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#486969 Asti Yadana

Posted by El Taco on 06 April 2018 - 09:49 AM




Full Name: Asti Yadana

Aliases: Small Bird


Sex: F

Race: Human (Deshreti)

Birthplace: Zirta


Affinity: Lightning

Deity: Thoth

Faction: Venatori


Talents: Balanced Soul, Survival, Marksmanship, Education (Southron)



Strength: 3

Agility: 6

Constitution: 4

Perception: 6

Intelligence: 6

Spirit: 9

Luck: 8


Appearance: Asti is not large. Standing short even for a Deshreti woman, Asti looks up slightly to see eye to eye with her half-dwarven partner, Sivan. For a Deshreti woman, Asti’s skin is very dark, and she has grown her thick curly hair out very long to tie back and tuck beneath her hood. Her brown eyes always look slightly outside of eye contact with other individuals, a subtle but intentional effort by Asti to keep her conscious will separate from the influence of those around her. Having said that, Asti’s eyes are soft and kind, and those who can embrace the otherworldly way she speaks find much comfort in her smile. Her cheek bones are high and prominent, forming the top of a triangular and pointed jaw. She usually wears her hood up, and wears a simple robe underneath her armour and when in plainclothes.



Venator Pack


  • 1 set of leather armor
  • 1 deepsilver chain shirt
  • 1 set of simple clothing
  • 1 steel scimitar
  • 1 recurve bow
  • 20 iron-headed arrows
  • 5 silver-headed
  • 1 silver dagger
  • 1 blue cloak
  • 1 silver Venator brooch
  • Flint and tinder
  • Potion supplies
  • 3 clean bandages
  • 2 healing ointment
  • 2 sense-enhancing potions
  • 1 strength-enhancing potion
  • 1 anti-lycanthropy potion
  • Water and rations
  • 1 extra quiver arrows in cart (20 iron-headed, 5 silver-headed)
  • 1 heavy spear (shared with Sivan, for use from cart)
  • 1 hat, wide rim farmer's


Animal Companion: Sivan began using a double-mule-drawn cart with his partner Asti long ago. The two mules don’t belong to either Venator in particular, though the larger one, Saffron, is better suited to carrying the heavier Sivan in the case that the mules must be ridden. Asti rides the smaller one, Tumeric. Both were named by Asti.


Biography: Daughter of a merchant sea captain who became wealthy on a few disreputable hauls, Sivan was raised far from poverty. Growing up in a mid-sized seaside house, Asti's father could afford to have her raised by servants while he was it sea, though in all honesty Asti was largely raised by school, and by books. Her thirst for knowledge and search for spirituality pushed her into obedient behavior that permitted as system by which she could learn. By the time she was nearly of marrying age, Asti had gained enough trust among those who had raised her that she was left entirely unattended if she so desired for long periods of time. During these periods she began to seek out the sport and skill of hunting, leaving town to pursue wild animals with fellow students. Shortly before Asti's final birthday that would bring her into marrying age, her father departed on a journey from which he would not return. Evidence that passerby ships have seen seem to indicate her father's ship was destroyed by some form of beast, or a group of beasts. Asti's sorrow over her father's senseless death defined her coming of age, as she immediately sold the house she had been raised in to one of her servants, giving away most of his wealth and using what was left to buy equipment with which she could live an isolated existence. Guided by her interpretation of Thoth's teachings, Asti lived outside her home city for a short while, then gave her family another leap of faith with the sea. Sailing from Zirta to Sevenxia, Asti quickly decided she could learn the most on borders of civilizations, and made plans to try to sustain herself near Emerita, on the edge of the Southwestern Wilds. It is here, during a chance encounter with several Arachnians, that Asti met Sivan, the lone Venatori who took her under his wing, where she could continue her spiritual exploration of hunting in service of the innocent.


Personality: Asti has a deep seated spirituality that involves a very simply and genuine love for men, elves, dwarves, and any other creatures when innocent. Her communication, while alienating to some, is always with the best of intention. She frequently speaks to the living creatures she kills after their deaths, showing a consistent respect the coincides with her spiritual views of hunting and killing. Very difficult to anger, Asti's study of writing, religion, and philosophy built a set of core principles on which she has continuously built her life. Daily prayer is an essential part of this, as is the defense of the innocent without prejudice. Without hatred, Asti allowed the sorrow following her father's death to develop her keen passion for hunting and gathering ones own food into a keen passion for hunting the hunters of the innocent. Still a lover of her father and believer that he is a good man, Asti lives with a clean conscience. 


Campaign History: None so far


Relationships: Aside from Sivan, none so far.


