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The Multiverse: The War for Terra Prime

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Posted 01 November 2013 - 01:27 AM

So, this is a little series I have planned out in my head.  The "Multiverse" is a large planet, similar to the way the Shield World of Requiem or Onyx in the Halo Series is.  It spans multiple gaming universes, 1 movie series universe, and my one universe, based off of ours.  The Gaming 'verses involved, Halo, CoD, Fallout, Left 4 Dead, Half Life, TF2(Maybe in this), Portal (one small bit, the portal Turret), Mass Effect, and MGS.(Note, these are all that I can think of of the top of my head...).  The Movie one, none other than Star Wars ( Although it is AFTER the events of Episode VI).  Our universe has Earth destroyed around 2030's, by a nuclear war, escalated from WWIII.  The first chapter is titled "Crashed".  It shows how central characters from different universes arrive.  These central characters?  Commander Shepard(Femshep though :P), Master Chief Petty Officer John-117(After the events of Halo 4 though, so no Cortana.....), Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, and my custom and signature figure, Lieutenant John Anderson AKA "Randomman"(no, that is not my name, I just want a different one, so you don't know what it is.) and the United Nations Counter Terrorism Operations Unit, Ace's Squad.  I will explain the UN CTO Unit later.


The "planet"'s name is Terra Prime, given by the new citizens of it, after Earth was destroyed in a nuclear war, most people were able to flee the destruction by escaping through the Multiverse Portals.  Multiple scattered Earth, as the first one(which was the first one discovered as well) was damaged, and caused rifts through out time, causing unexplained disappearances, like say, the Bermuda Triangle....  The first and main city set up is given the name Arcadia, and it is ever expanding because of the large influx of people from multiple universes.  Some good, however, I can't have a story with famous War Heroes from different universes and have "war" in the title without one.


The Imperial Remnant is a major part of this, and causes the war.  Part of it is that the "Hub" (center created by an unknown species to construct anything) was used by the Remnant, and they created a new, but smaller Star Forge(play Star Wars; Knights of the Old Republic if you don't know what that is).  The Remnant Fleet is massive, but need a ground base and planet, and what planet do they take?   Terra Prime.  At the end and final battle, a large scale assault like the Rebel Alliance's attack on the Second Death Star(Star Wars: Epi. VI) or the Citadel and Terminus Fleet's attack on the Reapers at Earth (Mass Effect 3), both ground and space.  The Space Battle is fought between the Imperial Remnant, and an alliance of the New Republic(Rebel Alliance after Endor), UNSC, and Citadel Fleets (Council, Terminus, and non-Council races and fleets from ME3) attack.   On the ground, well, the UNSC, Citadel, New Republic, and Arcadian (human forces from our universe, reunited under a new flag) attack form the outside, and a Resistance softens the Remnant from inside the City.  That's how the attack will go.


Now, this is how it is planned.  I plan to make it a comic, however, I lack Photoshop, a Camera, and models of vehicles for it.  But, not all characters are named, which I am making this a sign up as well (if you stuck around....).

Characters that need names:

  • Former US President and Vice President from the nuclear war (the were some of the first through):
  • US Army Special forces from WWIII(6 characters in all, include rank, CO is a LT, as a heads up):
  • Imperial Remnant Commander:
  • Imperial Remnant Dark Jedi Officer:
  • Imperial Remnant Sith Lord(and wannabe emperor):
  • Imperial Remnant Elite Squad (4 soldiers in all)
  • US Army WWII era soldiers(4 in all, one is an LT, one is a Pvt.)
  • 2 UNSC SPARTAN IVs(1 blue armor, 1 white armor)
  • NCR squad (one female soldier, one male soldier, I already named the CO):
  • 1 Mafia leader:
  • 1 Resistance leader:
  • MORE TO FOLLOW!  As well as pictures for the characters already listed.  I will try to have pictures tomorrow, please note, the camera is an iPod 4th Gen cam, and I do not want to use it for the comic....


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