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Yesterday, 12:58 PM

"Looks like we'll be be traveling wit' a pretty big group," Agethar remarked to Caiden "It's like they be attracted to ye!"


Caiden was lost, to say the least. The overwhelming majority of the room had their eyes on him at various intervals, and now Krystia was... behaving very strangely. The brief but noticeable shiver that ran through him didn't help any of it, either.


Before he could shake Krystia's hand, though, another Venator woman appeared and took her hand instead.


“Oh, Krystine, I’ve been looking all over for you!” She smiled widely, her pearly whites almost shimmering in the hall’s lighting. “I had some hunting techniques I wanted to show you! Don’t worry gentlemen, I won’t be long~...” Brys added, flashing Caiden a warm grin as she hauled ‘Krystine’ off.


For a moment, Caiden watched them leave. Then he folded his arms and grunted... and muttered something very quietly under his breath.


Luckily, Agethar said something that he actually know how to respond to. "Ye seem familiar wit' Dragon's Lair. Would ye mind sharing what ye know about it wit' us, or is it more of a...er, private matter?"

"It's not," Caiden replied. "I went there shortly after a long mission in Rognosst Swamp. I'm familiar with Cristina and I'm familiar with the region. It's a good city, ruled by the Drakes. And it's full of good people... all of whom respect their ruling family." His eternal scowl worsened just a tad. "It'd be best if we didn't mention Tom or what happened to him."




Brennus grew steadily, visibly more irritated as the conversation drew on. First there was Kate's implying that Silvius hadn't trusted them and had been right to do so - and then Cyrus saying that aloud.


And then an exchange of discussing scars. Brennus rubbed his temples and Crestwell caught his eye. Only when Crestwell had offered drinks did Brennus finally take a deep breath.

"Let's go to the study. We can read this note of yours away from all the noise, and I keep the good stuff nearby."

Crestwell led the way to the study then, exiting the great hall and leading Brennus, Cyrus, and Kate down a short hallway before they stepped into their destination.


The study must have once been grand - now it wasn't, terribly. The once-lavish chairs were faded and worn, but still reasonably comfortable, and there were several stands and desks about: one of which Crestwell kept a personal stash of drinks in. There were large windows lining two of the walls, letting in a great deal of midday sunlight filtered through grey clouds.

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Yesterday, 06:59 AM

Quick heads-up, I leave on Monday for my summer job at a Boy Scouts summer camp. I will have service, albeit spotty. Unfortunately, I will be on mobile the whole time. Shouldnt be too much of an issue.

Noted. Thanks for letting us know. :)



I'm technically back home now with internet, etc., but I really don't feel up to doing much today, so any major DM posts will still be put off until the weekend, at least. :P I will toss up a smaller reply today, though, and reply to my PMs.

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23 May 2018 - 08:23 AM

Caiden quirked a brow when Krystia suddenly appeared beside him, and he threw a brief glance down at her, standing there looking... nervous. Looking - all kinds of things.

"What's the plan?" she asked abruptly, trying and failing to sound at ease and professional.


Before he could answer, she added, "You're really great. Great at Venator things I mean. Really impressive and -. Ahem. I was just wondering what you thought was the best course of action."


And she kept hovering there by his arm.


"Thanks," he said, with only a very subtle touch of awkwardness that no one visibly present picked up on. Then he added, "Exactly what we're doing right now. Split up into teams, cover more ground... If you're talking about coming with us to Dragon's Lair, I assume we'll talk to Cristina first. But it's not exclusively my decision."


Another Venator joined them then, another one Caiden wasn't sure he recognized. But he offered a hand to shake and said, “I don’t believe I’ve officially had the pleasure. Araven of Pikeston. I see you’ve already met my hunting partner, Krystia Ravenswift.”


Giving Araven's hand a firm shake, he replied, "Caiden Voros of Redfield." He gave Krystia a low nod, as well. "Pleasure to meet you both."

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23 May 2018 - 08:02 AM

Can't wait for you guys to start your investigations, then. :P

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23 May 2018 - 06:25 AM

For the record - Brennus's smile wasn't so much insincere as he can't really muster up a real one at a time like this. :P I should've clarified that...


Here's a heads-up for everyone: I am going to be stuck on mobile for Wednesday, Thursday, and possibly (but hopefully not) Friday. I'll still get simple replies up...


But I'm not going to do a DM post until possibly this weekend, as long as everybody's picked where they want to go. Don't feel rushed through the character interactions, as those are important, but do pick where you want your character(s) to go.


I'll also check my PMs and of course be hanging out on Discord mobile. If anyone has any questions or concerns, let me know. And of course, you can also let Cappy know. ;)