Currency: -

#486968 Sivan

Posted by El Taco on 06 April 2018 - 09:48 AM




Full Name: Sivan of the Blackrock (As a bastard, Sivan has no surname)

Aliases: Bearded One, Bearded Bastard, Bastard Boy,


Sex: M

Race: Man/Dwarf (Northern/Mountain)

Birthplace: Blackrock Foothills


Affinity: Fire

Deity: No preference

Faction: Venatori


Talents: Venator Herbalism, Monster Lore, Diplomacy, Brawler, Multilingual (Dwarven, Southron, Beastfolk)



Strength: 8

Agility: 4

Constitution: 7

Perception: 5

Intelligence: 9

Spirit: 5

Luck: 4


Appearance: As a half dwarf having lived among humans for so long, Sivan has gotten used to presenting as little more than a slightly short (not even that noticeably, his dwarf mother was unusually tall. He is taller than his partner, Asti) Imperial man, with a thick red beard and bald head. Though his father was a north-blooded man living as an imperial, Sivan presents little in the way of intense northern heritage. His eyes are an unremarkable blue, his broad and framed by his enormous dwarven shoulders. Partial to loose-fitting tunics and tough farmers pants when not in armour, Sivan looks very much like a human in his twenties, though the elongated life of a dwarf has put twice that many years under his belt. His face and bald head are marked with a few notable scars, but most have healed kindly. 



Venator Pack

  • 1 deepsilver chain shirt
  • 1 set of leather armor
  • 1 set of simple clothing
  • 1 steel gladius
  • 1 crossbow
  • 20 crossbow bolts
  • 5 silver-headed crossbow bolts
  • 1 silver dagger
  • 1 blue cloak
  • 1 silver Venator brooch
  • Flint and tinder
  • Potion supplies
  • 3 clean bandages
  • 2 healing ointment
  • 2 sense-enhancing potions
  • 1 strength-enhancing potion
  • 1 anti-lycanthropy potion
  • Water and rations
  • 1 heavy wooden shield
  • 1 large horse-drawn kart (shared with Asti)
  • 1 extra bag of herbal supplies for creating medicine/etc. in the wild


Animal Companion: Sivan began using a double-mule-drawn cart with his partner Asti long ago. The two mules don’t belong to either Venator in particular, though the larger one, Saffron, is better suited to carrying the heavier Sivan in the case that the mules must be ridden. Asti rides the smaller one, Tumeric. Both were named by Asti.



Biography: Sivan was born to his Dwarven mother in the Blackrock foothills. A natural fighter from birth, Sivan honed his abilities in tunnel scraps with chaos races and beastfolk early in life, however as a bastard boy, there was little future for Sivan in the noble clan halls that his best friends most frequently spent their time in. Eventually, he decided to leave home. His time spent travelling with a travelling elite group of dwarven warriors through unclaimed territory in the Northland brought him into communication with a pair of Venatori, who over the course of a few months persuaded Sivan to join them whilst travelling with him. After having completed a number of missions with several different teams, Sivan established a solo posting near the Southwestern Wilds, where he met and eventually mentored Asti Yadana.


Personality: A foil to his partner's otherworldly strangeness, Sivan is an every-man in many ways. Well traveled, even considering his years, Sivan's travels have given him a broad perspective on culture and values. Sivan does not actively worship, having peacefully acknowledged but personally rescinded following the gods nearly a decade again following what seemed to Sivan to be an unreasonable degree of indifference on the part of most pantheons. As a result of his personal lack of spirituality and broad experience abroad, Sivan's method to killing is very efficient and methodical. He carries relatively little prejudice for a half dwarf, though he is known to hold a personal grudge. Sivan's ability to negotiate and peacefully speak even with parties he doesn't personally respect is notable, and his vast knowledge of potions, herbalist, monsters and language are all resources he offers anyone he thinks will use them responsibly. 


Campaign History: None so far


Relationships: None so far


Currency: -

#470716 The "What are you currently reading" thread.

Posted by El Taco on 02 June 2016 - 11:49 AM

So, I started reading the First Game of Thrones Book, Game of Thrones.


Any genuine interest I had in reading the series was overwhelmed by the authors need to put a sexual reference/innuendo/scene in every. single. chapter.


So I decided to read another series with a questionable film adaption.


The first book is actually by far the tamest sexually, so if that sort of thing bothers you it's probably for the better you didn't get into Clash of Kings or Feast for Crows.


Storm of Swords is fantasy at it's absolute best though, so if you ever find yourself desensitized to the things that bothered you in the first book, I recommend you pick up the series again and work through to SoS. The saddest thing about A Song of Ice and Fire is that the show turning terrible and being ahead of the books has wasted good plot point on an unworthy medium, thus ruining the entire story for everyone, even those who don't watch the show. But it would be a huge disservice to how good the books were for people to stop reading them just because bad show-runners have perverted the spoilers for us.


