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#487842 Resident Evil: Complete Global Saturation

Posted by Ocelot on Today, 08:23 AM

I've now come full circle in my quest to play all the mainline Resident Evil games: back to the first RE game I ever finished, Resident Evil 5.




Handsome beeflord Chris Redfield's journey through the heart of Africa alongside his spunky sidekick Sheva Alomar, taking his vengeance against the evil Albert Wesker, who is now just a straight up superpowered villain bent on world domination. RE5 takes the third-person action RE formula established by RE4, loosens up the controls a little to allow strafing (though not while shooting, mind), and adds a co-op partner character who'll blast zambamboes alongside you (AI-controlled, if you're playing on your own). The inventory system has been overhauled as a 3x3 grid sorted in realtime, RE4's Merchant has unfortunately lost his job to a bland menu screen, and the overall tone has taken a turn for the... serious? I hesitate to say that about a game where you fight the final boss inside a volcano, but at least we're not running away from giant statues in the image of zany Spanish dwarves :P


So I bought this game on day one and played it to death back on the PS3. I loved shooting the dudes, I loved the ridiculously over-the-top action cutscenes, I loved reading all the files about the history of the Resident Evil series. I probably haven't played it since like 2010, though, and I actually didn't enjoy going back to it as much as I thought I would. Back in the day I remember people being down on the game thanks to the forced co-op, the cover-based shooting encounters and a general feel of trying to go back to the RE4 well, and while I didn't agree with those complaints at the time... right now I feel like they were pretty spot on. I still had a lot of fun playing through it, but RE5 has some pretty big problems and I really don't think it compares to the stone cold masterpiece that is RE4.


OK, let's start with this co-op stuff. I like Sheva, and playing on Normal difficulty this time around I never died because of any AI-related antics. I saddled her with whichever weapons I didn't want to use, mostly left the healing duties to her, and she was totally fine. But with Sheva's inclusion came a host of PS3/360-gen co-op mechanics that really frustrated me. There's a down-but-not-out state stolen straight from Gears of War, for instance, where if your health drops below a certain threshold you'll enter a staggering state and need your partner to come and rescue you. This is fine in a regenerating health game like Gears, but RE5 uses consumable healing items that you can carry with you at all times, and there is nothing more irritating than being separated from your partner and knowing you're going to die DESPITE HAVING A HEALING ITEM IN YOUR INVENTORY. I have literally died on top of a Green Herb that the game wouldn't let me pick up. It's also just needlessly difficult to swap and exchange items with your AI partner, which speaks to some of the same issues I had in RE0. Menu functions that you should be able to do but can't, QOL features that would be such a huge help but aren't there. How many grenades did I unintentionally give to Sheva when I was trying to throw them because I unthinkingly mashed the 'Give' button thinking it was a QTE?


The game unabashedly tries to top RE4, with very obvious callbacks to memorable setpieces from that game like El Gigante, the Cabin, the QTE moments, the giant bosses with special weapons; even the overall three-act game structure of rural village-> spooky castle/ruins -> combat heavy military area. But where RE4 has you saying "Oh yeah, that bit!" with glee as you stumble into a huge fight, RE5 has a lot more "Oh no, that bit" moments. I mean, RE4 has a few areas that aren't great, but RE5 has some genuinely awful parts, particularly when the enemies start shooting back at you. The retrofitted cover system doesn't work especially well, with finicky positioning required to get the prompt to show up in the first place and then iffy protection afforded from damage once you're in place, and most of all it just isn't much fun to kill guys by shooting them in these games. You want to be mixing it up right there in the fray, hitting weakpoints and going for melee hits, but instead you're stuck pewpewing around a wall. Also I still hate the Reaper enemies and their awful one-hit kill attack. I also read some things about the PC and PS4/XB1 versions being a little glitchy in terms of boss health and AI; I'm not sure if that's legit, but I definitely had a harder time playing the PC version than I remember from the PS3 version back in the day. Chainsaw Men took a frankly absurd level of punishment (I literally dumped 12 MAGNUM ROUNDS into one's face before it died), and that one Uroboros boss where you can use the Flamethrower took forever.




