before killing one of his guards. As punishment, she was sentenced to be a gladiator.


No one expected a fifteen-year-old girl to last long in the pits, but Neitha surprised everyone; She had fantastic reflexes and—as it turned out—an absolutely vicious killer instinct which allowed her to win her first several fights. And, as she received more training, she only grew more lethal—quickly developing a love of throwing weapons; Something the pit-masters tried to curb, as it ended the fights too quickly when she would just put her knife or sword or spear through her opponent's heart from twenty paces within seconds of the match beginning. While she did eventually learn how to draw out the fights for the crowds' enjoyment—though she still held resentment for being a slave, she grew to enjoy the fighting and the attention that she got—she would still most always end them with a thrown weapon.


As she won more and more fights, and became more famous—being moved into larger arenas—she began to develop her stage persona, playing on the exoticness of her appearances and her noble blood (not that the pit-masters really believed she was a noble, but it was good stagecraft, and drew crowds), and using more exotic southern weapons; That, plus her tendency to dance enticingly at the beginning of fights to throw her opponents off guard—to say nothing of the effect it had on the crowds— eventually resulted in her getting the gladiator name of "The Dervish Princess".


Winning fight after fight, she grew more and more liked and famous, and, finally, earned her freedom. However, freedom left her at a bit of a loss as to what to do with her life; While she could have gotten other kinds of work no doubt, whether because of what she'd gone through in the pits, or because she was always a little off, she couldn't leave fighting behind—she liked killing, and the thrill of a fight—and thus she pursued that rush wherever it could make her money—as she never wished to end up a slave again; She fought as a mercenary, hunted for treasure, and even fought in the pits as a freeman a few times—making her way back south to her homeland all the while.


While she's mostly focused on getting as much excitement as she can out of life, deep down she does have some ideas about getting vengeance on her traitorous uncle.


Campaign History:

   • Temple in Northern Kemhet (free-roam?)

   • Veritshire: Changing of the Guard

   • Chasing Shadows



   • Marcus Capulet (boy-toy lover who can't take a damn hint)

   • Kye (close friend)

   • Caiden Voros (friend)

   • Tom Drake (scary friend)

   • Percula Saffron (annoying sort-of friend)

   • Rosette Saffron (less annoying sort-of friend)

   • Agethar (annoying sort-of friend)

   • Nefer Ardet (estranged cousin)



85 Gold, 30 Silver, 50 Copper

"This means I will not have to regret sending back their envoy short a few limbs."

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Posted 25 May 2017 - 02:28 PM

   • Tom Drake (scary friend)

   • Percula Saffron (annoying sort-of friend)

   • Rosette Saffron (less annoying sort-of friend)

   • Agethar (annoying sort-of friend)

I lol'd. :lol:


Sounds awesome, of course, Sareth.


Starting currency is 85 gold, 30 silver, 50 copper. You get a boost for playing as her for so long (I'm sure she was rewarded rather handsomely for her aid in various places :P).


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Posted 06 June 2018 - 09:07 PM

Figured I'd post this here: the link to a short story I wrote about Neitha's first time in the arena-


The First Fight

"This means I will not have to regret sending back their envoy short a few limbs."

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