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#485926 ZONE - The Forbidden Halls of Clan Dimmlundar

Posted by Sareth on 28 October 2017 - 01:41 PM

"For the love of the gods, you aren't going to get an answer out of her by doing that! Put her down before you break the neck of the only person that can get rid of the Demon of Betrayal!"


Valya, realizing the excessive strength of her grasp, was about to loosen her grip---though not release the elf entirely---when suddenly the transformed venator let out a roar that sent a momentary chill up her spine.


"Everyone, STOP! This isn't her fault. I'm not demonic... or at least I'm not supposed to be. I'm human. But I was cursed. It's taken years, and I've been trying to fight it, but it's been mutating me. And now... All that matters is I'm in control. I'm not a threat, and I'm sure as hell not a demon. I'm on your side."


Her eyes narrowed in suspicion for a moment, but... Caiden's story struck a chord with something deep down inside her. If it was true---and according to the elf, now proven innocent, it had to be---then they were not too different... an amusing thing, given his calling. "Very well then" she said simply, giving the venator a nod.


Then she released the elf, and was even polite enough to lower her back into contact with the ground before doing so. "Sorry" she said flatly, without a hint of shame or embarrassment.




'Perhaps next time you could wait for the answer before choking people' Allya thought angrily in response to the northerner's scant apology, though she did not actually say it---partly out of a desire not to risk antagonizing the woman again, and partly because her lungs were too busy sucking in air to get so much as a word out. She gave a neutral nod of acknowledgement instead.


"I have spoken already. I know that Xiraloc wishes to gather as much power as he can to defy the demon lords. They would be very... very angry about this. The politics of demons are ever-changing, and thus no other creatures truly take note - even the gods themselves care little for the endless in-fighting of us demons and our masters. But the archdemons... it is a primary concern. How Xiraloc plans to defy the demon lords, I do not know. That is something you would be better asking him, if he simply does not kill you for wasting his time... But he may be grateful to the one who awoke him after all these ages, even if his wakening is inevitable. As for what else I know of Xiraloc: he hoards treasures, not unlike a great wyrm, and he is an unstoppable power to mere mortals such as yourselves. Even that... gluttonous... mutation even I cannot properly identify would not stand a chance, alone or with the rest of you."


She filed the information away; it made an interesting combination with that which she had gotten from the tome. Still, they would try the dwarf's plan first.


"Come, let's get rid of this thing. I'd don't know much about such things, but I should be able to help you send it back to the underworld."


She reflexively nodded in reply, before remembering that the man was blind, and responding aloud with a slightly raspy "Right."


She then turned back to the demon. "Thank you for the information. Now farewell, and may we never meet again" she said, politely but coldly. Without another word she then began the ritual to banish the demon of Betrayal back to the Underworld.

#485909 ZONE - The Forbidden Halls of Clan Dimmlundar

Posted by Sareth on 26 October 2017 - 02:06 PM

"Ahriman! Where... how--!?"


Allya grinned wider in satisfaction at the demon's reaction. However, her elation was short-lived, as a commotion behind her drew her attention, and she witnessed the Venator, Caiden, suddenly transform.


While not as surprised as the others, having sensed something---which, in hindsight, reminded her a little of her brother---from the monster hunter, she was still paralyzed for an instant in surprise. His changes were beyond anything she could have predicted.


“What in the hells didya do, elf?!”


"Compelled the truth" she said simply, a hint of awe in her voice as she realized just how great was the power of the words she had spoken.


"Would you mind explaining what the hell you're supposed to be?"


"He's demonic... but also at least partly human" Allya offered. She was having some difficulty figuring out the former part; from the mishmash of features, she could only label him as being of the phlegmatic morphology, but that still left the question of which kind. ... Fear, perhaps? Still, he did not feel like any demon-kin she had ever met---although that was, admittedly, not a large sample.


"My true intent is to have each of you betray one another, one by one. It seems my work is taking care of itself. As for Xiraloc, I know much. I will answer whatever questions you may have... though it seems you may have more important matters to attend to."


She cast a brief angry glare at the gloating demon, before turning back to the building catastrophe.


“W-wait! Look, I know this looks bad, but by all the gods I swear he’s okay! Caid isn’t a threat to you or your enemy!”


"Then I would like to hear it from him" she replied to the strange little elf. She then turned back to the others: "The spell I cast compels anything demonic to reveal the truth. So he should not be capable of lying" she continued, hoping to calm the situation.




Valya was far from calm.


