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A Wizard Is Never Late

03 May 2013 - 06:38 PM

EDIT: May a mod please change the name of this topic to "A Wizard Is Never Late"?


"A wizard is never late, nor is he early."
This is a little little LOTR vignette I made for a friends birthday. The wide shot of the entire vignette. I wanted to capture the image of Frodo and Gandalf in the Shire, and LEGO was a good medium to use.



Here you can see the decal that reads "A WIZARD IS NEVER LATE". This was a vital part of the vignette.





What's this you say? This is a little LEGO "key" that fits into a slot on the vignette. The only hint given is the little slip of paper on the side.





Here is the "keyhole". Devilishly hidden, but still in plain sight.





When you push the key into the keyhole all the way, something is revealed.





A hidden drawer! And on this drawer reads the second part of Gandalf's phrase: "NOR IS HE EARLY".





The drawer space has a volume of 6X4X1.3 studs. Included in the drawer is a secret note for the friend.






A final zoomed out shot. I hope you liked it!.

Contest Entry: Achmer Tripod "Kraken"

17 March 2013 - 05:07 PM

There haven't been any entries to this competition yet, so I thought I would whip up one to get everybody started. This is my Achmer entry for the Harmony VDC.

I present to you, the microfig scale Achmer Tripod Walker!

Posted Image

Excuse the crappy photoshopping. I started off when I was messing around with the legs whilst building nothing in particular, and then remembered this contest included Achmer vehicles. So I built a head, added a support and voila. Yes, the head is too heavy for the legs to support it, hence the "invisible support". My first version could stand freely, but it looked horrible. Sacrificed stability for looks. Heh. I loosely based my design of Scorps inspiration sketches to inspire entries.

Posted Image

The Achmer undoubtedly own some of the best quality technology in all of Nova Refuge. Their standard issue tripod walker is no exception. Fitted with state of the art weaponry and robotics, it is a sight to behold on the battlefield. Its three legs help it move with grace and precision, whilst its two front tentacles can be used in a variety of ways. The squid-like look of the walker has caused other walker pilots through Nova Refuge to know it as the "Kraken", the mythical sea creature of human legend.

Posted Image

The Kraken, as a basic infantry support, is armed with three main weapons. Two heavy artillery cannons (known as "Ink Sacs" to humans) are present on either side of the body, while a high power laser cannon sits in front of the canopy for line-of-sight destruction.

Posted Image

The Krakens front tentacles can be used in many ways. They can be used to tear into enemy bases, fight other walkers up close or even hold and fire experimental Achmer weaponry. And like the Kraken of legend, its tentacles can bring down ships that get too close.

Posted Image

I did say that this was microfig scale, so here is one for comparison. The Kraken is a medium sized walker, with only one pilot needed to operate it. There is no windshield; it is operated by instruments alone. The optical sensors on the canopy give off a purple glow when activated.

Posted Image

But the Achmer are a resourceful species. If required, the Kraken can retract its arms and legs to become a medium sized fighter!

Posted Image

The Kraken is as deadly as a fighter as it is as a walker. When released from an Achmer carrier vessel, they attack like a swarm of bees. The "Ink Sacs" quickly bring down any resistance, and clear a space for the fighters to land and transform into the tripods.

Posted Image

Here is a top view of the Kraken. It retains a somewhat round shape, as most Achmer vehicles do. You can also see the flight thrusters positioned at the rear.

Posted Image

And finally, our beloved Kraken ponders the mysteries of the universe.

Thank you, and comments are welcome, as always.

Red vs Blue

11 December 2012 - 01:44 PM

After searching for any threads on this forum for Rooster Teeth's most famous show, I decided to create one myself!

This is a thread for discussion of all 10 series, including The Blood Gulch Chronicles, the Recollections and Project Freelancer sagas. Feel free to discuss anything related to the show!

Rooster Teeth recently released the RVBX Blu-ray and DVD box set, that includes all 10 seasons of RvB plus 8 hours of bonus content. I bought the blu-rays for Christmas, and am mad excited to watch them!