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This thread contains the character sheet - the template that you'll use to create your own character. Each section will be explained in brief; the template for the character sheet can be found at the bottom of this post. For more information about how to use that sheet to sign up, see this post.


Some sections are optional; ones that come highly recommended will end with "Recommended." Anything that is not otherwise specified as optional is required.


Note that EVERY CHARACTER MUST HAVE HIS/HER OWN INDIVIDUAL CHARACTER THREAD. Please do not lump your characters together into one thread! You get a separate topic for each one. Don't feel crowded or pressured to try and consolidate your characters. Make a new thread each time you create a new character.


If you ever stop using a particular character, his/her thread will remain here, and you can always bring that character back later (unless they die in-game; for more on that, see this thread). There is no limit to the number of characters you can create.


Character Name

Who is your character? Firstly, you must provide your character name. This will also be the name of your character's topic. For this section (both the name of your character's topic and the large, centered [CHARACTER NAME] section of the character sheet), put your character's most often used and/or most recognizable name (this MUST also include their LAST NAME). Your character's name must be something that suits your race's culture, unless you have some reason otherwise.


Full Name

What is your character's full name? This section should include your character's full, unaltered name.



What are your character's aliases? This section is to list any of your character's nicknames, if any. This can include as many or as few as you like; you can include everything anyone has ever called him/her, or you can only include his/her most commonly used nickname. This section should also include formal titles.



Is your character male or female?



What is your character's race? This is a very important choice. Be sure to visit and read the full list of playable Races for details on each one. Also be sure to include your subrace - this should be included in parentheses after your primary race. For example, Human (Achaean). If you are more than simply human, be sure to list what else you are. For instance, Human (Achaean/Nordling). Details can be found in the Races thread, under each race.



Where was your character born? For those less familiar with the world of Wulfgard, be sure to consult the Regions & Locations thread (you'll also find a map there). If you do not feel comfortable specifying a birthplace, you may put Unknown. But specifying a birthplace will aid considerably in creating your character, who they are, their culture, their history, etc. If you do not want to specify a particular location (i.e., a city, such as Illikon), you can always choose a general land (i.e., the Northwestern Empire) or an entire region (i.e., The Achaean Empire). The more specific the better, however.



What is your character's affinity? Everyone has an elemental affinity that is influenced by their personality traits and preferred environment, among other factors. For a list of affinities and more info about them, see the Affinities thread.



What deity does your character worship? Note that this does not necessarily have to mean they are super devout. This is just your character's preferred deity. If you do not want to choose a specific deity, feel free to choose a general pantheon (i.e., Olympians). For a more detailed list of deities and further info about what this section means for your character, please see the Deities thread. Please note that choosing "None" just means you do not have a favored deity; you can still believe in the gods (because they exist).



This section is not ordinarily on the character sheet, so you won't find it on the template (but it goes here, between Deity and Faction). This section simply determines if you have magic, and if so, what kind of magic it is (Divine, Demonic, Arcane, Spiritual...).


VERY FEW CHARACTERS should have magic - especially the Gift (Divine, Demonic, and Spiritual are all, relatively, much more common). For more info on this, see the Magic thread and the Special Permission thread.


If you have Divine magic, simply put "Divine" in this section. If you have Demonic magic, put "Demonic." If you are Gifted with Arcane and Elemental magic, just put "Gifted."



If you want to play as a Berserker, simply add the Magic section to your character sheet (as mentioned, put it between Deity and Faction) and, for this section, write "Berserker." Note that your deity MUST be Odin if you are a berserker.


If you want to play as a Channeler, you must be a member of the Imperial Inquisition (your Faction). If you want to play as a Channeler, simply add the Magic section to your character sheet (as mentioned, put it between Deity and Faction) and, for this section, write "Channeler."



Most likely, however, this section will not appear on your character sheet at all.