As for what I'm reading, The Winter King by Bernard Cornwell. Specifically because somebody told me reading this great, complete, historical fantasy trilogy would take my mind off the bitterness I just expressed over Game of Thrones. So far it's excellent and totally living up to the hype it was given. I recently finished Ready Player One, which I didn't like (entirely do to personal preference, I might still recommend it to video game fans and 80s culture lovers) and Coraline, which was capital G Great.

#469696 Sign-Up - Echoes of the Mage-Emperor

Posted by El Taco on 12 May 2016 - 09:16 PM

I'll scan this for typos and stuff tomorrow...


Name: Remes (REH-mess, a low form of the more regal Rameses) Botros. He is often called Rem or even Ram by his fellow farmhands.

Race: Human (Southerner)
Affinity: Air (Accustomed to the open air of Kemhet market streets and Imperial grain fields)
Deity: Raised worshiping The Old Kingdom, now mostly (except in Southern matters) prays to the Olympians. Not so devout that a change in deity is at all troubling for him.
Faction: Achaean Empire (works as a farmhand for a proper tax-paying ranch and grain plantation)
Appearance: While the curly black hair and brown skin of his Kemhetian heritage has been known to draw some degree of attention in his current Achaean home, Remes is a fairly unremarkable in appearance. He keeps his hair just long enough to tie back, his face clean shaven, and his thick eyebrows reasonably maintained. His eyes are very dark and his jaw notably broad, combining with a hook nose to make for a somewhat imposing facial structure. This is aided by his relatively infrequent smiles and unflinching gaze. His body is built well for the life of hard work he has embraced, though his arms and hands are both scarred and calloused from years of rough living in the south. He stands tall for a Southerner, but in the Empire, his height is considered average.
Equipment: Remes is not a material man. He carries a few religious symbols of both the South and the Empire to aid in prayer, but living in the plantation bunks, he has most of his daily living equipment provided for him. Were the plantation forced into combat, Remes would be perfectly capable in use of a spear or spear-like weapon, though his real talent lies in the use of a straight blade. For this reason, Remes still carries a simply Kemhetian straight battle knife, edged on each side of the blade and stored in a long worn-out sheath. He carries this along with a less-lethal working knife with him in the fields.
Personality: Remes is a quiet man. His time as a hard laborer in the Achaean Empire has given him opportunity to become contemplative, and this has largely shaped his personality. He thinks before speaking, communicates either in simple answers or fully fleshed out ideas, and tries to contemplate all viewpoints at least briefly before commenting on them. This is not to say that Remes is entirely objective, his peaceful life in the Empire and bad memories of the South have left him reverential of Archaea and abrasive towards Kemhetian presence. He does not get along with Southerners in the Empire who still believe in the glory and beauty of Southern culture and lifestyles. Despite these more aloof qualities, Remes is not afraid to indulge in drink, tobacco, and prostitution, and he enjoys the company of other laborers like himself. His Kehmetian upbringing has left him somewhat more open-minded to the presence of the unnatural than his fellow laborers, but this certainly does not mean that Remes would be sympathetic towards mages or beast-folk or any other shunned being. His good treatment over the last few years has left him quite loyal to the plantation owner and to the Achaean Empire as a whole. While he has spent the last few years content with a generally aimless life working for his living in the fields, Remes has recently acknowledged to himself that some desire to travel has re-emerged within him. He would like to see the west coast of Achaea, and entertains some private dreams of sailing the ocean. Above all, he wishes to remain free of what he considers the poisonous South.
Child of a weaving woman and a traveling mercenary, Remes was raised along with his half-brother by a single mother in urban Kemhet. Working from a very young age, Remes started off an assistant for his mother, eventually acquiring his own job as an errand boy for several street merchants. When Remes was only ten, his mother fell very ill, unable to work. Both Remes and his half-brother worked hard to keep their home and try to maintain their mothers help, but work for boys could not pay well enough for the price of medicine men to heal her sickness.
It is for this reason Remes first took to the life of thievery. A simple cutpurse, Remes stole money directly to provide for his withering family for a short time. Despite his best efforts, Remes lost his mother a short time later. Angered with life and society for their unfairness, Remes embraced a life of crime, falling in with a gang of other young thieves. It was with these other criminals that Remes grew through his teenage years, learning the art of subtlety, knife and swordplay, lockpicking, and other such thieves skills. His half brother, Idin, meanwhile, took to an honest life of marketplace work, though he swiftly developed a gambling illusion.
As Remes matured and entered his adult years, he became disillusioned with criminal life. He left the gang on amicable terms, and spent a year or so feeling out honest work in the Kemhetian metropolis. Alas, a lawful life was not meant for Remes. At the age of seventeen, Remes was approached By Idin, who was in over his head in gambling debt and in very real, lethal danger from a number of men. Reluctant and regretful, but driven by the love of his brother, Remes quietly assassinated all those men after his brother's life over the course of two nights. Nine men, killed in their sleep. Appalled by what he had done and furious with his brother for the circumstances that had led to it, Remes washed his hands of the deed and fled the South entirely. Seeking a fresh start and new life, Remes found work as a farmhand in the Empire.
It is there that he has remained for the last few years, scarcely a few leagues from the great Achaean city of Artorius...

