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#487206 ZONE - Castle Greywatch (A Dying Breed - START)

Posted by Maverick-Werewolf on Yesterday, 12:58 PM

"Looks like we'll be be traveling wit' a pretty big group," Agethar remarked to Caiden "It's like they be attracted to ye!"


Caiden was lost, to say the least. The overwhelming majority of the room had their eyes on him at various intervals, and now Krystia was... behaving very strangely. The brief but noticeable shiver that ran through him didn't help any of it, either.


Before he could shake Krystia's hand, though, another Venator woman appeared and took her hand instead.


“Oh, Krystine, I’ve been looking all over for you!” She smiled widely, her pearly whites almost shimmering in the hall’s lighting. “I had some hunting techniques I wanted to show you! Don’t worry gentlemen, I won’t be long~...” Brys added, flashing Caiden a warm grin as she hauled ‘Krystine’ off.


For a moment, Caiden watched them leave. Then he folded his arms and grunted... and muttered something very quietly under his breath.


Luckily, Agethar said something that he actually know how to respond to. "Ye seem familiar wit' Dragon's Lair. Would ye mind sharing what ye know about it wit' us, or is it more of a...er, private matter?"

"It's not," Caiden replied. "I went there shortly after a long mission in Rognosst Swamp. I'm familiar with Cristina and I'm familiar with the region. It's a good city, ruled by the Drakes. And it's full of good people... all of whom respect their ruling family." His eternal scowl worsened just a tad. "It'd be best if we didn't mention Tom or what happened to him."




Brennus grew steadily, visibly more irritated as the conversation drew on. First there was Kate's implying that Silvius hadn't trusted them and had been right to do so - and then Cyrus saying that aloud.


And then an exchange of discussing scars. Brennus rubbed his temples and Crestwell caught his eye. Only when Crestwell had offered drinks did Brennus finally take a deep breath.

"Let's go to the study. We can read this note of yours away from all the noise, and I keep the good stuff nearby."

Crestwell led the way to the study then, exiting the great hall and leading Brennus, Cyrus, and Kate down a short hallway before they stepped into their destination.


The study must have once been grand - now it wasn't, terribly. The once-lavish chairs were faded and worn, but still reasonably comfortable, and there were several stands and desks about: one of which Crestwell kept a personal stash of drinks in. There were large windows lining two of the walls, letting in a great deal of midday sunlight filtered through grey clouds.

#487202 A Dying Breed OOC - Rules, Character List, and Chat

Posted by Maverick-Werewolf on Yesterday, 06:59 AM

Quick heads-up, I leave on Monday for my summer job at a Boy Scouts summer camp. I will have service, albeit spotty. Unfortunately, I will be on mobile the whole time. Shouldnt be too much of an issue.

Noted. Thanks for letting us know. :)



I'm technically back home now with internet, etc., but I really don't feel up to doing much today, so any major DM posts will still be put off until the weekend, at least. :P I will toss up a smaller reply today, though, and reply to my PMs.

#487176 ZONE - Castle Greywatch (A Dying Breed - START)

Posted by Maverick-Werewolf on 23 May 2018 - 08:23 AM

Caiden quirked a brow when Krystia suddenly appeared beside him, and he threw a brief glance down at her, standing there looking... nervous. Looking - all kinds of things.

"What's the plan?" she asked abruptly, trying and failing to sound at ease and professional.


Before he could answer, she added, "You're really great. Great at Venator things I mean. Really impressive and -. Ahem. I was just wondering what you thought was the best course of action."


And she kept hovering there by his arm.


"Thanks," he said, with only a very subtle touch of awkwardness that no one visibly present picked up on. Then he added, "Exactly what we're doing right now. Split up into teams, cover more ground... If you're talking about coming with us to Dragon's Lair, I assume we'll talk to Cristina first. But it's not exclusively my decision."


Another Venator joined them then, another one Caiden wasn't sure he recognized. But he offered a hand to shake and said, “I don’t believe I’ve officially had the pleasure. Araven of Pikeston. I see you’ve already met my hunting partner, Krystia Ravenswift.”


Giving Araven's hand a firm shake, he replied, "Caiden Voros of Redfield." He gave Krystia a low nod, as well. "Pleasure to meet you both."