Hardly had the elf spoken those strange words, than the large, eyepatch-ed venator collapsed, changing into some sort of monster.


“What in the hells didya do, elf?!”


"... The spell I cast compels anything demonic to reveal the truth. So he should not be capable of lying."


Her eyes snapped back onto the elf, so calm, so seemingly knowledgeable, and anger and suspicion flared within her---and then snapped.


She took a couple quick steps and then grabbed the dark-haired elf by the throat, easily lifting the smaller woman off the ground with one hand. "And what about you?" she snarled. "Are you lying? Did you do this!?"




Allya however, could scarcely breathe, much less reply, given the strength of the grip about her neck.

#485901 ZONE - The Forbidden Halls of Clan Dimmlundar

Posted by Sareth on 25 October 2017 - 03:28 PM

Allya was fascinated by the tome. The knowledge it contained... her mother would have killed for such secrets, a thought that gave her pause. While an incredible find, and potentially the solution to their problem, it also carried immense risk. But, if there was no other way...


“I dunnae where y’got this from, ol’ man, bu’ it’s got what we need. Th’ tricks in summonin’ circles; we c’n summon celestials, an’ they c’n do the fightin’ for us ‘gainst tha’ monster. Grant’d, if that doesn’t kill it, it might jus’ distract it enough t’make a circle ‘round the big demon and send it righ’ back t’the ‘ells it came from.”

Her brows furrowed in interest as she turned to look at the dwarf. Celestials? She had not even considered the demons' divine counterparts, knowing almost nothing about them.

“So, did anybody pick up chalk?”


"No need" she said to Korvarl. "If what that book says is true, we could re-purpose the summoning circle trapping the demon at the temple. After dealing with it, of course."


It seemed the perfect plan, though she had some reservations. While she knew people oft summoned demons when seeking the aid of some greater power, she had never heard of anyone successfully doing so with a celestial---nor had there been any mentions of such in her mother's comprehensive collection of notes. There had to be a reason for it. Perhaps the Gods' servants, like the Gods themselves, preferred to remain more aloof from the affairs of mortals than did their wicked counterparts...


But despite its flaws, if it did work the dwarf's option was far better than the one she had---which, even if successful, was liable to cost them dearly... and if unsuccessful, would increase their troubles exponentially. Better, then, to try the divine route first. If it failed, there was always the other way...


"Let us head to the temple" she suggested.




“I dunnae where y’got this from, ol’ man, bu’ it’s got what we need. Th’ tricks in summonin’ circles; we c’n summon celestials, an’ they c’n do the fightin’ for us ‘gainst tha’ monster. Grant’d, if that doesn’t kill it, it might jus’ distract it enough t’make a circle ‘round the big demon and send it righ’ back t’the ‘ells it came from.”


Valya grunted unhappily. The thought of asking someone to fight on her behalf---even a servant of the Gods---irked her. Still, it wasn't as if there were many other options available to deal with such a monstrosity.


"A battle between the servants of Good and Evil? That's something I didn't think I would happen on this trip."


"It will probably be quite a sight" she said, feeling a touch better at the thought of getting to witness such a contest. "Pity for you" she said to the blind priest.

#485855 ZONE - The Forbidden Halls of Clan Dimmlundar

Posted by Sareth on 20 October 2017 - 02:02 PM

"Ask the priest. Maybe he'd like to make friends with this one too."


"Me and several other explored a Temple while searching for information. Inside we found a demon, who gave us information about Dainslief in exchange for freedom, which we did not give it. It also told us about the soul-binding nature of the contract Agni had us sign."


"At least you have not completely taken leave of your senses" Allya said dryly. A demon's word could not be trusted, but... she could not think of any way for it to gain by lying to them about the nature of the contract.


She wondered... if it could sense such a binding, perhaps she could, too. Closing her eyes, she tuned out the angry conversation that followed the priest's words for a few moments; with her connection to the spirit world, seeking to see, if she could, whether any such binding truly lay upon her and her companions.




"...Someone told us."


Valya's eyes narrowed angrily at the venator's evasive and far-from-adequate answer.


"That Venator said that you were making friends with demons, care to elaborate?"


"Me and several other explored a Temple while searching for information. Inside we found a demon, who gave us information about Dainslief in exchange for freedom, which we did not give it. It also told us about the soul-binding nature of the contract Agni had us sign."


"The word of a demon" she spat. "And you believe it?"


"Are you completely insane?! Do you have any idea what that thing could have-!"


"Calm down! There's no need fer us tae kill each other, especially when we 'ave a giant snake demon that would happily do th' job fer us."


