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#360063 Mass Effect: Andromeda

Posted by Assassin 117 on 23 February 2012 - 02:11 AM

And since nobody seemed to care about my last posts regarding a 'friggin massive project I'm undertaking...

Probably because that's not what we're discussing. Even so, that sounds really cool.

Back on topic, sure it's a bad thing to do on their part but come on, didn't we expect that from EA? Not buying their game probably isn't going to discourage them anyway. I mean, they've still got plenty of money from TOR, so it's not like they're losing anything. I know it's awful and it will keep getting worse, but there isn't that much you can do about it, so just buy the darn thing anyway. They're gonna keep doing this crap no matter what we do since they are a corporation, so just take it. Adapt to the changes, even when they are the worst thing. It may pain you to do so, but remember that there are just some battles you can't win. Sorry for the stinging pessimism, but I'm just trying to say let it go. We may be on the losing side, but I'm not convinced it's the wrong one.

Keep flying.

#320935 Custom Mandalorian Minifigures

Posted by Assassin 117 on 22 July 2011 - 12:22 AM

Quite interesting! A lot of times when people make Mandalorian anything it ends up failing, but here I see quality work! Very nice job, although a bit on the blurry side, but we can't always be perfect now! :)