Is your character a part of a faction, and if so, which one? Much like Race, this is a very important decision. Be sure to visit and read the full list of Factions available to join in Errant. If you do not see the faction you're looking for, you can always ask about it in the Errant Q&A thread (found in the OOC discussion board).



What are your character's talents? This is, essentially, what your character is skilled at. Be sure to visit and read the full list of Talents available in Errant, how they work, how to potentially create custom ones, how many you can choose, and how this will affect your character and gameplay.



What are your character's attributes? This is, essentially, the nitty-gritty of what your character is capable of. How strong are they? How learned are they? How intelligent are they? etc. For further details, what the attributes are, how many points you can use, and more, be sure to check out the Attributes thread.



What is your character's physical appearance? Feel free to go as simple or as detailed as you desire. You may use images, if you must, but always properly credit the artists if you use someone else's artwork, and text is preferred. Be sure to mention at least the most important details: hair color and appearance, eye color, and any characteristic scars, tattoos, or other markings. Feel free to also elaborate upon other things, such as height, etc. Your appearance must abide by the guidelines of your chosen race.



What does your character carry with him/her? Be sure to check out the guidelines listed in the Inventory and Equipment thread before you make your list (this topic also addresses any magical equipment)! Also, be aware that you should maintain your character's inventory over the course of your time playing as him/her. This is important if you want to keep track of all your gear and the potential magical items you find on your journeys.


This section should also include your house(s) and pet(s), although they are not technically in your inventory. It'd be best if you could separate these from the rest of your inventory, as well. For more info on houses and pets, see the Housing thread and the Pets & Familiars post.



What is your character's history? Feel free to keep it brief or be more elaborate. This is where you write about your character's background, story, current profession, motivations... whatever you like, really. I will factor these in to your gameplay. Just be sure to leave yourself a lot of room to expand during the RP itself.


There is also always the possibility of creating a quest of your own based around your character, so keep those in mind in case you want to RP out some kind of character arc with other players!


Campaign History

What campaigns has your character appeared in so far? If none, that's fine, too! You'll get to partake in some. Be sure to update this section, when you do.


OPTIONAL - Relationships

What relationships has your character had with other characters? This is optional, but feel free to list what other characters you've met (namely other player characters, and important NPCs and/or NPC companions) and your character's relationship with them. Be sure to update this section as your character develops and their relationships with others progress. This section will, of course, start out empty, but don't worry, it'll fill out soon enough.


OPTIONAL - Personality Section

All of these sections are entirely optional. Feel free to fill these out if you think it will help you expand your character and get to know him/her a little better.


If you do include a personality section, please put it just above Currency, after Campaign History (or Relationships if you are also using that).


For writing a personality section, instead of writing about only their personality traits (which you should also do), you might want to consider: what does your character like? What does your character dislike? What are their morals like (do they even have any?)? What do they fear? What are their strengths? What are their weaknesses? What are their motivations?


Again, this is an entirely optional section.



This is where you will keep track of your money...


Each character will start out with a different amount of money. When I reply to your character with approval for their use in Errant, I will also let you know how much money your character will start out with. You do not determine this section yourself!


Be sure to keep track of your currency over the course of your travels! If you build up enough, you can buy better equipment, easier means of travel, the services of an alchemist or blacksmith, or even a house. Or a personal slave, if you're into that sort of thing. There are lots of things out there to buy.


For more info on currency and how it works, see the post about Currency.



Final note: PLEASE DO NOT WRITE YOUR CHARACTER SHEET IN DIALOGUE. Your character sheet is to provide information, not convey your character's voice. Leave that for in-game interaction. If you want, however, you can post character updates in your character's topic in the form of a journal entry or something akin to it.


Also, PLEASE DO NOT ELABORATE EVERY SECTION. This is intended to be a quick reference sheet. You don't need to explain why your character worships Odin; if you want to do that, do that in your bio. You do not need to explain why your character is Fire affinity, etc.


But please fill out your character sheet with raw information, not dialogue.







Full Name:
Campaign History:


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