"Maybe not" Valya said darkly, suspicious that the priest---and apparently Agethar, too---would even listen to such an enemy. "But perhaps we should kill that demon you spoke with. Or did you take care of it already?"




When Allya opened her eyes again, following her brief connection to the spirit realm, she found the priest holding up a pair of old books.


"I do have something that could potentially help us, we found these while searching the Temple. One of the Venators - ah, I'm sorry, I don't know your name - said that one book was written in Dwarven, and the other in Demonic. Does anyone here know how to read either one?"


Immediately, she plucked the books from the man's hand, turning and offering the one with dwarven lettering to Korvarl.


Once the dwarf had taken the book, without a word she opened the demonic tome and began scanning through it in search of anything useful. Although her features were impassive as she read, all the while she was painfully aware of what suspicion might fall upon her for being able to comprehend its dark text. But they needed a solution to the problem of the demon below, and soon, or it wouldn't matter either way.

#485846 Delving Too Deep OOC - Rules, Character List, and Chat

Posted by Sareth on 19 October 2017 - 08:08 PM

Though I'm waiting for a small post saying that we are a safe distance away from the GIANT SNAKE DEMON so that when we do talk about them, it won't eat us if we talk too loud. :P


C'mon. Just do what I did: assume we are. Believing makes it real. :lol:

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Posted by Sareth on 17 October 2017 - 09:12 AM

"We need do, is to discuss this elsewhere."


Valya followed Malvolio and the others back up the stairs, taking the rear-guard position in case the demon awoke. She might not stand much of a chance against it, but it was a better chance than most of the others would.


“Maybe something lying around could help us distract it?”


"One or two of us could always distract it, try and lure it away from that room so the rest can grab the sword" she suggested grimly. "Long odds, though..."


Then she turned to Agethar. "What did you mean, before? How can a piece of paper force us to do anything? How do you know this?" she asked, somewhat forcefully. She did not like the idea of being manipulated against her will. And if it was true... well, if they made it out of here, Agni would be getting his precious sword---point first through his chest, the treacherous bastard.




“Maybe something lying around could help us distract it?”


"Like what?" Allya asked, a touch snappishly. "The only things we know about that demon are its name, Xiraloc, and the fact that it can apparently claim spirits, not just wicked souls---and those only from the writings, in blood, of a demon that must have been, by any objective standard, insane."


"What did you mean, before? How can a piece of paper force us to do anything? How do you know this?"


"There are Divine Contracts" she mused aloud. "But... No---it can't be. Those have to be consecrated with the blood of the bound, which that contract certainly wasn't."


After a moment's more thinking, she turned to Agethar: "And I would like to know that last part, myself."

#485809 ZONE - The Forbidden Halls of Clan Dimmlundar

Posted by Sareth on 13 October 2017 - 08:04 AM

“Ah’m a pretty damn good fighter, lass. Elnira an’ I’ll be fine. We c’n find a way ta open the gate from inside, no trouble. What d’ya think, lass?”


"I'm sure we'll be fine.."


"<Spirits preserve us from the bravery of lovestruck dwarfs>" Allya muttered in her native elvish, as the pair prepared to head into the drain.


As Elnira's cat retreated over to her, away from the large northwoman the dwarf had tried to hand it off to, Allya kneeled down to scratch it behind the ears, reaching out with her abilities to soothe the plump feline's spirit.


Despite her worries, Korvarl and Elnira managed to make their way back to the gate, opening it from the inside. And the others had rejoined them, so at least they would be going in in force. For whatever difference that would make...


But as they made their way into the clanhall, through the eerily empty rooms and then down, down, ever farther below the surface, her disquiet redoubled again and again, matching the growth in strength of that black, malevolent aura. And then the staircase ended, opening up into a massive room, and she froze, heart dropping clean out of her chest.


"Apophi..." she whispered, the blood draining from her already-pale features, leaving her as white as a ghost.


The demon of Malice before them was immense, a being of God-like power. It's eyes were closed, and it breathed slowly and steadily... asleep. "Xiraloc sleeps here" she muttered softly, remembering the hysterical blood-written messages she had found. Somehow, she had hoped that whatever demon had written that had been exaggerating, whether intentionally or as a simple result of insane fanaticism. That hope was utterly shattered at the sight of the monster.


She turned to the others, the words coming out in a hiss as urgency fought with the need to stay quiet: "We have to leave, now. This thing... even a legion of your Templar would scarcely stand a chance" she said---the latter comment addressed mostly to Malvolio. "Forget the sword, let us just turn around and go, before it wakes up."




