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The Clone Wars Appreciation Thread

21 February 2020 - 06:18 AM

Alright guys, it's time to shut up about Episode 9. Did you like it? Did you hate it? Who cares, because Star Wars we can all agree is good is back and it's better than ever.




It's Clone Wars time Baby.


You guys know Clone Wars, you know what it is, you know that it's good, so is the first episode good? YES, OF COURSE IT IS. You think I'd resurrect the Star Wars TV Show topic if I thought it was bad? Nope, only good vibes here.


So, the First Episode is the first in the Bad Batch Arc, which I feel like I can talk about without spoiling too much because the storyreels have been up on Youtube for the last five years. It's really good to see this episode finished, and I can't wait for the others to be finished. One pleasant surprise is that it isn't a straight "clean-up and churn out" job that I thought it would be; it's what most of the episode is, but they made one major change and I'm glad that Filoni didn't just pat himself on the back and throw the episode out there without touching up the story as well as the graphics. And speaking of graphics, the show looks it's best this Season. All of it is so just *OOMPH* and I wish that Disney/Lucasfilm put this much effort into all of their animated Star Wars shows, rather than "We gotta make Clone Wars good or else half the internet will crucify us." 


Anyways, it's time to jump into spoilers before I have to leave for work:




So, the Show's good, we're all good, and Clone Wars is back.