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In Topic: ZONE - Arrowfall ((Delving Too Deep))

15 July 2017 - 06:58 PM

"The Immortal Wood is a fool's errand. I'd rather take my chances with the creatures of the marsh than try and slip past the elves of Mimameidr."


Allya turned to face the scarred, eye-patched man, feeling a twinge of annoyance at his words. "I was born in Mimameidr. Since we are just passing through, the elves should not trouble us unless we start trouble" she said.


"Can we not go further North? I have family in the Dwaerrodowns, it would be a lovely place to stop off."


"It is too far out of our way" she countered politely. "Were we to take a slower, safer route, Endibraut hall would make a far more logical point for entry to the Edge" she offered, remembering the advice Eydis had given them.




"I say we take the path through the Immortal Wood. It's the most direct route" Valya said simply.

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12 July 2017 - 08:20 PM

"Caiden's been a good friend of mine for years... I was hoping to find him again at some point, but I haven't had any luck yet."


"Yeah, we do tend to travel a lot. There're members of the order I haven't seen in over a year" Hollí replied with a slight shrug. "But that's the job."


She took another sip of her drink before setting it down—on the opposite side of her from Lydus; she had noticed his greedy hand's stealthy groping.


"Well, I suppose if you ran towards any rumors of monster activity, sooner or later you'd cross his path" she said after a moment. "Not that I would normally recommend that—or even not seriously advise against it—but... Given your reputation, I guess you would probably be fine" she said with a cheeky grin.


"I'd certainly say so. Their culture is just as ancient as Old Achaea, and there's a lot of rich history to be around... But if you go too far out of civilization, you'd better really like sand."


"Hmm... I dunno, I've never really seen much sand. It's funny: thirty-eight years in the order, and I've only ever been sent on assignments in the Empire and the North. Well, maybe one of these days..."


A moment later she was distracted as the food was finally served. "Thank you" she said as her pie was set before her—managing to maintain her manners in the face of her hunger and the tantalizing smell wafting off of the food. "How much will that be?" she asked the serving girl, reaching for her coinpurse.


“By the gods, you two are going to clean this place’s supply of meat out for weeks.”


"Well, you can eat lesser fare if you want. But when a girl's hungry, she needs real, serious food" she retorted to her impolite colleague. She lifted her fork, digging it into the pie and—


“There’s gotta be somethin’ else to eat here, right, wench?"


Hollí paused, a dripping slice of pie—too large for the fork it precariously balanced on—halfway to her mouth, and rolled her eyes in exasperation. She turned to Lydus: "Look, if I buy you a meal, or another drink, will you be polite and shut up?" she asked bluntly.

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08 July 2017 - 08:44 PM

Valya groaned—inaudibly—deep in her throat as the dwarf stubbornly decided to delay their quest for a drink.


"It looks like we have no choice. Are you coming?"


"I could always throw him over my shoulder and carry him out of the city" she said dryly, before shrugging and following the others. Although, she wasn't entirely joking...




Allya frowned slightly as Korvarl all but extorted the others into staying in the city. While she appreciated being able to stay in Rimegard for a time, the dwarf's attitude disturbed her.


Such heavy-handed actions would endear no-one to him, and they would need to be united when the reached their destination—of that she was certain. Still, for the moment she followed the others to see what she could see of Rimegard.

In Topic: ZONE: The Rusty Axe

08 July 2017 - 08:38 PM

Hollí wondered what was bothering the serving-girl: as she plonked a drink—a drink she had not ordered—in front of her with unnecessary force. She almost pointed out this fact, but Drake distracted her:


"Right. Your partner really needs to get the knot out of his panties."


She snorted as she rather unsuccessfully tried to repress a laugh. "He's not really my partner. This"—she gestured between Lydus and herself—"is a temporary thing." At least, she hoped it would be.


"Not particularly, really. I've been doing some traveling away from home, since things in Illikon have been quiet for a long time. I'm not gonna complain, for her sake, but I went traveling with some friends - including one of your number, Caiden Voros. I'm actually just coming back from Kemhet, so it's been a long journey."


"Oh, so that's why I haven't seen him around Greywatch lately" she replied. "Well, any friend of Caiden is a friend of mine" she said with a smile, hoisting her unasked-for drink before taking a sip. She didn't normally drink this early in the day, but since it was there...


"I've never been to Kemhet; is it nice?" she asked cheerily.


"I'll go and put the kettle on. The pie will be a few minutes."


"Thanks Yel. Sir Drake here would like another pie as well while you're in there."


"I'd like a meat-pie, too!" she called out after the raven-haired girl. While not particularly parched, she was rather hungry.

In Topic: ZONE: The Rusty Axe

07 July 2017 - 09:12 AM

Hollí's smile widened momentarily as Tom kissed her fingers. Such a gentleman—it was nice to see that some of these young people still had manners.


"So, what's a pair of Venatori doing around here? Monsters lurking around, or are you just passing through?"


“Oh I bet you already took care a’ all the monsters roun’ here, ‘demon-slayer’. We’re keeping our ears, pointy an’ round, out for anythin’ too much for knights ‘n shiny armor. Y’know, real work, nob.”


"Which is a rather long-winded way of saying: 'just passing through'" she said without blinking an eye—or ceasing her rocking on the stool. "What about you?" she asked Tom. She had heard of his exploits, of course, but nothing recent. "Been busy lately?"