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Yesterday, 08:17 PM

A million trailers just fell out of Comic Con:







Look at this cool poster:



In Topic: The Video Game News/Post-E3 Recovery Thread

19 July 2017 - 11:05 PM

Remember when Reggie told us the Switch's online voice chat implementation would be elegant and not involve any bulky gamer headsets? Fast-forward to today, when the Switch online smartphone app rolls out alongside Splatoon 2:




You plug the headphones into the Nyko adapter (sold separately). You plug your phone into the Nyko adapter. You attach your phone to your controller with the Nyko grip (sold separately). The Switch app apparently doesn't feature landscape mode. You plug the Nyko adapter into your Switch. You play a game. Everything is terrible:


As Nintendo points out in the app's official FAQ, voice chat cannot run in the background while using your phone for other purposes such as "texts, social media, etc.":
"The voice chat will disconnect while you're talking on the phone or using another application, but your voice chat will restart in the same room once you open the Nintendo Switch Online application again as long as the game session is still ongoing."
What's more, early testing confirms that the app won't work if your phone goes into power-saving "sleep mode," with the screen inactive. And don't bother trying to use the app to chat with your Switch friends while away from the system, either: you can only join chat rooms with people when you're actively playing a specific, supported game with them.


According to GameXplain, you can't even pull down the notifications menu on your phone without the app disconnecting. Nintendo, everyone. Come for the games, stay for the staggering incompetence at everything other than games.

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17 July 2017 - 04:11 AM

Hey guys there's a new Doctor:



It's Jodie Whittaker, who you might know from Attack the Block or Broadchurch, or that one episode of Black Mirror. I have to say, I never caught an especially Doctor-y vibe from her, but then she wasn't playing especially Doctor-y characters. I really liked her on Broadchurch, so I might have to come back and watch an episode or two of her Doctor-ing it up.

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16 July 2017 - 12:41 AM

So apparently they showed an early trailer for Avengers Infinity War at this Disney Expo thing. It's one of those ones that probably isn't going to end up online unless someone happened to smuggle a potatocam version out. I was going to complain showing your product to like 1000 people in one place and not letting anyone else see it isn't how marketing is supposed to work, but this old man has yelled at enough clouds. For now, we can make do with a synopsis from Gizmodo. I won't quote it here just in case anyone wants to remain unspoiled, but I think this bit needs to be shared:

Captain America comes out of shadows with a full beard.


GOTY. I mean MOTY.





Pedro Pascal is doing sick gun-twirling trick shots with a Foghorn Leghorn accent! YOOOOOO

In Topic: The Video Game News/Post-E3 Recovery Thread

16 July 2017 - 12:17 AM

There's a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3, with a Toy Story world this time. They say it's releasing in 2018:



Japanese Donald Duck is completely unintelligible :P