But enough complaining, because I still really like this game. Giant muscleboy Chris is the best character redesign in history, and I absolutely love this game's stupid story. Chris is out there mowing down zomboes by the dozen in search of our girl Jill, and when I played this game back in the day I always assumed they must have had a real relationship in the earlier games. Now that I know all the backstory, though, which is to say that they spent the entirety of RE1 separated and then were never in another game together until RE5, it all just seems so delightfully silly. And of course nobody ever has sex in the RE universe, so we know it wasn't a romantic thing, either. Chris and Jill's whole bond is basically invented in this game; "Because we're partners" is Chris' earnest answer to everything in this game, which is so anime it hurts. And now Wesker has gone from the goober in CVX doing slow-mo jumps to the coolest guy in the universe, effortlessly dodging bullets with a flash-step superpower faster than your eyes can follow, clad in a carbon fibre battle suit and purring out every line in D.C. Douglas' positively scandalous villain voice.


RE5's action cutscenes are an absolute treat for a fan of CG fight scenes. They were handled by Just Cause Productions, a stunt/motion-capture/animation company run by none other than our old friend Reuben Langdon (aka Dante, boiz!), and they are just magical. Reuben Langdon and Dan Southworth (Vergilllll) do motion capture, and Reuben voices one of the ill-fated BSAA agents (the guy who drives the Humvee early on and gets squashed by the El Gigante). The choreography, the camerawork, the creativity of some of the ridiculous stuff they do is so good. Too good for plain old gifs, just watch this hot fire and thank me later:



So, that was RE5, then. Not quite as great as I'd remembered, but still really cool. I'd love to see Sheva come back some day, and I hope there's still room for action RE in this new more grounded world of RE games post-7. Speaking of 7, that's the one I'm playing next, and the last remaining mainline RE for me. Wish me luck!


Posted by Ocelot on 11 August 2018 - 02:27 AM

Oh my goodness, that part where he's basically just flying around with double air-dashes and that grappling hook and then the Mick Gordon CHUGGACHUGGAs kick in is just insane. 


Did you see the Hell Knight falling to bits as he blasted away at him? Real-time battle damage? BRO


I'm not in love with the way they're calling him 'The Slayer', like he's Buffy, when we all know his name is Doomguy, but I'll live.




(This is the best glory kill yet, btw)

#487830 Resident Evil: Complete Global Saturation

Posted by Ocelot on 09 August 2018 - 03:41 AM

Hey guys, do you like forced AI co-op? Do you like trying to drop things on the floor but being told you aren't allowed to because the floor is apparently full? Do you like weird Final Fantasy villains singing opera to their pet leeches? Well, perhaps you'd like Resident Evil 0, released in 2002 as a prequel to the very first Resident Evil!




This is the last hurrah for tank-controlled, fixed-camera-angle Resident Evil of old, and to mark the occasion Capcom came up with no fewer than two gameplay gimmicks, so I'll talk about the Billy Coen/Rebecca Chambers tagteam zapping system first. RE0 gives you two sexless American action heroes to drive around at once, instead of the pathetic single player character from your grampappy's Resident Evils, with one under your direct control and the other following as an AI. Billy is a big tough idiot who can throw his weight around and push things, whereas RE1 veteran Rebecca is a petite pixie waifu whose skill with a chemical mixing set will enable you to solve exactly two puzzles in the game. You can swap between them or split them up at will, and the game has some pretty interesting sections where the two are separated and have to work independently. Each character has only six inventory slots this time, forcing you to use the two of them together as packmules to cart around everything you need to; unfortunately, though, nobody had invented Quality of Life yet back in 2002, so doing what you need to do in the menus is needlessly difficult and adds up to a lot of fussing around over the course of the game.