#487173 A Dying Breed OOC - Rules, Character List, and Chat

Posted by Maverick-Werewolf on 23 May 2018 - 06:25 AM

For the record - Brennus's smile wasn't so much insincere as he can't really muster up a real one at a time like this. :P I should've clarified that...


Here's a heads-up for everyone: I am going to be stuck on mobile for Wednesday, Thursday, and possibly (but hopefully not) Friday. I'll still get simple replies up...


But I'm not going to do a DM post until possibly this weekend, as long as everybody's picked where they want to go. Don't feel rushed through the character interactions, as those are important, but do pick where you want your character(s) to go.


I'll also check my PMs and of course be hanging out on Discord mobile. If anyone has any questions or concerns, let me know. And of course, you can also let Cappy know. ;)

#487164 A Dying Breed OOC - Rules, Character List, and Chat

Posted by Maverick-Werewolf on 21 May 2018 - 02:37 PM

Added a section about animals and livelihood to the lore post.



I know this is a Fantasy world and all, but for a second I thought that this was the most unbelievable thing that has appeared in Wulfgard so far.


But according to Wikipedia, Syringes have been in use since the days of the Romans, so I digress. It's not that often that you see this much detail in a fantasy universe.

That's because most fantasy writers don't do enough historical research. :P


There are a lot of inventions that the ancients had that people assume are very modern. The people of the ancient times and the Middle Ages don't get nearly enough credit (like this idea that the Greeks and medievals didn't know that the world was round, which they did).


Syringes have been found in eras as ancient as Egypt, BC. The Greeks also had working gears, clocks, and even inventions such as holy water dispensers - insert a coin, hold your hands under the spicket, and you get some holy water. The Greeks had chewing gum. There was an ancient pleasure yacht, owned by Caligula, that had pipes in the walls that pumped heated and cooled water for heating and air conditioning. The Romans had running water. Etc.

#487162 A Dying Breed OOC - Rules, Character List, and Chat

Posted by Maverick-Werewolf on 21 May 2018 - 02:02 PM

Your posts are perfectly fine, Poetic. :D


And now for:


A Quick-Facts Lore/Info Post (for your characters)

...that I should have done before the RP even started but I am disorganized lately. Don't be me.


You'll want to read this.



  • Brennus of Ravenstone has been with the Venatori for a very, very long time. His half-elven blood has given him an advantage of lifespan over Men, which he has so far dedicated almost solely to serving his order, though he seems not terribly keen on sharing his age. But he has admitted he's been with the order for, at least, over fifty years. However, he did have one instance in which he broke the order's code and killed a man, in order to reach a monster he deemed too dangerous to let live, that the man was defending out of "misplaced love." This is the only slight on Brennus's otherwise very long, very spotless record, and he was such a senior and valued member of the order that it went largely overlooked, though some of the older Venatori remember this and believe he should have been discharged from the order for it, despite his extensive attempts to repent (this event occurred a little over twenty years ago).
  • (Sir) Caiden Voros of Redfield has been with the Venatori for quite a few years now, and he is considered a veteran and a legend. Though he keeps his past very much to himself, it's become common knowledge in the Venatori that he is considered to be the first knight of Redfield, his home city; a title he earned defending it from a massive uprising of undead unleashed by a sect of the Hidden, which he also then defeated. His extensive other exploits are well-known, a few of which are defeating a beastfolk uprising in Rognosst Swamp, securing the troll under the bridge a peaceful home in Stonebridge, slaying a chimera in Arcadia, pulling a wyvern out of the sky with his bare hands after getting a grip on its tail, and out-eating a minotaur in a friendly contest. However, his loyalty to the Venatori was unquestioned until he refused to take a new partner and disappeared for months without a trace or any form of communication, following the death of his first and only partner, Gwen, during a werewolf hunt.
  • Gwenevere Vergil of Piera was Caiden's partner, who fabricated herself a surname when she got tired of being called Piera all the time. She took her own life using a silver dagger, following a werewolf bite that she was unable to cure, as she gave her last potion to Caiden instead. Her legacy survives in the Venatori, however, and she is remembered as one of the greats. Although she and Caiden largely bonded due to sharing training together, some Venatori actually blame and resent Caiden for her death.



