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ZONE - Castle Greywatch (A Dying Breed - START)

18 May 2018 - 09:48 PM

Brennus frowned as a handful of Venatori stepped forward, some reluctant, others stepping up a bit faster - almost instantly.

A middle-aged Imperial with a short, brown beard stomped up to the fore, throwing back his hood.  “The order is burning, Brennus, and I don’t have the life left in me to stay and watch it.”  Before anyone could react, the Venator removed off his silver brooch, his cloak sliding to the floor like a wounded animal.  “I’m done fighting beastmen for table scraps and risking my neck for people who think we’re useless. This order was once great, but I have a life to think about. Gods be with you.” He glanced around the room. “All of you.”

With that, he left. The other Venatori who had stepped forward followed suit, removing their brooches and setting them on Brennus’s stage. A handful of them respectfully folded their cloaks and placed their brooches or belt buckles on top, rather than just letting them fall. Most of them left silently, or with a few words of parting. Some looked nervous, others looked determined, and the ones that were left simply looked frustrated.

A few loyal Venatori pleaded with them to stay or simply whispered amongst themselves while glancing sideways at the volunteers, especially Brennus himself… and Caiden. But there would be no dissuading those who intended to leave.

One former Venator even turned as he left. “The Venatori are finished,” he said. Many of the other Venatori in the room recognized him as a former criminal who had been forced into the order as part of his sentence. “And,” he added, “I’ll have fun hearin’ about all of you faffing about until the Empire disbands this useless bunch. But I ain’t gettin’ killed for it.”

All in all, more than a dozen Venatori had removed their cloaks and brooches on the spot.

For what felt like a long while, silence fell over the great hall. Brennus stood on the stage, a frown creasing his features. But, after another moment, he began to pace.

“Very well,” he said, calm and controlled. “Then each one of you are the ones who’ll get to the bottom of this. Here’s what we know…

“The Venatori now unaccounted for are Pellio of Krisa, Allan of Whitehorn, Loke of Pluton, Silvius of Appledale, Indigo of Deltalund, and Darin of Caltha. Six total. All partners, all went missing together in different regions. The following were their contracts and last known locations:

“Pellio of Krisa and Allan of Whitehorn were last seen around the Southwestern Wilds, north of Fort Slaughter. Their contract was to make contact with a camp of seemingly peaceful beastfolk who were being blamed by villagers for some killings in the area. They were going to make contact with a centurion at Fort Slaughter again when their work was done, and he was the one who let us know they have never returned. He was, most likely, the last one to see them alive.

“Loke of Pluton and Silvius of Appledale were last seen south of Kyjovia, in a small town at the foothills of the Jagged Edge. They were on a contract to hunt an unknown monster or group of monsters stealing livestock. Their last contact was a local in that farming town south of Kyjovia, a respected local elder.

“Indigo of Deltalund and Darin of Caltha were last seen around the wetlands south of Dragon’s Lair. They were on a contract to investigate sounds and sightings in the area… Some locals blamed vampires, others undead, and still others werewolves, making this potentially a very dangerous contract. They last made contact with Cristina Drake in Dragon’s Lair, but the contract itself was sent to us by locals, not by her.

“I’ve also made all the wings of this castle open, or at least the ones we still know how to open. There are some rooms in this castle even the Venatori haven’t ventured in for quite some time, and for all we know, something about what’s happening could be related to those long-locked rooms.

“Lastly… I have made personal chambers of every Venator open and available for investigation as well. No one will hide any secrets.”

From his place in the audience - standing, not sitting, muscular arms folded over his chest - Caiden narrowed his one eye. “You don’t have that authority,” he said, speaking for the first time since this meeting started. His tone edged on an aggressive growl, more than enough to give even Brennus pause.

“I do now,” Brennus said flatly. “Unless you would like to oppose it, Redfield?”

Caiden bristled worse.

“That seems suspicious,” Brennus added pointedly.

“You’re not our leader, Ravenstone,” Caiden answered. “No one is.”

“You, the one without a partner for months, is telling me this? The one who just showed up again after being gone, alone, for so long, breaking our codes? For all we know, you’ve broken multiple parts of the code. We may all have equal authority in theory, Redfield, but if we don’t… then you surely now have the least.”

Caiden set his jaw but didn’t say a word.

“If that’s all, then,” said Brennus, “you should, each of you, begin your investigation. The sooner we find whoever, or whatever, is behind this… the better.”

((Please let me know in the OOC discussion thread if you have any questions, concerns, or confusions (this includes any potential confusion on where to begin with your investigation).