Which leads us to gimmick #2: the magic, fourth-dimensional Item Boxes of Resident Evils past are gone, replaced by the option to simply throw all your stuff on the floor like an animal. While this initially seems like a blessing (you no longer have to trek back to a Save Room to dump an item, for example), the aforementioned lack of any QOL features make this a real chore before long. What used to be a matter of d-pad blazing through the Item Box menu to deposit and withdraw whatever you wanted is now an awkward dance of steering your tank-controlled character around a foyer, mashing the Interact button and hoping you've lined them up with the right shiny icon on the floor, or trying to dump an item on the ground and being told you aren't allowed to leave anything else in that room. I guess it's probably Gamecube RAM limitations or something, but man it's a pain. I got flashbacks to the "open chest -> inventory is full -> throw away weakest sword -> open chest again" routine from Breath of the Wild every time.
It gets particularly bad when the game starts sending you through a linear procession of one-and-done areas, RE2-style (complete with RE2 throwbacks, no less!), forcing you to decide whether you want to empty out both characters' inventories and schlep back to the previous area to bring all your best guns and healing items with you or whether you can go on without them (and big weapons like the Grenade Launcher take up two inventory slots in this game, just to twist the knife). It isn't on the level of Code Veronica, where there are constant points of no return and missable items everywhere (RE0 opens up a nice little elevator system that lets you revisit almost every area you've been through late in the game), but it can still be a real pain. There are a lot of small, easy tweaks I think they could have made to the HD Remastered version I played that would have lessened the headache quite a bit. Nobody knew about UX back in 2002, but these days we can make menus that aren't a chore to use, and this is a game where an improvement in efficiency would be a huge benefit because there's just so much fussing about in menus to be done.
But I did still enjoy this game. It's very Resident-Evil-by-numbers, with a perfectly unremarkable mansion and evil lab and self-destruct escape sequence, but I had my fun with it all the same. I don't really hear anyone talk about this game, and I can't really blame them, but, y'know, if you like a good Resident Evil, it's a good Resident Evil. I liked it more than Code Veronica, at least.
I've moved on to RE5 now (which still requires you to install Games for Windows Live on PC, if you can believe it), but that's a story for the next post in the ongoing saga of Ocelot Plays Resident Evil.

#487829 The Video Game News Thread

Posted by Ocelot on 08 August 2018 - 10:39 PM

Here are the Simon Belmont and King K.Rool trailers, btw:



(RIP in peace Luigi)



It seems like the gaming industry is gearing up for Gamescom in a couple of weeks, because there are big doin's a happenin':


The first gameplay footage of Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming tomorrow


There's a trailer for a game called Devil's Hunt, with veeeery non-native-English dialogue ("Not always a choice is something good"), and maybe kind of cool combat?



There's a livestream tonight for that game called The Quiet Man, the live action one about the deaf guy fighting people from the Square-Enix E3 show:



EDIT - Here's the RDR2 trailer:



The hype just hit me really hard, you guys!

#487825 Mission: Impossible - Fallout/Cruise Missile Appreciation Thread

Posted by Ocelot on 07 August 2018 - 12:11 AM

Scorp, I hope you don't mind but I moved your post in here so we can get some use out of my beautiful thread that nobody ever posted in :P


k so I finally saw it, and it was so good! IT WAS SO GOOD! It's the best cinematic experience I've had since Mad Max Fury Road, and that's saying something because that was the best cinematic experience I've ever had.