  • On City Names - An old tradition, many Venatori like to refer to one another by their place name, their birth city. Many Venatori have no last names, as they are simple common folk. In the past, this tradition was upheld for various reasons, but it faded over time. Many Venatori still do this, partially out of habit, and turn them into nicknames.
  • On Venator Training - Venatori go through extensive training after requesting to join the order. They must train well enough to pass several combat trials using their chosen weaponry - at least one melee weapon, a dagger, and a ranged weapon of their choice. All Venatori must receive extensive training in marksmanship, as they prefer to fight at a distance, lest they be easily dispatched by the monsters they hunt. However, they are nonetheless trained in melee combat with a variety of weapons, prominently including a dagger, in whatever fighting style(s) they prefer. Standard, Venatori are not trained extensively for mounted combat, as all but the very best horses spook easily in the presence of monsters, and many Venatori are not wealthy enough to own horses, much less good ones.
  • On Potions - Perhaps the greatest reason why Venatori are often considered to be "freaks" is their tolerance for potions. An integral part of Venator induction involves the slow and gradual change the body must undergo in order to accept the potions a Venator must drink on a hunt. Some consider this an unnatural mutation induced in the body through the use of a slow introduction to potions and a building of tolerance; others consider it little different than the work performed by poisoners to eventually create tolerance for certain poisons. Whatever the case, the ability of Venatori to drink and absorb potions and gain beneficial effects from them is often considered inhuman, and perhaps rightfully so: to drink almost any of the potions Venatori use on a regular basis would either severely sicken or, often, outright kill a normal man, elf, or even dwarf. Most potions include poisons and monster parts in their ingredients, including but not limited to monster organs and blood, which only aids in spreading the belief that Venatori are not too far removed from monsters, themselves. The potions the Venatori use are also highly addictive, leaving some Venatori prone to dangerous, harmful, and very difficult to fuel habits that need breaking by their fellow hunters... but a potion habit is very difficult to break once one lets themselves fall into it.
  • On Syringes - Not all potions are taken by mouth, though the overwhelming majority are. Some potions are, or can be, also taken via syringe for a much faster-acting and more potent effect. This is considered very, very dangerous and unwise, as the absorption of the potion through the stomach is an important part of the process and often considered a requirement to not cause permanent damage on the body. The use of syringes to inject potions was banned from the Venatori due to the harm and potential side-effects.
  • On Venator Wealth/Education - Most Venatori come from peasant backgrounds. They do not know how to write, they do not know how to read, and they do not own horses, nor are they trained extensively in how to ride them into battle (as previously mentioned). Most Venatori ride donkeys or mules, as these are more affordable and more durable for carrying equipment. Other Venatori ride nothing at all and instead hitch a cart to or from their desired locations. A Venator on a horse is considered to be something of a status symbol.
  • On Animals and Livelihood - The Venatori grow their own crops and plants used for potion reagents in and around the castle. Their fields are not extensive, as they only grow for subsistence; they do not sell their harvest. They have some animals as well, including cattle, sheep, goats, and chickens. They also keep and breed hounds, trained to guard the castle and to assist Venatori on hunts - they are also trained to identify and alert the Venatori to monsters, and they are frequently brought on vampire hunts, as the vampires cannot influence the minds of animals. The cats are kept primarily as mousers, but occasionally brought on hunts in which magic may be involved, as the cats are trained to point out magical places of power and influence.


Let me know if there's anything I may have left out or any questions you guys have OOC that you think your characters would know. Note that a few things, of course, will come up in-game, in terms of knowledge checks. This is just for the very general Venator stuff.

#487161 ZONE - Castle Greywatch (A Dying Breed - START)

Posted by Maverick-Werewolf on 21 May 2018 - 12:39 PM

Caiden certainly saw the subtle nod he received from Holli... and the wink from Lyneth. Saw, and didn't visibly react. Not that he was ever one for much reacting.

Crestwell then threw in, "I'm no keener than you to open up my chambers, but there is far more at stake here than modesty, boy. Besides, I'm sure Brennus will be the first to welcome us into his. Isn't that right?"

"Obviously," Brennus replied very flatly.

Caiden, on the other hand, grunted. And that was all.


Boy. Him. 'Boy.' A boy, concerned with 'modesty.' Right.

Then everyone started chattering - I'll go here, and I'll go there. Some enthusiastic, others not so much. The latter didn't include that one hunter, Krystia, who seemed to have some trouble controlling her voice for a second or two.


And Caiden stood in the middle of it all, briefly locking gazes with Brennus, who seemed intent to pay attention to where everyone would be.