#463804 General OOC Discussion Thread

Posted by El Taco on 15 January 2016 - 11:32 AM


-Ah, okay, I misunderstood the societies chart. Thought maybe human mages were accepted by beastfolk through mutual hatred of the empire or something. All the more reason to move her elsewhere.

-Disguise as man was mostly just because she's been travelling alone for a while and men are safer alone on the traditional medieval road than women, but if that's not really the case in this world it's just for Shakespearean flair. I'm gonna keep it, I'll just come up with a better reasoning for it. Her bio is still in the works.

#463779 Errant campaigns for the winter/spring

Posted by El Taco on 14 January 2016 - 09:56 PM

Southwestern Wilds beastfolk RP would be super dope. I keep picturing it as Seven Samurai with beastfolk, so regardless of how accurate that is I'm hype for the idea. Definitely something rural would be nice, so we can do a lot of gallopin' and stuff.

#463726 Movie/Television/Disney Entertainment Conglomerate News

Posted by El Taco on 13 January 2016 - 11:03 PM

Man maybe I'm out of touch with pop culture but Dinosaur-related puns are still 100% A-okay in my book.

#463703 Movie/Television/Disney Entertainment Conglomerate News

Posted by El Taco on 13 January 2016 - 03:49 PM



Kung Fury had a character named Triceracop.


Like, he wasn't even related to the time travel plot. He was just there.


Kung Fury was the best movie of 2015.

#463482 The music topic for serfs and peasants

Posted by El Taco on 11 January 2016 - 01:04 AM

#462599 What Are You Currently Playing?

Posted by El Taco on 25 December 2015 - 11:22 PM

I`ve played Red Dead Redemption for about two and a half hours. It`s already maybe the best game I`ve ever played.

#450383 What Are You Currently Playing?

Posted by El Taco on 04 July 2015 - 12:58 PM

XCOM is breaking my heart.


Three dudes, all colonels, have been with me since the start of the game. My sniper, my heavy, and my assault. I am so attached to these guys and so proud of how devastatingly lethal they have become. Best among them "Zulu", the sniper, with 68 confirmed kills over 20+ missions. The scariest moment I've had in the game so far was when he was critically wounded and I rushed all three of my people with a medkit to him right in front of some hulk aliens just to make sure he stabilized.


At least, that HAD been the scariest moment. Zulu just died. I couldn't have really seen it coming, but it's dampened all of my drive to see my most beloved character get killed. Zulu had been on three different missions with over fifty percent soldier casualties, and in the third he was amongst those casualties.


Agh. Like, agh. A quarter of the planet has left XCom and my UFO shoot-down rate has been awful and now I've lost my best soldier damn this game is depressing agh. I got lucky in that I was given a captain sniper as an award to replace him on the very next mission but DAMN it ain't easy.

#448645 Game of Thrones: What about Ygritte, Jon?

Posted by El Taco on 18 June 2015 - 04:08 PM

Ah yes, what a shame for one of the last remaining sympathetic characters in the entire show to survive.

#442419 Therm Scissorpunch: A Star Wars Story

Posted by El Taco on 16 April 2015 - 06:28 PM





















#441092 Bond...James Bond

Posted by El Taco on 31 March 2015 - 05:11 PM

Excuse me while I avoid stepping on the peasants in this movie who are hating on Skyfall, because that movie is supreme. Liked Craig in Casino Royal, but hoping for more of the classic Bond feel? Worry not, Skyfall's got your back. Gorgeous cinematography, classic Bond chase scene on motorbikes, Javier freakin' Bardem...Skyfall is the right stuff.


This one's looking like it's cut from the same cloth, so I'm pumped about that. James Bond is pretty much the only major franchise that I think can still get me really excited for a new release.

#440755 Werewolf's Art

Posted by El Taco on 26 March 2015 - 06:58 PM


I love that he's blue! Couldn't fit him better!