I need to tell you guys how this movie builds tension before the giant never-ending action sequence in Paris kicks off (I swear it goes for like ninety minutes and it's unbelievable). So they set up the big plan to kidnap the bad guy from Rogue Nation, in that delectable heist/spy movie way where they explain it as it's happening on-screen, only this movie fakes you out the first time around just for funsies. Instead, when the plan kicks off for real, they spend like five excruciating (-ly good) minutes just building and building and building tension. They Hans Zimmer the classic Mission Impossible theme super hard, starting off down in the low frequencies but then building higher and faster and louder as you watch a military helicopter drop the bad guy off before he's loaded into an armoured convoy. Every corner of the frame bristles with little details in each new shot, establishing where all the players are in the scene and which way they're all moving, with one character melting into the shadows over here as another slips into view over there. It is just so. well. done. Oh boy oh boy oh boy.


OK I'm going to do some spoilers because this movie needs it, so if you're going to stop reading here then let me say that I RECOMMEND THIS MOVIE AS STRONGLY AS I POSSIBLY CAN. I think the first fifteen minutes or so are a little bit low energy and maybe could have been edited down a little snappier, but once you get past the title sequence the movie pops off really hard and stays 110% popped until it's time to go home. OK let's do spoilers!




What a movie. I think Scorp's right, it's the best one. I mean, I'll have to watch them all again to be sure, but Ghost Protocol was my favourite before this and... I think we have a new champion. I was sweaty-palm-ing it through this whole thing. I'm actually physically tired from watching it. At one point I actually ducked my head under a bullet, and I felt like a huge idiot but that should at least tell you how into it I was :P


(A little Paula Patton cameo definitely wouldn't have hurt, though)


EDIT - btw, if you go back and watch that trailer I posted further up there are a lot of shots that didn't make it into the final cut. Ethan crashing the chopper into the truck, Henry Cavill punching that guy into next week, Ethan rope swinging in the Paris club. Should be a lot of good deleted scenes on that Blu Ray.

#487810 moving Wicktures that you are watching

Posted by Ocelot on 29 July 2018 - 06:33 AM

I just saw a movie called Upgrade, starring that guy who really looks like Tom Hardy but isn't, and I really liked it!



So it's your standard "Wife dead, get revenge" framework, but the twist this time is that the vengeful husband has been brought back from quadriplegia through the help of a computer chip in his spine. Said computer chip helps transmit the signals from his brain through his damaged spinal cord, allowing him to move around like an able-bodied man again. Oh, and it can also take control over his body and drive him around, with him along for the ride as a helpless passenger. Also it talks.


This movie's really great and if you're in the mood for 90 minutes of really great action scenes (some of the most inventive hand-to-hand action stuff I've seen in a long time) and a cool little sci-fi/revenge story I'd strongly recommend it.

#487809 Star Wars Movies and Positivity Thread

Posted by Ocelot on 28 July 2018 - 06:02 AM

Not going to lie, little disappointed that I'M the one who is dropping this.  


I swear I was just coming to post it :P


As expected, Ghost Luke is a lock, and all our favourites are back. The internet is already alight with theories about Keri Russell being Rey's mum/Future Rey, of course, but I think the safe money is on both Russell and Richard E. Grant just being Rebellion/First Order side characters ala Admiral Holdo. I'm not familiar with Naomi Ackie, but she seems cool:



I don't know what to think about Leia being brought back through archival footage; it's definitely not what I expected. I can definitely respect the notion of honouring Carrie by doing something more with Leia than just "She died off-screen", and at this point I trust they can pull it off without making it look weird. I guess we'll have to wait and see what they do.

#487804 Star Wars Movies and Positivity Thread

Posted by Ocelot on 24 July 2018 - 11:26 PM

Hey you guys I hacked into Kathleen Kennedy's private server and found some footage from the new Obi Wan movie:


#487800 UNCHARTED: A thief's end to a series he didn't create

Posted by Ocelot on 23 July 2018 - 05:04 AM


#487779 UNCHARTED: A thief's end to a series he didn't create

Posted by Ocelot on 16 July 2018 - 08:29 AM

I have no idea where this came from, but it's great!


#487773 Star Wars Movies and Positivity Thread

Posted by Ocelot on 15 July 2018 - 01:08 AM

Did somebody say Episode IX hopes and wishes?




