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08 November 2017 - 12:27 PM


"All yours" Allya said to Korvarl, stepping back and gesturing at the now-vacant summoning circle.


Psst, Burgs, that was your cue. <_<

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03 November 2017 - 12:16 PM

And just like that, the demon was gone, leaving only a faint, sulfurous miasma in its wake.


"All yours" Allya said to Korvarl, stepping back and gesturing at the now-vacant summoning circle.


"Where did you learn all that? I learned a lot of theoretical demonology, but you look like you've done that before!"


She gave a wry grin as she turned to face the little dwarf scholar. "Actually, as banishings go, that was my first" she replied. "But my mother liked to... experiment with all sorts of magics. I mostly learned from her---from what notes she left behind... Learned far better than to play around with such things. I would suggest you stick to the theoretical side---as I have tried to" she cautioned Elnira.

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01 November 2017 - 02:50 PM

I guess we're waiting on Wolfy to post the demon being banished, so Burgs can try and summon an Angel.



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28 October 2017 - 01:41 PM

"For the love of the gods, you aren't going to get an answer out of her by doing that! Put her down before you break the neck of the only person that can get rid of the Demon of Betrayal!"


Valya, realizing the excessive strength of her grasp, was about to loosen her grip---though not release the elf entirely---when suddenly the transformed venator let out a roar that sent a momentary chill up her spine.


"Everyone, STOP! This isn't her fault. I'm not demonic... or at least I'm not supposed to be. I'm human. But I was cursed. It's taken years, and I've been trying to fight it, but it's been mutating me. And now... All that matters is I'm in control. I'm not a threat, and I'm sure as hell not a demon. I'm on your side."


Her eyes narrowed in suspicion for a moment, but... Caiden's story struck a chord with something deep down inside her. If it was true---and according to the elf, now proven innocent, it had to be---then they were not too different... an amusing thing, given his calling. "Very well then" she said simply, giving the venator a nod.


Then she released the elf, and was even polite enough to lower her back into contact with the ground before doing so. "Sorry" she said flatly, without a hint of shame or embarrassment.




'Perhaps next time you could wait for the answer before choking people' Allya thought angrily in response to the northerner's scant apology, though she did not actually say it---partly out of a desire not to risk antagonizing the woman again, and partly because her lungs were too busy sucking in air to get so much as a word out. She gave a neutral nod of acknowledgement instead.


"I have spoken already. I know that Xiraloc wishes to gather as much power as he can to defy the demon lords. They would be very... very angry about this. The politics of demons are ever-changing, and thus no other creatures truly take note - even the gods themselves care little for the endless in-fighting of us demons and our masters. But the archdemons... it is a primary concern. How Xiraloc plans to defy the demon lords, I do not know. That is something you would be better asking him, if he simply does not kill you for wasting his time... But he may be grateful to the one who awoke him after all these ages, even if his wakening is inevitable. As for what else I know of Xiraloc: he hoards treasures, not unlike a great wyrm, and he is an unstoppable power to mere mortals such as yourselves. Even that... gluttonous... mutation even I cannot properly identify would not stand a chance, alone or with the rest of you."


She filed the information away; it made an interesting combination with that which she had gotten from the tome. Still, they would try the dwarf's plan first.


"Come, let's get rid of this thing. I'd don't know much about such things, but I should be able to help you send it back to the underworld."


She reflexively nodded in reply, before remembering that the man was blind, and responding aloud with a slightly raspy "Right."


She then turned back to the demon. "Thank you for the information. Now farewell, and may we never meet again" she said, politely but coldly. Without another word she then began the ritual to banish the demon of Betrayal back to the Underworld.

In Topic: Delving Too Deep OOC - Rules, Character List, and Chat

28 October 2017 - 11:05 AM

Before I post again, a point of order, Wolfy: Does Allya know how to banish summoned demons? I would assume that came as part of Forbidden Lore, but figured I'd check.