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#487053 Official Scorp's Minifigs Topic

Posted by Nightstalker on 27 April 2018 - 02:37 AM

Also, for the armor, I'd use a decal for the chest and utilize the BrickWarriors Retiarus Galerus.




Some modifications could probably give you the shoulders you're looking for!

#487048 Official Scorp's Minifigs Topic

Posted by Nightstalker on 26 April 2018 - 02:21 AM



#487039 Official Scorp's Minifigs Topic

Posted by Nightstalker on 22 April 2018 - 12:56 PM



Mai Shiranui from SNK

#487021 Dalton's Assorted Artwork and Random Stuff

Posted by Nightstalker on 16 April 2018 - 03:30 AM

I think it might be time to abuse that wish fulfiller.

Anyways, yet another round of good art! And yes, only the 10th child belongs to Necros.

Also, is that a Jojo reference?

#487012 Fantasy Funnies

Posted by Nightstalker on 14 April 2018 - 02:35 PM

You're my favorite!





#487008 Minifig Showcase!

Posted by Nightstalker on 13 April 2018 - 06:11 PM



It's that time once more! 




Vera Khazja, Sareshi Warrior





So starting off, let's cover the cool stuff! First off, torso and waist cloth are from Arealight Customs. Bone Spear, Bone Shield, and Spiked Vambraces are from BrickWarriors. TLG pieces are Bard (The Hobbit), Storm (X-Men), and Okoye (Black Panther). Honestly, I like the way she turned out!


Vera is yet another warrior of, you guessed it, the Sareshi Clan. Renowned for her skill with a spear, Vera is a swift and dexterous combatant. As a hunt sister to Xalia, the two make a ferocious duo. While Xalia charges in, Vera will flank. She also happens to be one of Shanna's (see one of the previous posts, can't remember which one) primary rivals.


Unlike most Sareshi, which are freed slaves, Vera decided to join the Sareshi after the loss of her home at an early age. Filled with vengeance, she traveled the harsh Savadjik Desert, with one goal. Get training, and kill those responsible for her family's death. That being said, the story of her revenge is still underway, namely because she seeks the death of one of the Savadjik Princes (who are basically untouchable).




Talia "Red Rage" Goraxe




Don't know why, but I really like this combo. Leg decals are by Saber-Scorpion, waist cloth by Arealight Customs, torso by Arealight Customs, Gladiatrix Armor, Rebel Axe (proto), and Vambrace by BrickWarriors. The rest is TLG! The face is from the Red Knight in Nexo Knights (haven't a clue of who she is), and the hair is from Lloyd's mom from the Ninjago movie (again, have no clue who she is).


With a last name like Goraxe (literally Gore Axe), you know Talia's cleaved through tons of foes! Having graduated from the Skullsplitter school of, "Keep hacking until its dead," Talia is one of the stronger Sareshi in the clan. Unlike her acrobatic sisters, she charges head first into battle, allowing rage to fuel her. Because of this, she can seemingly ignore pain, which would otherwise halt an attacker. It should be fairly obvious how she gained the nickname, "Red Rage," given the brief explanation.


Anywho, Goraxe is Sareshi born, which means she's just another generation of Sareshi. Wait a sec, Sareshi have children!?!? Yeah, I'll explain that later... just don't think about it too hard. Her mother was quite fond of the axe and passed it down to her at a young age. Among other forms of training, Talia is also super punchy. With how hard she hits, you might as well be hit by an axe! As she grew up, Altea Skullsplitter trained her to be berserker. Countless battles later, she made a name for herself for being an even more reckless fighter than many other berserkers.




Erika Moore, Sareshi Knife Dancer




First off, arm and leg decals by Saber-Scorpion. I can't tell you how many times I've said that (no seriously, go place an order if you need cool, customization stuff)! Torso and waist cloth are from Arealight Customs and the Rebel Daggers are from BrickWarriors.


The rather small Erika Moore was born into slavery. Once she was old enough, she was made into a dancer by a Savadjik noble. Fortunately, she was freed by a roving Sareshi, raiding party. Having lived long enough as a slave, she joined with the Sareshi and quickly picked up knife combat, which suited her small frame. She happens to be one of the few barbarians that utilizes some form of stealth, but don't let that fool you! She's still capable of shanking you in open combat!


Well, that's all for now folks!


Tune in next week where I try to throw something more at you!


#486979 Dalton's Wish Fullfiller 5000 (What do you think Dalton should draw next?)

Posted by Nightstalker on 07 April 2018 - 10:54 AM

Heh, humor me for a moment...








#486978 Dalton's Assorted Artwork and Random Stuff

Posted by Nightstalker on 07 April 2018 - 10:51 AM

Okay, I'll give it to ya...


I like that last drawing (although Necros and the Dark Maiden would never be holding hands).


For whatever reason, the Witch King's, glowy sword really stands out to me. I like the effect!

#486976 Nightstalker's Junk

Posted by Nightstalker on 06 April 2018 - 12:38 PM

Long ago, I created something that you might remember:




The Dwarven "Big Boomer" Cannon


I love this little thing... but... it has some issues...


It's way too small.

The cannon lacks the ability to adjust elevation.

Doesn't have a, "war-like," feel to it.

