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MTG, Tabletop RPG?


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Posted 19 January 2016 - 10:34 PM



So I was strutting through some of my Magic cards, and then I halted, because a thought had came to my head (normally an unfortunate occurrence when it happens). What if a tabletop RPG, not unlike Dungeons and Dragons, was run in a universe based on Magic: the Gathering?


I'm sure they've already made something like this... but I like to think about these things too. :P


Now, obviously, not all of the rules could be exactly alike. For starters, it couldn't easily take place in multiple planes (or could it?), and instead of being "wizards" and "sorcerers", magic-using classes would be various types of Planeswalkers. Now it wouldn't be impossible. I'm thinking you could pull out the classes "Warlock," "Wizard," "Sorcerer," "Cleric," and "Druid," and replace them with "White Mage, Red Mage, Blue Mage, Black Mage, and Green Mage."


It would add a unique twist to multi-classing as well. For instance, you could multiclass as a Blue Mage / Black Mage and use two different forms of magic, as well as gold spells that use both blue and black mana. Or, if you wanted your character to be a little more beefy, you could be a Fighter / White Mage and be a darned good Paladin-style Planeswalker. Also consider a Rogue / Blue Mage, who uses tricky mind magic to get his way. Or just be the fighter who hunts evil Planeswalkers. ^.^


Plus, the spells are already laid out for you!!! Since mana costs usually vary from 1 to 9 anyway, the mana cost can convert to being a 1st-level to a 9th-level spell. You can also add skills such as Mysticism (Sorcery spells), Summoning (Creature spells), Quick Casting (Instant spells), Enchanting (Enchantment spells), and Magicka (Land spells).


Land would have to have a different mechanic though, methinks. The general idea would be the same, that you have a certain amount of mana that determines how many X-level spells you can cast per turn (or to tone it down, per encounter), but how would you implement "land" into the concept? Would you have to encounter "places of power" throughout your adventures to increase your mana pool, or would it be rendered moot by the Magicka skill? Who knows?


The point is, this is a topic I'd like to open for discussion. What do y'all think? How would MTG affect the mechanics of a standard Role-Playing Game? Could you use GURPS, or would D&D fit the bill more easily? :)

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