Quick guide:

  • Pellio of Krisa & Allan of Whitehorn - Last seen around the Southwestern Wilds, north of Fort Slaughter. They were on a contract to make contact with a camp of seemingly peaceful beastfolk who were being blamed by villagers for some killings in the area. They were going to make contact with a centurion at Fort Slaughter again when their work was done; he was the last one to make contact with them.
  • Loke of Pluton & Silvius of Appledale - Last seen south of Kyjovia, in a small town at the foothills of the Jagged Edge. They were on a contract to hunt an unknown monster or group of monsters stealing livestock. They were going to make contact with a local in the small town south of Kyjovia; she was the last one to make contact with them.
  • Indigo of Deltalund & Darin of Caltha - Last seen around the wetlands south of Dragon’s Lair. They were on a contract to investigate sounds and sightings in the area. Some blamed vampires, others undead, and still others werewolves. They were to make contact with Cristina Drake in Dragon’s Lair; she was the last one to make contact with them.

Each of these Venatori have their own chambers in Castle Greywatch, but all once private Venatori chambers are now open due to the investigation.


Every wing of the castle is now also open. Some may not be as easy to get into as others.

The following is a list of areas within the castle:


Fun fact about the Venatori: they often refer to each other by their birth cities, especially as many of them do not have last names. More on this later.

And remember, never miss an opportunity to interact with your fellow players and with important NPCs. Most of all, though, have fun!))

A Dying Breed OOC - Rules, Character List, and Chat

18 May 2018 - 08:59 PM

This is the OOC topic for A Dying Breed. This thread contains the rules of the RPG, a character list with links to everyone's sheets, and conversations about what's going on.



A Dying Breed will run on the usual Errant rules, but here are a few refreshers.


Please note that you do not have an abilities list, but that doesn't mean there are no rules about what you can and cannot do...


I've tried to leave things more open, but when it comes to combat, general Errant rules apply. In combat, take only one action at a time. Always assume an enemy (or enemies) aren't cannon fodder unless I state otherwise. If you're allowed to instantly kill something in your post, I'll say so in the DM post.


This RP will potentially have boss fights. These boss fights have the same rules as any other fight, but your chances of being killed or critically injured are much higher, so be sure to think about your actions wisely.


That said, please always do something in your posts. This is meant to be a character-driven experience, so I encourage you to interact with other players and also with NPCs (companions or otherwise). I'm going to be trying to give everyone time to interact with each other, since interacting with other characters is - in my opinion - the most fun and important part of a RPG.


That, and this campaign will center on interaction, mystery, and intrigue. This is not a combat-focused RPG, though there will be combat at some points.


Your posts should always have at least one action or some dialogue so that you're doing something instead of just standing around thinking to yourself. No one can react to that, so it's really very pointless for a RPG. I'm also not taking eating, drinking, and sleeping into careful account, here, so don't focus too much on trying to end your posts doing something like that. If you sleep when everyone else is interacting, you aren't giving yourself a rested bonus, you're just missing out on the fun.  :P


If you have some form of magic or you are a unique race with special abilities, please consult me if you're confused as to what you can and cannot do. It's always better to ask than to assume and just make a post if it's something crazy. But hey - if you have magic, you probably can do something crazy! So just ask. :P Otherwise, use the wiki as needed to help.


If you receive a PM about this campaign, chances are it'll be in-character (I'll state otherwise if it isn't). I'll be PMing people information that only they are privy to, and it's their choice whether or not to share it with their fellow players. I may also have some interactions via PMs, so that players are not privy to those private interactions, either (if this happens, I'll specify this too, and if the conversation gets interrupted in-game the PM chain gets interrupted, also). If you want to keep something in-character secretive and drag one of my NPCs off to some private place, feel free to do so and then you can begin the PM chain. However, in-character PMing between players isn't permitted unless I'm also in the PM conversation (as DM, I have to know everything to give everyone the best experience).

Again, this shouldn't be used too often, as all players should be included when at all possible.


There will be no group penalties for people not posting, but if you get behind and want to catch up, please don't hesitate to just PM me and I can get you up to speed so you can get back in the game. It shouldn't be that hard to stay caught up with the RPG.




Feel free to discuss OOC here whatever you want.


The RP itself will be posted very shortly, later tonight.

A Dying Breed - Sign-ups

26 March 2018 - 04:10 PM

Wulfgard - Errant

A Dying Breed

Your return to Castle Greywatch isn’t met with much fanfare. Not that it ever is, but this time, things seem exceptionally quiet. All the familiar dark, dusty corners of the musty castle – its nobility old and halfway slumbering but no less visible – harbor a silence uniquely grim, even for the Venatori… And many familiar faces are missing.