I could go on about what I dislike about it...


So I destroyed it!

And made way for...




The Dwarven "Big Boomer" Cannon v2.0




First off, a heavy duty ram was added to the front. Sure, this thing isn't ramming anything by itself, but it is a cool addition.




To add to its overall MOC value, and make it more war-like, I added wheel spikes and the ability for the cannon to angle its shot.




Flag colors were also adjusted to represent the Army of Faermoore. The cannon itself remains mostly the same.




The Big Boomer... BOOMING!!! Using a red, bush piece for the firing action. 




Recent MOC usage for firing.




And why make one? When you can make five!


Overall, I'm quite content with what I came up with. Let me know what you think!


As usual

Decals by Saber-Scorpion.

C&C is always welcome and appreciated!!!


#486940 Fantasy Funnies

Posted by Nightstalker on 31 March 2018 - 10:52 AM

Like the Energizer Bunny...





#486925 Brickfair Virginia 2018: A Day at the Arena

Posted by Nightstalker on 30 March 2018 - 08:25 AM

That had been the plan! He'll probably take one of the combatant slots.

#486914 Brickfair Virginia 2018: A Day at the Arena

Posted by Nightstalker on 29 March 2018 - 12:55 PM

Honestly, since this is a generic fantasy build, you could make a character from any fantasy setting. So... if you wanted to add a Wulfgard Inquisitor for your character, you are free to do so!

#486895 Set Review: ENLIGHTEN War of Glory "Dwarf Secret Weapon"!

Posted by Nightstalker on 28 March 2018 - 03:42 AM

One of the few times I wish TLG would steal an idea. Honestly, another Fantasy Era theme would be much appreciated. Shoot, I'd settle for them to make a cityesque theme for castle.

There is a lot of potential out there and none of it has been used. NK felt more like a sudo space theme more than a castle line. I'm hoping 2019 will be a return to an awesome castle theme.

#486889 Brickfair Virginia 2018: A Day at the Arena

Posted by Nightstalker on 27 March 2018 - 12:10 PM

Alrighty ladies and gents of SSLF, it's that time again!


Every year I attend BFVA and generally show off something SSLF related (except last year). This year, I feel the need to bring us all together for a little bit of a bloodbath. That bloodbath being the arena! However, as with all SSLF related builds, I need you to make this build what it is!


So, how can YOU, the great folks of SSLF, help me? Glad you asked! Here's what I'm going to need:


1) Spectators (Everyone)

- What is an arena battle without a crowd of spectators? For every forum member, I will take up to a maximum of five different spectators. Just build a minifig (or five), and post a pic in this topic. If you don't have the parts, feel free to head on over to bricklink.com, find some pieces and give me a list. If your minifig requires decals, please just give me a description so I have something to request from Scorp. Given that this build will be 48x144, I'm going to need a lot of figs! If your figure is someone special, please feel free to include the following:



- Name (including title)

- Piece list or picture


Current Spectators

1. Nobleman Dalton - (Dalton Westmoore)


2) Combatants (Novas and higher)

- Okay folks, this is going to be a tad different than spectators. For starters, as to avoid any issues of bad character representation, all combatants will be on the same team. So, if you were hoping to slay another member's minifig, you're out of luck there. The other thing to note is that I will only be accepting a total of 15 combatants (technically 13, because of Admin reserved spots). So here's what I need from you guys:



- Name (including title)

- Crest: This is an emblem that will appear on a triangular shield. Feel free to use an already existing emblem, or come up with your own! Again, if it is custom, I'll just make a decal request!

- Picture or piece list


Current Combatants

1. <Reserved for Saber-Scorpion>

2. Tom Drake - (Maverick-Werewolf)

3. Amanon - (Dalton Westmoore)














- In the event of receiving more than 15 combatants, I'll sort it out by rolling a d20 for each spot. Feel free to use gray market items as well! If you are using a character that I've already made for you, just let me know!


3) VIPs (Mods)

- Among the many spectators, there will be very important people. This follows the same rules as the spectators, with the exception that I'm limiting it to one person per Mod. Just need a name and picture/parts list.


Current Mods

1. Inquisitor Marcus Capulet - (Lord Capulet)


4) Honored Guest (Admins)

- As always, our Admins will have a specific spot designed for them. At the current moment for Scorp, I was thinking of using a variant of King Scorp (from SYWBAA) and an entourage of Scorpion Guard. For Mav, well, I have my Wolf Queen Mav fig and an entourage of werewolf guards that will be supplied. If these sound good, just let me know, if not, just tell me what you want!


Current Admins

1. King Scorpion - (Saber-Scorpion)

2. Wolf Queen Mav - (Maverick-Werewolf)


5) Out of Place Minifigs (Everyone)

- For this category, just leave a minifig that sure as heck shouldn't be in a fantasy setting, or is just plain out of place. Given the high amount of figs I want to have here, I have room for some cameos. The number I use ultimately depends on how easy it is to sneak them in.


That's it for now! If you guys have more questions, feel free to ask! If not, then get building! 


- Nick  

#486886 A Dying Breed - Sign-ups

Posted by Nightstalker on 27 March 2018 - 02:28 AM

Well... here goes something...


Auric Khasmin