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The Official SSLF Writer's Resource Topic

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Posted 29 July 2009 - 03:44 AM

This topic is actually a collection of a few different topics that have been posted and revised over the years, now here in one place for your convenience. In the first post you'll find external resources for aspiring writers to make our lives easier. In subsequent posts you'll find guides created by members of SSLF in an effort to educate the forum-going public and hopefully improve the quality of their writing.

- If you want to submit a new resource for consideration, send a PM containing the link and a brief description to MaverickWerewolf, Osolis_Mantis, Dr. Blood-Snake, myself, or one of the other mods that actually comes to this board. If we think it could be useful, we'll add it here.

- If you want to submit a new guide you can go ahead and post it in the forum for other members to critique. If the mods like it enough, we may add it here.

Writer's Resources


A high-quality site on which to post stories and potery, which can then be read, reviewed, and favorited by other members. I personally put all my stories on there and then link to topics here at SSLF, because it reads better than if it were put on the forums. It supports rich-text formats and doesn't mutilate paragraphs the way Invision does, so I recomend putting all your stories there. It's also a good place to go to get inspiration for your own works, or just to read a good story (and there are some quite good stories on there, if you dig through the piles of mediocre and abysmal works).


The sister-site to FictionPress, this is the same concept, the only difference being that it's for fan-fictions of existing works, rather than completely original pieces.


I imagine most every house has at least one dictionary lying around, but if you don't, here's what is, in my opinion, the best online dictionary avalible.


For those that don't know, a thesaurus is essentially a reference that provides synoyms and antonyms for words. It's useful when you're writing and you want to reffer to the same person, thing, whatever, without actually using the same word.

The Universal Mary-Sue Test

A handy tool for determining how original a character is, this rescource should be taken with a grain of salt; it's not perfect, because it can't take things entirely in context or determine if a new spin has been put on something (not to mention, some of the categories are rather dumb. Personally, I don't see how whether or not the character's name is based on yours makes him cliché or not. It's not like everybody has the same name). Some very innovative characters may score high, while some fairly trite characters may score low. That said, it's still a reasonably accurate measure, and shouldn't be completely ignored.

Worthy of Publishing

A site generally used by more serious writers (though really, anyone can post there) to determine the general quality of a piece of work. Many stories there are meant to be published, but it's also good for simply bettering your writing skills.

*More to be added at a later date*


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