Holli addressed him then, pulling Caiden out of it. "Since Indigo and Darin's assignment was somewhat more dangerous than the others, we could probably use your experience and skill---if you're willing to come along?"


He turned to regard her and gave a simple nod. "I'll come," he replied. "Though I'm not sure Cristina'll appreciate my being there."




Brennus, meanwhile, finally descended from his stage. He approached Crestwell first, forcing an unfelt smile and bowing his head slightly in a respectful nod.


"I'll endeavor to aid you in your investigations around the castle," he said...


And then an Inquisitor waltzed into the room. She began to address them all quite brashly, and in a way that made Brennus fold his arms in outright annoyance.


“Any of you lot know where I can find Silvius of Appledale?  He asked me to meet him here, all mysterious-like.”


"I must apologize, Inquisitor Meliora, but Silvius of Appledale is missing," Brennus replied promptly. "We were just organizing search parties to find him and a number of other unaccounted-for Venatori. If the Inquisition is actually interested in helping us with such a matter, we would not refuse the assistance." He quirked a brow. "Silvius was last seen in a town south of Kyjovia... Sivan and Asti," he nodded to the pair, "were planning to go there and find out what happened."

#487146 A Dying Breed OOC - Rules, Character List, and Chat

Posted by Maverick-Werewolf on 20 May 2018 - 06:01 PM

I'm sure Caiden would go with Holli if she asked... though admittedly him knowing the truth about Tom and having been a part of all that may end up causing some awkwardness/friction. But hey, that's always fun. :P

And also considering Holli is the person so far to have shown Caiden some support, I'm sure he's most likely right now to go with her.


And well, Burgsy, I'd love to see her flirt with Caiden, but... then it'd just be us, considering Perky. :lol:


P.S.: Don't worry, Taco, there will be plenty of time to play up suspicion angles for most everyone. :ninja:

#487141 A Dying Breed OOC - Rules, Character List, and Chat

Posted by Maverick-Werewolf on 20 May 2018 - 04:35 PM

I am supporting Taco's vote.


Not because I want to kill anyone, either. :P But because I think smaller groups, like you said, would encourage more intimate (don't look at me like that) interactions - and more interactions in general.


Feel free to ask Caiden, whoever wants him.

#487129 ZONE - Castle Greywatch (A Dying Breed - START)

Posted by Maverick-Werewolf on 18 May 2018 - 09:48 PM

Brennus frowned as a handful of Venatori stepped forward, some reluctant, others stepping up a bit faster - almost instantly.

A middle-aged Imperial with a short, brown beard stomped up to the fore, throwing back his hood.  “The order is burning, Brennus, and I don’t have the life left in me to stay and watch it.”  Before anyone could react, the Venator removed off his silver brooch, his cloak sliding to the floor like a wounded animal.  “I’m done fighting beastmen for table scraps and risking my neck for people who think we’re useless. This order was once great, but I have a life to think about. Gods be with you.” He glanced around the room. “All of you.”

With that, he left. The other Venatori who had stepped forward followed suit, removing their brooches and setting them on Brennus’s stage. A handful of them respectfully folded their cloaks and placed their brooches or belt buckles on top, rather than just letting them fall. Most of them left silently, or with a few words of parting. Some looked nervous, others looked determined, and the ones that were left simply looked frustrated.

A few loyal Venatori pleaded with them to stay or simply whispered amongst themselves while glancing sideways at the volunteers, especially Brennus himself… and Caiden. But there would be no dissuading those who intended to leave.

One former Venator even turned as he left. “The Venatori are finished,” he said. Many of the other Venatori in the room recognized him as a former criminal who had been forced into the order as part of his sentence. “And,” he added, “I’ll have fun hearin’ about all of you faffing about until the Empire disbands this useless bunch. But I ain’t gettin’ killed for it.”

All in all, more than a dozen Venatori had removed their cloaks and brooches on the spot.

For what felt like a long while, silence fell over the great hall. Brennus stood on the stage, a frown creasing his features. But, after another moment, he began to pace.

“Very well,” he said, calm and controlled. “Then each one of you are the ones who’ll get to the bottom of this. Here’s what we know…

“The Venatori now unaccounted for are Pellio of Krisa, Allan of Whitehorn, Loke of Pluton, Silvius of Appledale, Indigo of Deltalund, and Darin of Caltha. Six total. All partners, all went missing together in different regions. The following were their contracts and last known locations:

“Pellio of Krisa and Allan of Whitehorn were last seen around the Southwestern Wilds, north of Fort Slaughter. Their contract was to make contact with a camp of seemingly peaceful beastfolk who were being blamed by villagers for some killings in the area. They were going to make contact with a centurion at Fort Slaughter again when their work was done, and he was the one who let us know they have never returned. He was, most likely, the last one to see them alive.

