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NPC Companion List & Info

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Posted 10 May 2017 - 01:10 PM

DISCLAIMER: The events in this RPG are to be considered absolutely non-canon to the stories of Wulfgard. In fact, certain quests and events will directly contradict the main storyline and other storylines. This will both avoid any potential spoilers and give players the opportunity to influence the world, and its characters, in ways they never could during a truly canon RPG.


Nothing in this RPG should be considered true to the official novels, comics, and other stories of Wulfgard.


This is where you can find a list of NPC companions that are currently traveling with a player group. Note that this topic DOES NOT contain all potential companions, only the ones that are currently with one or more players in the RPG.


NPC companions work just like having another player around, except they are a NPC controlled by me. The majority of NPC companions have their own stories and conflicts (many even have unique quests), and just like any other character, the more you interact with them, the more you'll get to know them.


If they trust you enough, they might even put their life on the line for your sake - or they might try to kill you, if you make them mad enough and turn your back on them. Essentially, as I said, it's just like interacting with any other player. This isn't like some video games, where they'll follow you no matter what you do.


You never know which NPCs might be available as companions. You also never know what they might have in store for you.


I will post often to reply as NPCs, to keep interactions with them flowing.


Please note that, although NPCs also have their own character sheets and character topics in this board, not all information on the NPC is made readily available, as is required of players.




These companions are currently active in Errant and are in player groups. Again, that does not mean these are the only companions available; many NPCs throughout the world could be companions.


Here, you can find links to the own character pages (topics) of each currently active NPC, the topics of which are also marked as [NPC].


Currently active NPCs:


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