You were summoned here to answer to a very unusual call: Brennus, one of your own who seems to be almost a stand-in “leader” for the Venatori right now, has recalled all Venatori to Greywatch in order to address some concerns. He kept his messages vague, be they written – if you are literate – or unwritten. Why, you are not sure, but as you make your way through the lonely halls, you feel certain you’re about to find out.

On the way to the great hall, you see various other Venatori coming to join you. Some familiar, some unfamiliar – and some you may have met before, while others you know only by reputation.

Brennus, who has only recently returned to the order and made himself renowned among the newcomers, stands at the head of the group, on a small wooden stage recently and roughly erected for this sole purpose. The great hall of Castle Greywatch is now filled with many men and women wearing the long, blue cloaks of the Venatori. But, as you look around, you realize – their numbers used to be a bit… greater.

Nor did the Venatori ever used to feel the need to have a singular leader, a position Brennus now apparently takes with pride. His hawkish green eyes scan the room, and he briefly rubs his gloved fingers together as if in anticipation of something. In spite of this, however, it’s impossible not to notice the weight of worry creasing his brow.

“I see everyone received my messages,” Brennus says, his voice carrying a slight lilting accent. “Excellent. Your help will be appreciated – and needed – in the coming weeks. With the absences… and, in some cases, losses, of some of our best veterans, I’ve come forward to represent the Venatori as a whole. Both here, and in the Empire abroad, as I try to reach out for help. So far?”

He frowns again, looks over every one of you individually.

“We haven’t gotten any.”

He begins to pace then, though his steps make hardly a sound. He’s clearly very well practiced in the arts of stealth, and somewhere in the back of your mind, you recall hearing his name spoken or whispered now and then through the halls of Castle Greywatch.

“We’re losing hunters. Why? I don’t know. None of us do. They’re disappearing – without a trace. We’ve lost six now, completely unaccounted for, but their contracts were completed. In other words, the monsters were dealt with, and we got no more word from the hunters or the locals who came to us asking for help.

“How the contracts were fulfilled and where the hunters with is what we need to figure out. Because the more hunters we lose, the fewer new hunters we’ll get – and the less ground we can cover. There are already too few of us to cover this whole damn Empire.

“I tried to contact some local lords, even some kings and even the Emperor himself, about this. What messages have gotten through didn’t get any kind of nice answers. Most of the Empire feels we’re a useless order now, anyway. And these contracts being fulfilled makes it look like there’s no continued monster problem. But we still lose the hunters. If this keeps up, the Empire will sleep in ignorance thinking they’re safe, but there won’t actually be any Venatori left protecting them.”

Whispers spread across the table as the Venatori turn and speak to each other. Some of them, however, remain silent. Among those who keep their attention focused on Brennus are you and a Venator sitting not too far off – a tall, muscular man wearing a patch over his left eye. He looks strange familiar, but you have no time to dwell on that now.

“Some of us are starting to suspect each other. Maybe that’s right, maybe we have traitors sitting at this table,” Brennus says with a shrug – and you notice his eyes almost pointedly flick over to that one-eyed Venator you noticed before. They exchange half-second, hardened stares, their gazes locking. Silence falls. More glances are exchanged around the table. Whispers scrape not so quietly through the otherwise still air.

Then Brennus continues, “But I’d like to think it isn’t. Whatever the case, we need to get to the bottom of this. The Empire has not, and will not, send aid. They want us to take care of our own issues.”

He sighs, allowing a pause… probably for dramatic effect. It’s not necessary, but it certainly works.

“And if we can’t? Well… Then there may not be a Venator Order around for much longer. The Empire will fall prey to monsters and demons, to these threats they like to pretend aren’t real. The Venatori are the oldest and most sacred order in this land, charged with the most difficult and thankless job in the Imperium… And that’s precisely why we have to get to the bottom of this. It’s why we cannot let this order quietly get stabbed in the back and fall apart.”

He stands straighter now, his eyes once more scanning the room.

“Who will stand with me?”


Welcome to A Dying Breed. In this campaign, you will take the role of a Venator during these troubled times. Well, more troubled than usual for your Order. This will primarily be a campaign based around mystery and intrigue, with investigation and interaction taking priority. There will, of course, be some action segments, but ultimately, you’re trying to solve a puzzle.