“Loke of Pluton and Silvius of Appledale were last seen south of Kyjovia, in a small town at the foothills of the Jagged Edge. They were on a contract to hunt an unknown monster or group of monsters stealing livestock. Their last contact was a local in that farming town south of Kyjovia, a respected local elder.

“Indigo of Deltalund and Darin of Caltha were last seen around the wetlands south of Dragon’s Lair. They were on a contract to investigate sounds and sightings in the area… Some locals blamed vampires, others undead, and still others werewolves, making this potentially a very dangerous contract. They last made contact with Cristina Drake in Dragon’s Lair, but the contract itself was sent to us by locals, not by her.

“I’ve also made all the wings of this castle open, or at least the ones we still know how to open. There are some rooms in this castle even the Venatori haven’t ventured in for quite some time, and for all we know, something about what’s happening could be related to those long-locked rooms.

“Lastly… I have made personal chambers of every Venator open and available for investigation as well. No one will hide any secrets.”

From his place in the audience - standing, not sitting, muscular arms folded over his chest - Caiden narrowed his one eye. “You don’t have that authority,” he said, speaking for the first time since this meeting started. His tone edged on an aggressive growl, more than enough to give even Brennus pause.

“I do now,” Brennus said flatly. “Unless you would like to oppose it, Redfield?”

Caiden bristled worse.

“That seems suspicious,” Brennus added pointedly.

“You’re not our leader, Ravenstone,” Caiden answered. “No one is.”

“You, the one without a partner for months, is telling me this? The one who just showed up again after being gone, alone, for so long, breaking our codes? For all we know, you’ve broken multiple parts of the code. We may all have equal authority in theory, Redfield, but if we don’t… then you surely now have the least.”

Caiden set his jaw but didn’t say a word.

“If that’s all, then,” said Brennus, “you should, each of you, begin your investigation. The sooner we find whoever, or whatever, is behind this… the better.”

((Please let me know in the OOC discussion thread if you have any questions, concerns, or confusions (this includes any potential confusion on where to begin with your investigation).

Quick guide:

  • Pellio of Krisa & Allan of Whitehorn - Last seen around the Southwestern Wilds, north of Fort Slaughter. They were on a contract to make contact with a camp of seemingly peaceful beastfolk who were being blamed by villagers for some killings in the area. They were going to make contact with a centurion at Fort Slaughter again when their work was done; he was the last one to make contact with them.
  • Loke of Pluton & Silvius of Appledale - Last seen south of Kyjovia, in a small town at the foothills of the Jagged Edge. They were on a contract to hunt an unknown monster or group of monsters stealing livestock. They were going to make contact with a local in the small town south of Kyjovia; she was the last one to make contact with them.
  • Indigo of Deltalund & Darin of Caltha - Last seen around the wetlands south of Dragon’s Lair. They were on a contract to investigate sounds and sightings in the area. Some blamed vampires, others undead, and still others werewolves. They were to make contact with Cristina Drake in Dragon’s Lair; she was the last one to make contact with them.

Each of these Venatori have their own chambers in Castle Greywatch, but all once private Venatori chambers are now open due to the investigation.


Every wing of the castle is now also open. Some may not be as easy to get into as others.

The following is a list of areas within the castle:


Fun fact about the Venatori: they often refer to each other by their birth cities, especially as many of them do not have last names. More on this later.

And remember, never miss an opportunity to interact with your fellow players and with important NPCs. Most of all, though, have fun!))

#487128 A Dying Breed OOC - Rules, Character List, and Chat

Posted by Maverick-Werewolf on 18 May 2018 - 08:59 PM

This is the OOC topic for A Dying Breed. This thread contains the rules of the RPG, a character list with links to everyone's sheets, and conversations about what's going on.



A Dying Breed will run on the usual Errant rules, but here are a few refreshers.


Please note that you do not have an abilities list, but that doesn't mean there are no rules about what you can and cannot do...


