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Recovery and first Magnetic test

Posted by Trik Toral, 29 March 2015 · 7,464 views

Its now day 3 of recovery and all is going well.
My finger was numb for most of the rest of the day after the implant and slightly swollen, but very little pain, just a bit sore.  
The next morning it was still a bit swollen but relatively no pain, my improvised gauze bandage keeps it well padded and it seems to be healing well.
I change the bandage out about once a day, it seems to be staying clean and the soreness is going away and the swelling is going down bit by bit. Its not really swollen as much as it is a bit inflamed, the skin is sensitive and its just like any other cut healing.
Its hurt a few times if I jar a bit, like reaching to catch something too fast, or when I dropped my phone on the bandage, but during the day it doesn't hurt and even when it did, its just a dull ache. No pain medication as of yet, I don't feel the need for it.
Today is day 3 and when I was changing my bandage I decided I could experiment a bit, very lightly.
I started off with trying to feel a magnetic field from my computer/speakers and didn't find anything, so I plugged in my big hard drive and started hovering my finger over it, moving back and forth searching for anything. Towards the corner of the hard drive my finger started tingling, similar to bumping your funny bone, that slight tingly feeling, I felt that in the side of my finger and as I got closer to the magnet in the hard drive I felt it along the rest of my finger.  I'm glad to know its already that sensitive, I can only go up from here. 
And now the big test, I was able to affect metal objects with my magnet. I caused a thumbtack to roll around on its side and pull towards my magnet, and I was able to pick up a staple with my finger!

Mar 31 2015 07:56 PM
Dude, this is awesome.....

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