- Ghost Luke is a 100%, done deal, sure thing, supermax prison electronic LOCK, and it always has been. I don't know how anyone could think otherwise, to be honest. That's what Jedi do, they turn into ghosts and give fatherly advice. Or, in Kylo's case, salt in the wound from beyond the grave. "Strike me down in anger and I'll always be with you". Luke's going to be flitting between imparting knowledge to Rey on one side of the galaxy and roasting Kylo from beyond the grave on the other. 


- Rey makes a cool new lightsabre. Maybe it's a new colour, maybe she builds it into the end of her staff, I don't know, but it's Star Wars law that she has to have a cool new one. Also she needs a cool new Jedi Knight outfit. And a new hairstyle. 


- Supreme Leader Kylo Ren sits on his throne, totally unsatisfied with power, hated by his underlings, fending off constant assassination and coup attempts, growing ever more angry, petulant and unstable. He's made his bed and now he has to sleep in it. Stew in it. He won't admit it to himself, but it needs to be clear that he made the wrong choice by not going with Rey in TLJ.


- More Porgs.


- The legend of Luke Skywalker facing down the First Order all by his lonesome spreads throughout the galaxy, the Rebellion is born again, meaning lots of new soldiers and spaceships for big pew pew space battles. Finn and Rose are big heroes, Finn's leading a troop of commandos or something, Poe's grown a cool beard and is one of the Generals leading everything.


- I don't know what I want them to do with the Knights of Ren, other than a cool fight scene. I've seen suggestions that maybe Rey will train her own little group of young Jedi to go toe-to-toe with them, but I don't really like that because it'd be too many new characters to introduce in the last movie of a trilogy (it could still work, though). I kind of like imagining Rey just cutting them all down in a glorious one-shot fight scene, but then we're getting back to the idea of Jedi not being about carving dudes up. Yeah, I don't know. As long as they actually show up and there's a cool fight, I'll be happy :P


- I don't know what I want them to do with Kylo in the end, either, but I can't wait to see it. The thing is, Rey has to at least try to turn him good. If Darth Vader wasn't beyond redemption then Kylo can't be either. Rey wouldn't be doing her Jedi job if she just showed up spoiling for a fight; she's seen the good in him. But I think it would be interesting if it was actually Kylo who came to her, or at least wasn't just sitting on his throne waiting for a fight when she walks in the door.


OK, y'know what, I just thought of something. Imagine Kylo at the bridge of his Super Mega Star Destroyer, the last of the Rebel fleet on the ropes, and he's ready to push the big red button that blows them all up once and for all. But the emotions we've seen him struggle with all through the movie have reached fever pitch (maybe he met Rey earlier and she said something that stuck with him). He doesn't press the button. His men turn on him once and for all. He cuts down Hux and whatever other officers are in the room, but then the Knights of Ren come running and he has to fight them himself. And then, I don't know, maybe Rey bursts in the room and understands that he's turned good, but she arrives just in time to see him take a mortal blow as he kills his last Knight. We get a scene that mirrors the "Come with me" scene from TLJ, only this time Kylo wants to go with her but he can't because he's about to die in a pool of his own blood. Poetic irony, reap what you sow, all that good stuff. Rey is overcome with complex feelings, because she knows he could have been good in another life, but at the same time he 100% deserves this.


- Right before Rey's story ends, Darth Maul's Force Ghost shows up via hologram and calls her away

#487766 Star Wars Movies and Positivity Thread

Posted by Ocelot on 14 July 2018 - 01:59 AM

One nice idea I saw somewhere was having the movie open with Lando delivering Leia's eulogy at a funeral with all the Rebels attending, and then they could cut to Supreme Leader Kylo across the galaxy struggling with his emotions.


And, yeah, it seems really likely they'll do some kind of significant time skip between VIII and IX. TLJ ends with Rey having no lightsabre, but a drawer full of the sacred texts that she can study Jedi-ing from.

