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Sir Gisburn of Pikeston

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Posted 24 October 2017 - 05:20 PM

Sir Gisburn of Pikeston


Full Name: Sir Gisburn of Pikeston
Aliases: Guy, the Merchant of Pikeston, and a number of obscenities ranging from Weasel to more unspeakable ones
Sex: Male
Race: Human (Achaean)
Birthplace: Pikeston
Affinity: Earth, though Gisburn would say Gold
Deity: Plutus, Achaean god of wealth and prosperity
Faction: Neuteral, but Gisburn would say himself

Noble Combat

Education (Old Achaean)

Multilingual (Northern, Southern, and Eastern)





Strength: 6

Agility: 4

Constitution: 5

Perception: 3


Spirit: 6

Luck: 8

At first glance, Gisburn appears to be your run of the mill nobleman: a paunchy man dressed in rich clothes and furs, with an unused sword and a fat purse at his side. However, once you get to know him, you will understand how much of a mad genuis this man is, and if not, he'll quickly convince you with his silver tongue.
(Merchant Pack + Several Custom Items)
  • 1 full set of nice clothing
  • 1 brown traveling cloak
  • A Gold Half-moon Amulet
  • An ornate ring concealing a poisoned needle
  • A finely crafted iron sword
  • Golden Dagger with a silver blade
  • 1 Chain Shirt
  • Map of Imperial Territories
  • Measuring scales
  • Ale and rations
  • Miscellaneous bits and baubles from failed schemes and various skulduggery-ish feats 

Gisburn was born as the only heir to the Noble Family of the same name in the Achaean City of Pikeston. His family was once known for being great warriors, but nowadays they were known for being political schemers and for their on-again-off-again feuds with the ruling family: the Vulpowiczes. His family was disappointed with him, as he chose to become a knight and fight for the empire, though that all changed when he received a crippling wound in combat against the Northerners.


Gisburn had always hated his family for being the people who they were; crafty, sneaky, and all too focused on the political side of the Empire. However, with no other option than to live out his days as a beggar, he decided to become what he had once hated: a Politician. He eventually became so good at it, that his own family, fearing that he would betray them, set into motion a staged scandal that would end with his exile from the town.


While on his exile, he decided to not only become a politician, but the greatest con-man of all time. In his travels across the known world, he met his bodyguard and business partner, Loxley, made friends and enemies, and plotted and executed the most successful and botched schemes the fortunate and unfortunate people involved had ever seen.

Campaign History:
Poor relationship with his Family
Poor relationship with the Vulpowiczes
Comradeship with his bodyguard, Loxley
A Strictly business relationship with anyone else he happens to be working with

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