I've tried to leave things more open, but when it comes to combat, general Errant rules apply. In combat, take only one action at a time. Always assume an enemy (or enemies) aren't cannon fodder unless I state otherwise. If you're allowed to instantly kill something in your post, I'll say so in the DM post.


This RP will potentially have boss fights. These boss fights have the same rules as any other fight, but your chances of being killed or critically injured are much higher, so be sure to think about your actions wisely.


That said, please always do something in your posts. This is meant to be a character-driven experience, so I encourage you to interact with other players and also with NPCs (companions or otherwise). I'm going to be trying to give everyone time to interact with each other, since interacting with other characters is - in my opinion - the most fun and important part of a RPG.


That, and this campaign will center on interaction, mystery, and intrigue. This is not a combat-focused RPG, though there will be combat at some points.


Your posts should always have at least one action or some dialogue so that you're doing something instead of just standing around thinking to yourself. No one can react to that, so it's really very pointless for a RPG. I'm also not taking eating, drinking, and sleeping into careful account, here, so don't focus too much on trying to end your posts doing something like that. If you sleep when everyone else is interacting, you aren't giving yourself a rested bonus, you're just missing out on the fun.  :P


If you have some form of magic or you are a unique race with special abilities, please consult me if you're confused as to what you can and cannot do. It's always better to ask than to assume and just make a post if it's something crazy. But hey - if you have magic, you probably can do something crazy! So just ask. :P Otherwise, use the wiki as needed to help.


If you receive a PM about this campaign, chances are it'll be in-character (I'll state otherwise if it isn't). I'll be PMing people information that only they are privy to, and it's their choice whether or not to share it with their fellow players. I may also have some interactions via PMs, so that players are not privy to those private interactions, either (if this happens, I'll specify this too, and if the conversation gets interrupted in-game the PM chain gets interrupted, also). If you want to keep something in-character secretive and drag one of my NPCs off to some private place, feel free to do so and then you can begin the PM chain. However, in-character PMing between players isn't permitted unless I'm also in the PM conversation (as DM, I have to know everything to give everyone the best experience).

Again, this shouldn't be used too often, as all players should be included when at all possible.


There will be no group penalties for people not posting, but if you get behind and want to catch up, please don't hesitate to just PM me and I can get you up to speed so you can get back in the game. It shouldn't be that hard to stay caught up with the RPG.




Feel free to discuss OOC here whatever you want.


The RP itself will be posted very shortly, later tonight.

#487119 Patch Notes (4.1)

Posted by Maverick-Werewolf on 14 May 2018 - 09:45 PM

It's time for "omg, has it really been almost a year since the last patch!? Who troubleshoots this game, anyway!?"




New Additions


A new type of magic has been added to the Magic topic in the Character Creation section - Conduit. Please see the Magic topic for more info (Conduit is now the last section of the original post).


Any questions regarding Conduits should be posed in the Errant Q&A thread, or asked to me directly via PM or DM on Discord.


Currency Update


For simplicity, currency will only be calculated for the characters who might potentially make immediate use of it. For some campaigns, currency won't be calculated for the sign-ups. If the characters created for such campaigns are used anywhere outside of the campaign (such as later used for free-roam), currency will be calculated for them.


In the future, the currency calculator will be tweaked and posted publicly so that players can calculate their own currencies.


Further Plans


Sometime in the future (I cannot possibly say when, given the current status of my life), Errant will see many tweaks and changes to create simplicity and ease-of-use for both players - especially newcomers - and for prospective DMs. If you're interested in more info, feel free to contact me either via PMs here on SSLF or in DMs on Discord.

#487106 Krystia Ravenswift

Posted by Maverick-Werewolf on 11 May 2018 - 04:50 PM

I am completely in love with the idea of her having a crush - and not just a crush, a fierce crush - on Caiden. :lol: I can't wait to see what comes of this.


She's in.

#487105 Crestwell

Posted by Maverick-Werewolf on 11 May 2018 - 04:49 PM

I love this character concept and your description of him. I can't wait to see him in action.


He's in, of course.

#487104 Sivan

Posted by Maverick-Werewolf on 11 May 2018 - 04:48 PM

Sivan sounds great, too. Though I feel the need to point out that, technically, the Venatori would never allow any of their number to go solo. Part of their ancient code is that no Venator hunts alone. They hunt in pairs or not at all - that's the rules (and Venatori can be reprimanded for attempting to hunt solo).


Sivan is in as well. :D