#487738 Resident Evil: Complete Global Saturation

Posted by Ocelot on 06 July 2018 - 04:09 AM

Ey yo SSLF, it's ya boi, the bravest man in the world. A week ago I had never played a game with tank controls. I had never played a survival horror game. To be honest, I'd never played a scary game at all, unless you count that one part in The Last of Us when you fall into the hotel basement and find a surprise horror game down there. But I come to you today a changed man, for you see I have played Resident Evil HD from start to finish like a big brave boy, and I loved it!
OK, so I played as Jill and I chose the super duper baby difficulty mode to go easy on myself, so maybe I'm not that cool. I actually ended up regretting my choice of difficulty later in the game once I'd got my head above water and realised I just had way too much health and ammo, but I still found the game incredibly tense in the early hours. I had to play the first half of the game in short spurts because it was leaving me shook, but after a few days I ended up getting so into it that I powered through from Lisa Trevor's cabin to the end of the game in one sitting. I loved the overall design of seemingly dumping you into a mansion to fend for yourself but subtly guiding you the whole time by hiding the keys and tchotchkes needed to progress in just the right places. And I was surprised to find the game pretty damn intuitive, after a lifetime of hearing about obtuse Resident Evil puzzle design. The only time I got irreparably stuck was when I completely missed the entrance to the Residence tucked away behind a camera angle change, which is my fault for not looking at the map anyway (the crows kept pecking at me and I ran away :P).
Shinji Mikami is the master of minimalism in gameplay, or design by subtraction, or whatever the Youtube essayists are calling it these days. He'll give you exactly what he knows you need to play his game, and absolutely nothing else. RE4 is a game where you can move or you can shoot, and if you really want to you can look side to side a little bit, and that game is a perennial masterpiece. In God Hand he took away the 'look side to side' option; if you want to see things you'd better play a different game, because God Hahnd ez just a geem about punching people. P.N.03 made the shooting almost automatic and told you to simply be in the right place. Are you getting hit by enemies? You shouldn't have been there. Be somewhere else. Vanquish gives you all the gameplay mechanics, but then you have to deal with the second half of the game not being there (I still love you, Vanquish).
I feel like classic RE is the ultimate example of this. Can you move? Sorta. Can you shoot? Yeah, but not too often. Can you see? No. Can you... pick things up? Well, a few things. At every possible turn there's something in your way, forcing you to make those hard decisions. But what I never realised before actually playing the game is that it's not just logistical decisions about conserving resources or what to keep in your inventory; this is a game that turns SEEING DUDES into a commodity. I think the experience that's going to stick with me the most is standing in a room, knowing there's at least one horrible monster in there with me, but juuuuust not quite being able to see him due to the camera angle. Where is that guy? Do I wait for him to come to me? Do I fire where I think he might be, potentially wasting ammo? Do I risk moving forward until the camera angle changes, knowing he might be right there waiting to eat my face off? They're moments where I would give anything to just be able to see a guy, but Shinji Mikami won't let me. Mikami sees me there, and he tells me he'll point the camera at the bad guy... but ooooonly if I leave my comfort zone. Ooh, it's good. I hate it, but it's so good.
The only complaints I can muster are the minor quirk of it reusing the "find a fake key/emblem/shotgun to swap for the real one" puzzle a few times, and the fact that the Tyrant is only a two-stager (can we even call it an RE game if you don't fight the final boss four times or more?). I think I've read that the game's original assets were lost, and, unfortunately, it does show in a few very soft, waxy-looking areas in this remaster, but, y'know, what can you do. I'm going to do another playthrough as Chris on big boy Normal difficulty, and now that I've got my tank control legs I guess I'll have to play all of these games, won't I?