To sign-up for this campaign, head on over to the help topic for signing up for Errant using the new system, and then make yourself a filled-out character sheet, post your character as a new topic in the Character Creation board (as detailed in the help topic), and reply to this thread simply saying what character you want to play as and linking to their thread. DO NOT RE-POST YOUR ENTIRE CHARACTER SHEET AS A REPLY HERE. All you have to do is reply with your character name and a link to their thread!

Character Creation Criteria

Generally speaking, all players will be Venatori. If you want to be something other than a Venator, please contact me in PMs for us to work out an exception (with, of course, good reason for your character to be participating in these events). However, I would much prefer if all, or nearly all, players are Venatori.

Races that are allowed must be acceptable to the Venatori, the Imperial order of monster hunters. This means you may be anything off the following list:

  • Human (all subraces)

  • Elf (all subraces except Dark Elf)

  • Dwarf (all subraces)

  • Half-Blood (all subraces, except anything involving Dark Elf)

Arguably, you could also play as anything that could disguise itself as a human, elf, or dwarf. HOWEVER, as this is a campaign in which you will be both playing as and interacting with almost exclusively an order of elite monster hunters, you will probably be caught and killed if you do this. Please keep this in mind if you sign up as any of the following, and do not blame me for your character’s very likely death.

  • Werewolves

  • Vampires

  • Demon-kin

  • Mages/magi (individuals with the Gift)

  • Anyone with any other socially unacceptable forms of magic

If anyone has any monsters-hiding-among-men or half-bloods that I've left out and you want to sign up as that, just let me know and we can try to work something out. However, I will not accept any beastfolk trying to hide among human society, or any Chaos races. Those have no place directly in the Venatori.

Some General Rules/Guidelines:

  • Keep this fun. Post only as often as you want to and as your schedule comfortably allows. Do not turn this into some kind of job; this is meant to be fun and relaxing. We’ve had issues with this before. Don’t feel pressured to post if you don’t have the time, opportunity, or motivation, but do let us know in the OOC thread that you haven’t silently dropped out and still plan to post when you find the time and inspiration. Again, this is for fun, not work.

  • In congruence with the first note, this is a judgment-free zone. No one is judging you based on your writing ability or post length. Do not be intimidated by those who make longer posts that are heavily proofread. This is, again, something we are doing for fun, not to compete or to judge. If this is your first time in Errant, we especially want to make you feel welcome. Please feel free to ask the DM or your fellow players for help or feedback, so that you can have as much fun as we do!

  • Never feel like you are spamming here. As long as you are posting multiple times in order to respond to someone else, you are not spamming (obviously do not chain tons of posts without waiting for anyone else to respond). Character interactions in a forum-based system may feel like spam, but they are not. And I want to heavily encourage interactions among all players and NPCs, especially NPC companions. Dialogue and interactions are the backbone of any good RP.

  • Do not cast blame and hold grudges. If something bad happens to one of your characters, or another player/NPC argues with one of your characters, it is no fault of the DM or the player. This is a different world. What happens IC stays IC.

  • All this being said, try to hold a consistent writing style throughout. Standard, for forum RPs around here, is to write your posts in third-person (tense is up to you, but I personally write past tense, simply because I am used to writing this way). My introductory post was written in second person to switch things up, as I often do in sign-up threads. But it’s much easier when everyone consistently writes in third person (as I will do in DM posts from now on, like I always have).

At the moment, I cannot comfortably announce a particular DM update schedule, but I’m ballparking for 1-2 weeks between major DM posts (those posts are likely to be kept relatively simple in terms of prose, so that I do not get too hung up writing one and take far too long, as I have done before). Lord_Capulet will be at long last rejoining Errant as my sounding board and personal assistant for this campaign (I'm not calling you my squire, Cappy, so stop asking), and will do his best to fill in for me if needed.

However, I'll be posting smaller posts much more frequently as necessary for character/NPC interactions.

That said, I hope you consider joining the campaign! I’d love to have you.


Player List:


05 January 2018 - 08:16 PM



So I want to get Errant going again. I may not be as active as I used to be, since I have such ambitious projects underway at the moment. But I hate to let this stay dead, especially now that a new year's getting properly going.


I'm not going to bother making a poll and such, since what I'm looking for right now is discussion and opinions. What would you guys like to see next from Errant this year? What kind of campaign(s) would you want to participate in, and what do you want from them? Give me all your thoughts.

SSLF Discord Server

11 October 2017 - 10:38 AM

Not too long ago, I put together a SSLF Discord server, which is open to all members. Details on the server itself.


Click here to join.