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#419512 World of Tanks

Posted by WildGHoStEr on 10 January 2014 - 04:16 PM

Well everyone, take a look at this.


It's mostly the same deal as the Tanksgiving Turkey Shoot awhile back. But this time with 5 people and tanks up to tier 3 (so basically the numbers are switched from the last tournament).


Anyone is welcome to join, however, members of the 22nd Armoured Brigade will receive priority.


Join here. The password is the same as last time, to those of you who were in the last tournament. Message me if you're interested in joining and don't already know the pass.


Play well, and we've got a chance for gold.

  We need 5 at MINIMUM people so if any one from 22AB sees this please join even if you can't play on the 13th because at least we can play in it for some gold that you will have a part in since you'd be on the team.