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New art journal on Patreon - Wulfgard LEGO previews

Posted by Maverick-Werewolf, 09 July 2017 · 46 views

New art journal on my Patreon, full of previews of upcoming Wulfgard LEGOs!
Expect to see a lot more updates soon, both on my site/publicly and on my Patreon, and be sure to keep an eye out for updates on my next book, The Death of the Benevolent Werewolf: Lycanthropy's Lost History and Modern Devolution .
Sorry for the radio silence and de...

I'm now on Patreon!

Posted by Maverick-Werewolf, 26 June 2017 · 138 views

Hi, everyone! It's been a long time since I posted any updates, I know, so here's one at long last: I'm now on Patreon! If you haven't heard of it, Patreon is a site where supporters can contribute to my work every month and get cool rewards in return. I promise you'll see lots of great stuff, and I'm going to update frequently. Click the image below to...


Posted by Maverick-Werewolf, 07 May 2017 · 205 views

No big updates just yet, but I have a huge announcement to make – I’M FINISHED! I’m free! I’ve completed my graduate program!

I won’t say “I have a Master’s degree” because not everything has gone through, but when it does, hopefully everything will go smoothly and I can soon say that for sure. My final sem...

A look ahead...

Posted by Maverick-Werewolf, 14 April 2017 · 201 views

NOTE: I'm a little late posting this on my SSL blog, but here it is anyway. See the post on my site here .
Hey, everybody! I’m still around. Unfortunately, I’m just swamped in lots of work at the moment. As the semester draws to a close, I’m getting lots of thing sprung on me at the last minute while I also work on finishing up wh...

Lots of News: Wulfgard (free ebook this week, map, wiki updates), Echoes revisions, thesis Chapter 5, and more

Posted by Maverick-Werewolf, 09 March 2017 · 194 views
werewolf, werewolves and 2 more...
I'm still alive, you guys! For now, at least. Here are some much-needed updates...
Sorry for the lack of updates lately; this is a very busy time of year for me. However, I'm working on lots of different projects right now, so here's some news about each one:
General Wulfgard News - Firstly, Wulfgard has gotten a few nice updates over the p...

The Werewolf: Past and Future, Chapter IV - The Moon Waxes: The Werewolf Popularity Surge

Posted by Maverick-Werewolf, 19 February 2017 · 137 views
werewolf, werewolves
Another update! I'm still working hard on the rough draft of my thesis, The Werewolf: Past and Future . I could expand every single chapter considerably from what they already are, but I'm already well over my requirements, and I'm actually taking too long to write each one! You can definitely expect an expanded version of this thesis later, though, when...

The Werewolf: Past and Future, Chapter III - Werewolves Go Feral: The Transition into Modernity

Posted by Maverick-Werewolf, 12 February 2017 · 169 views
werewolf, werewolves
Hey, everybody! I finally have another update for everyone: the third chapter of my thesis, The Werewolf: Past and Future , has now been posted. You can find it here:
Chapter III - Werewolves Go Feral: The Transition into Modernity
This chapter ended up being much longer than anticipated! My next chapter probably will be, too. This chapte...

The Werewolf: Past and Future, Chapter II - Werewolves of the Middle Ages

Posted by Maverick-Werewolf, 27 January 2017 · 135 views
werewolf, werewolves
I've finished Chapter II of my thesis, The Werewolf: Past and Future ! This chapter is on werewolves of the Middle Ages, so naturally, it's a big one. Be sure to check it out here.
Not much more to report lately, really - my final semester of graduate school is, of course, keeping me incredibly busy. I'll try to keep updates consistent, particula...

Echoes, Chapter III - The Return of the Mage-Emperor now available

Posted by Maverick-Werewolf, 23 January 2017 · 112 views
Wulfgard and 2 more...
I've posted the third chapter in Wulfgard: Echoes of the Mage-Emperor ! You can find it here:
Chapter III - The Return of the Mage-Emperor
Be sure to check it out! Sorry for the delays. I'm finally getting into something of a routine with my new schedule, I hope, and things should become more regular from here on out, but I'm still dedicat...

Nova Refuge Story Vignette & Artwork Update

Posted by Maverick-Werewolf, 21 January 2017 · 110 views
Nova Refuge
Hey, everyone! I've fallen a bit behind in updates, but depending on how well my schedule begins to straighten out now, I'm hoping I can get back on track very soon. Right now, I have some new artwork and a new story vignette set in Nova Refuge, featuring a Wrognoth character.
First up, the artwork : I didn't draw as much over Christmas break as I...

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