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Allya Noctis

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Posted 20 May 2017 - 04:30 PM

Allya Noctis


Full Name: Allya Noctis

Aliases: None


Sex: Female

Race: Light-Elf

Birthplace: The Immortal Wood


Affinity: Shadow

Deity: Frigga, Freyja

Magic: Spiritual

Faction: None


Talents: Herbalism, Arcane Lore, Forbidden Lore, Balanced Soul, Education (Demonic)



Strength: 3

Agility: 6 (4 + 2)

Constitution: 3 (4 - 1)

Perception: 7

Intelligence: 10

Spirit: 10

Luck: 4



Around 5'8'' in height, slender and dainty, her exceptional, ethereal beauty is matched only by the unusual nature of her appearance: her skin is deathly pale—no matter how much sun she might get—which makes for a striking contrast with her indigo eyes and long, glossy, absolute raven-black hair. Her ears are unusually long and pointy for a light-elf—almost like those of a wood-elf.


Although of fine make, her clothing is quite simple in design. She wears a black, sleeveless dress that falls to below her knees; subtle silver thread-work woven into the black gives the garment an odd, shimmery quality. She also has a matching shawl, in case of cold, as well as a plain cloak to keep the elements off. Although she goes barefoot more often than not, she has a pair of soft, black leather shoes in case she has to cross rougher terrain.


She wears an engraved silver bracelet, which is enchanted to serve as her familiar's talisman.


Her familiar, Calla, takes the form of a female mountain lion.



(Merchant Pack)

   • Clothing

   • Cloak

   • Iron knife

   • Map

   • Measuring scales

   • Ale and rations

   • Stock of medical herbs/compounds

   • Supply of bandages

   • Potion-making equipment/supplies

   • Silver bracelet (enchanted: familiar talisman)


FAMILIAR: Female mountain lion.



Born at midnight during the peak of a lunar eclipse, Allya's appearance and affinity for the darkness reflected the highly unusual circumstances of her birth. It wasn't until much later in life that she wondered if her mother had somehow planned it that way… For her mother was ever experimenting, studying, pushing at the boundaries of magic.


Although she was born in the light-elven kingdom of The Immortal Wood, Allya and her mother—she never knew her father; he left, or her mother left him, before she was even born—lived on the edge of society: her affinity made her tantamount to a pariah amongst the light-worshipping ljosalfar, to say nothing of her mother's tendency for borderline-reckless experimentation with strange and dark magics; arcane and elemental, demonic, and more besides—her mother studied them all, actively and aggressively. When she was twelve, they had to leave, when her mother became pregnant by an erinye—one of Nemesis' brood; they had scarcely been tolerated as it was, but a half-demon child would never have been permitted there. And so they fled south, taking up residence with a group of more tolerant wood-elves who lived just north of Shadowvale—a place whose dark aura intrigued her mother, becoming a major focus of her studies.


Allya was forced to grow up fast. While her mother was never intentionally abusive or neglectful, her arcane studies consumed her attention to the point where she often forgot to care for her children, or even herself; and so by the time she was fourteen Allya found herself having to take care of not only her demon-kin half-brother, Valen, but her mother as well.


In addition, she could never shake the feeling that her mother was disappointed in her because she had not been born with the Gift of magic. Thus, she spent as much time as she could out of her home, in the woods; through her own studies, and with the aid of some of their vidralfar neighbors, she eventually learned how to contact and influence spirits. This did garner her mother's interest—if briefly. Her mother taught her how to summon her familiar, and bind it to a talisman: and thus she met Calla.


Allya's mother died when she was seventeen—her reckless magical experimentation finally having gone too far, the backlash from her last experiment claiming her life. An orphan, with a younger sibling to take care of, she did her best: she had learned enough on her own, and from some of her mother's work, to make a living as a healer and apothecary. 


But her half-brother was a problem. As Valen grew up, he began having trouble controlling the urges of his demonic nature, particularly the need to avenge even the tiniest slight against him, putting much strain on Allya as she tried to raise him; although she loved him dearly, she found herself becoming afraid of her sibling—unable to even punish his bad behavior for fear that it would turn his vengeful nature against her.


When she was twenty-seven, and her half-brother fifteen, the struggle finally came to a head: Valen got into an argument with a young wood-elf that turned violent; while the other elf threw the first punch, her sibling nearly beat him to death in response, only stopping because she managed to pull him away. Fearful of what the wood-elves might do to him, and what he might do to them—or even her—if he stayed, Allya sent her brother away, banishing him from their home. She has not seen him since.


But, though convinced it was the right decision, she soon found herself sick at heart—unable to bear staying in the empty house where her mother and brother once lived—and so she left as well, wandering the land and plying her trade to support herself. But she also took up her mother's study of magic—having learned much from her mother, and her mother's notes after her death—hoping, perhaps, that if she learns enough she might find some way to help her brother control himself, should she ever find him again.


But beyond that, though loath to admit it, she is her mother's daughter, and an incredibly curious person—she can't resist the urge to know. Although she does, at least, pursue her studies in a much safer, more theoretical manner than that which destroyed her mother.


Campaign History:




   • Valen Noctis (estranged half-brother)



25 Gold, 35 Silver, 40 Copper


HP: 15/15

"This means I will not have to regret sending back their envoy short a few limbs."

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Posted 25 May 2017 - 09:02 PM

Sounds good, like I said in the special permissions thread.


Starting currency is 25 gold, 35 silver, 40 copper.


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