#487714 The Video Game News Thread

Posted by Ocelot on 28 June 2018 - 08:55 AM

Eurogamer did an interview with Amy Hennig, where she revealed what we all pretty much knew in our hearts: her Star Wars game is on the shelf and she has nothing to do with it any more. But, on the bright side, she's left EA and started up her own small studio. She talks about wanting to get into some VR stuff and work on games of her own, and it's really nice to see that she might finally have landed on her feet.

#487713 Star Wars Movies and Positivity Thread

Posted by Ocelot on 28 June 2018 - 07:23 AM

As a lifelong Star Wars fan I'm ready to admit that we haven't been doing our part as a fandom. We've been bitter, angry, loathsome, entitled, and hyper-critical of these movies since the internet came about. Why? Why do we need to analyze every little detail about the Star Wars universe? I mean heck I was trashing George Lucas RIGHT HERE the other week. I feel bad about that. I feel bad about trashing the prequels to 12 year olds on Youtube comments. Let people enjoy things. It costs $0 to not be a huge jerk when someone says they love a thing.


I even feel bad for ragging on Game of Thrones as much as I do. It's clear that I'm no longer the target audience for that show either, and I've been real bitter about it the past few years. Why? I don't own the property. It isn't for me. I've read the books about 4 times through and gotten my enjoyment out of them. That show is its own new thing at this point, and while I'm no longer interested I'm glad that it can bring joy and hype to people's lives. Even if it is horrible trash.  :ph34r:


Florent, I wish I could Like that whole thing more than once, but I especially wish I could Double Like this bit. I've spent so many hours of my life writing stupid garbage about Star Wars on the internet, most of it on this very forum, and while I thankfully shouted all my adolescent hate for the Prequels into a pre-social-media internet where none of it could reach any of the actual creators of those movies, it still occupies that part of my memory that my mind loves to dredge up to embarrass me with when I can't sleep at night.


And, y'know, I didn't like the Prequels, and I still don't, but that needs to be the end of the story. "I didn't like it. OK, now to move on with my life...". Instead it was "I didn't like it, time to spend the entire rest of my life coming up with new ways to tell everyone how much I hated it". I like to think I would have had the decency not to hound George Lucas or Jake Lloyd or whoever on social media if I'd had the chance, but the fact is that I didn't have that chance, and I don't know that I can give my young, furious-about-children's-movies self the benefit of the doubt. God, I'm just so, so relieved that I was born before social media :P


At this point I would never introduce myself as a fan of Star Wars, because that time is over. The tide has turned. "Star Wars fan" is turning into the rallying warcry of the gross incel manchild contingent who have somehow convinced themselves that their hateful opinion about a fictional space wizard not only has value in this day and age (not being political, but oh my God come on), but that it NEEDS TO BE HEARD. I literally saw some horrible man talking about how he didn't care that he'd chased Kelly Marie Tran off the internet, all he cared about was that Lucasfilm listened to his opinions, and I think that might have broken me. I know not all Star Wars fans are terrible, but the ones who are are so vocal and so terrible that I just don't want any part of it. They want their perfect Star Wars movie that ticks all their imaginary checkboxes, oh yes and also doesn't have any people of colour or women with agency in the plot, and we all have to pretend they aren't just being openly racist and sexist by referring to Disney casting non-white-men as an 'agenda' oh my GOD.


Ugh, I don't know any more. It got really bad, you guys. It all got really bad, and I have no confidence that it's going to get better again. The bad guys are winning, but what makes it worse is that they genuinely think they're the good guys. And, I mean, you always have the nice thought to fall back on that all the older people with the bad opinions are going to die one day, like with racism and homophobia and stuff, but I feel like this culture of "Go and harass someone on social media any time you aren't happy about anything" is only growing, and young people live on their phones in a way that would put even my hopeless internet addiction to shame, so maybe this is just what life is from now on. 


I do still really want to see what happens to all my favourite characters in Episode IX, though. I mean, I'm lying to myself by pretending I don't like Star Wars, because I super do and I'm never going to stop, but I kind of dread what's going to happen when IX comes out.