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Rune Walsh

That awkward moment where the Minecraft account you linked to your Mojang account apparently belongs to someone else...
Mar 18 2017 04:42 PM
  • Jociva Flcol's Photo
    Jociva Flcol
    How does that even happen, dude?

    Mar 22 2017 07:07 AM
  • Rune Walsh's Photo
    Rune Walsh
    I honestly have no idea. I put in a support ticket and they... Changed my name back to Thray_Walsh, and walked away. Which, probably won't solve all of the problems.
    Mar 22 2017 07:19 AM
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    Rune Walsh
    UPDATE: Yeah, the guy is still trying to regain control, and managed to change his name and skin back again. I'm hoping it's the same guy, (The name is different this time) and might have sent him a message over his Youtube channel(?) I dunno, we'll see.
    May 28 2017 02:23 PM