As much as she wanted to argue, Valya couldn't help but consider the elf's words as she took in the thing before them. She would fight any foe, but even she had to wonder if a creature like that could be fought, as she glanced at her sword, and then back at the demon. Although large, compared to that monstrosity her weapon might as well have been a knitting needle.


She had never run from a fight in her life, and if the others chose to fight she would gladly join them. But in that place, surrounded by that hellish scent and gloom, some small, long forgotten part of her wondered if, perhaps just this once, discretion might be the better part of valor.

#485658 HELP - Errant Q&A

Posted by Sareth on 22 September 2017 - 03:23 PM

I pretty much got rid of them because they felt like another random faction no one would ever really care about, so I was cleaning up. :lol:


But, no - they're still a thing. I can add them back to the list, if you like.


But that seems to apply to every faction that isn't the Inquisition, Venatori, or Templars. :P


But yes, please do. :D  (Your recent mention of potential changes to the nature of Wulfgard vampires got me thinking of a char. idea.)

#485654 Delving Too Deep OOC - Rules, Character List, and Chat

Posted by Sareth on 22 September 2017 - 02:56 PM


... No seriously, why'd it go silent in here all of a sudden? It's creepy... :flail:

#485607 ZONE - The Forbidden Halls of Clan Dimmlundar

Posted by Sareth on 16 September 2017 - 12:04 PM

"Nice to see you again. Can you read any of this...?"


"Not most of it" Allya replied, too distracted by her work to return the greeting. "But this"---she showed the templar one of the blood-marked sheets---"says 'Xiraloc sleeps here now'. Look for more like it, would you?"


The next bloodstained paper she found said the same thing. And the next. And the next. The same cryptic message, over and over...


But after much searching Malvolio handed her another defaced document---and the message on this one, she saw at a glance, was different: 'Xiraloc eater of spirits bow before him.


Her brow crinkled as she read the statement again, certain she had to have misread it---or at least wishing she had. There was no mistake. Was it possible, she wondered, for there to be a demon so powerful---or otherwise anomalous---that it could claim not just the souls of sinners, but the innocent spirits of nature itself. She desperately wanted to say no, but she couldn't forget that utter emptiness where the spirits of this place should have been.


"What does it say? Is it something we should warn the others about?"


She gave a single, harsh laugh---utterly without mirth. The idea of a warning struck her as almost ludicrous at this point. They had had their warning back in Skaldsong Tavern when Agni had described this place and what had happened to it. And none of them had listened


"It says 'Xiraloc eater of spirits bow before him" she said after a moment. "Which means, unless this writing is the mere delusional ramblings of some insane demon, that somewhere in this place lies a monster unlike anything mortals have ever seen... and lived, anyways."




"Recognize anything?" Valya asked Korvarl, looking at the heaps of treasure locked away.


"Any ideas on opening these doors?" She supposed it was too much to hope that the locks had rusted into fragility after all these years of neglect. Still, sheathing her sword, she went over to the nearest door and gave a powerful tug on it, although she was ready to jump out of the way in case these dwarfs went in for booby traps.

#485484 Errant continuation

Posted by Sareth on 07 September 2017 - 08:13 AM

Well, I'm sorry the RP idea I put a lot of time into developing was too generic and boring for you to check out.


Maybe you should take a look at the topic I created for creating generic adventure/exploration Errant campaigns and see if there's one that interests you more, you know, as long as the topic doesn't put you to sleep first.


There's even a new poll option, so don't forget to revote so I can figure out what generic/boring Errant campaign I can waste time planning out and pming Wolfy about just so you guys can ignore it and leave it for dead!


Geez, Dalton, don't take things so personally. My point was that I had already signed up for another RP of that type (Delving Too Deep), and hence wasn't really in the mood to do a second one; I don have an infinite capacity for RP-ing.


And I did vote in that topic of yours--several days ago. And if other people are interested in the same one I am, I would play it.


It's not like the entire world's against you here.

#485472 Errant continuation

Posted by Sareth on 06 September 2017 - 08:55 AM

So other than finishing Delving Too Deep, what would everyone like to see from Errant at this point? I'm up for literally anything, as long as it'll get people interested and having fun again.


I would go with a story/character-focused campaign, preferably centered on one faction or another so as to have a relatively homogeneous and motivated group.


Like the Inquisitor or Venatori campaigns from the last poll. Or something else in that vein (we always seem to focus on the more magical Imperial orders, maybe a campaign focusing on a group of Imperial knights/legionnaires could be interesting for a change).

