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In Topic: Miniature Wargaming

15 February 2012 - 07:32 AM

Reaper's paints are dah awesome stuff. Seriously. My brother tried them out and loved 'em when he started painting and I've used them once before; they're without a doubt very good paints. You won't be disappointed.

In Topic: The Poems of an Extremely Bad Poet

03 February 2012 - 06:25 AM

On seeing the title I immediately thought of Ryoma's Haken from Rise.

On the other hand, these aren't that bad! Keep up the decent work, it'll come to you eventually.

Thanks! :D

I've got a much shorter poem with a title too! I got a feeling that today was the luckiest day in my life....:)

A Small Victory

No matter how small
A victory is a victory.
I didn’t think you could stall

That little pink blush,
How pretty you look,
How it made me flush
One step closer.

Though I must be imagining
I feel I am not
If I got
I desire,
We’d both be joyful

I think this sort of gives you an idea why I think I was so lucky today. ;)

Comments are always appreciated! :)

In Topic: The Poems of an Extremely Bad Poet

01 February 2012 - 06:26 PM

^ Thank you very much! :D

And because you asked so nicely:

Eyes blue as the sky
Yet far above.
Oh my.

Are ye an Angel?
For truthfully
‘Tis easy to tell that you are
One of that heav’nly host.

But can someone be an Angel
And a Star?
For you shimmer and shine like both Angel and Star.
Nothing can mar your beauty.
Not fire
Not ice
Nor the mire
Of the earth.

Am I.
Yet how can I compare or hope to even be noticed by you?
What beauty
Without compare.
Are you?

I can feel,
Oh how real,
How you
Have ensnared,
My Heart.
Are you?

These words
Are not worthy
Nor can they match

This is about the person who I ran into a wall attempting to woo.

Again, comments are very much appreciated and welcome! :D

In Topic: Miniature Wargaming

01 February 2012 - 08:24 AM

^ Not to mention bad fluff.

The fluff is where it's at for me. ;)

In Topic: Miniature Wargaming

28 January 2012 - 05:44 PM

You were the last guy I expected to post :P Long time no see mang, how ya been?

I've been good-ish; life's been life. :P

I know what you mean about myriad minis, Capitaine! I've got so many different ones that if they were all put together in a story, I'd raise my eyebrow and ask if said writer was sampling some 'shrooms as he wrote the story. :P