#485338 Game of Thrones: What about Ygritte, Jon?

Posted by Sareth on 14 August 2017 - 10:21 AM

And so the Ballad has ended, before it was truly begun.

Not quite. For you see, I have discovered a long-lost copy of the actual, totally 100%-legit, original Ballad of Dickon Tarly, written by George R.R. Martin (before he decided to change the lyrics and make it the Lannister theme song instead):
"And who are you," Drogon said, "to stand before my wrath?"
"I am Dickon, of House Tarly. And you can kiss my ***."
"Through a coat of mail, or plates of steel, dragon fire burns all."
"I care not, we Tarlys shall never kneel to y'all."
And so he burned, and so he burned, that Dickon of Tarly.
And now his corpse is charred to ash, and no one really cares.
Yes now his corpse is charred to ash, and not a soul cares.
But yeah, it was a good episode. :P
Oh, yeah. I was wondering:



Also: I really hope that next episode


#485330 Game of Thrones: What about Ygritte, Jon?

Posted by Sareth on 12 August 2017 - 08:47 PM

But then you can just cut off all your greyscale and be fine.


Except for the fact, as I mentioned before, that it doesn't always work.


Also, let me put it this way: Would you want to have large portions of your skin flayed off? (Remember, flaying? That thing the Boltons do as horrific torture?)


... Actually, that would be a great idea: the Citadel could hire Boltons (assuming there are any still alive) to perform the procedure; they'd probably be great at it. (Plus they're all evil jerks, and thus totally expendable. :P )


And even thousands of years later, instead of trying to develop a safer procedure (or just wear gloves), we just shipped everyone who caught smallpox to an island?


Ahem: leper colonies.


I mean, greyscale is basically just fantasy leprosy.


No, wait, even the idea that cutting off the scales fixes you is ludicrous. I am not a doctor, but I am so close to being positive that that isn't how diseases work. We're talking about something that was going to worm its way into Jorah's brain within months; there's no way it's just a skin disease.


Actually, that part made perfect sense to me. The impression I got (it's not like the books or show ever really explain how this disease works) was that greyscale first attacks the skin (where the first symptoms appear) and then slowly works its way inward.


Let's use skin cancer as a comparison. Skin cancer starts confined to the skin (hence the name :P ). However, if left untreated long enough it can metastasize, spreading inward to other organs—which is when it gets really serious. If caught early, when it's confined to the skin, it can often be easily treated by removing the cancerous tissue (and possibly also treating with radiation/chemo).


Jorah had not started suffering any mental effects—the only known internal symptom—yet (unless you're counting his continuing to pine over Dany :lol: ). Therefore we could assume that the greyscale had not started to move inward much yet. In that case, not only should it be treatable, but removing the scales would actually be necessary: the scaly skin is already dead or hopelessly infected, so you have to fight the infection where it's still doing damage—in the tissue underneath. Thus, you remove the flesh that's a lost cause, and apply the cure (the ointment stuff) to the underlying flesh that still has a chance.


Another comparison would be the way serious (third-degree plus) burns are treated to prevent infection: by debriding the damaged skin that's never going to heal—and which makes a prime site for infections to start—and treating the undamaged tissue beneath it.



Now, I'm not saying your complaints are without merit: It is kind of absurd that Sam so conveniently found the cure and managed to do it perfectly without any training. However, IMO, it's better than if they stretched it out for most of the season—they've got better stuff to focus on. Also, I don't hate Jorah like you apparently do, so it doesn't bother me too much. :P


Although I will agree that the Lady Mormont is a total BAMF. If all the (likable) main characters were to die (it's GRRM, you can never tell) she would totally be my pick for who gets the iron throne. :D

#485328 Game of Thrones: What about Ygritte, Jon?

Posted by Sareth on 12 August 2017 - 05:05 PM

I like that the magical secret of curing Greyscale is "Well, you just, like, cut it off, man". I guess nobody thought to try that for thousands of years?


Um, what? :blink:


Did you miss all the times it was explicitly stated that this had been done before? Like, the part where Sam found the method in a book which was written by a guy WHO HAD DONE IT MULTIPLE TIMES? And the part where the Citadel had specifically banned its practice because a) it doesn't always work, and b) it's horribly dangerous to the person performing it? (one tiny piece of all that skin you're painfully cutting off a guy touches you, and congratulations—you have greyscale!)


Also, after cutting off the skin, you had to apply the Colonel's Maester's secret recipe of spices antibacterial cream. :P