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Yesterday, 01:14 AM

Lemme just check a few of these runners up off the list quickly, because they're not quite worth a full wall of text but I still really enjoyed them:


Metroid: Samus Returns: Hey Nintendo made a Metroid again! And it was great! I have a few issues with the area and enemy variety, in that the whole world kind of blends together into one fairly indistinct melange, where each new area has all the same enemies all over again but this time in different colours, but overall I just loved playing through Samus' Return, Samus Returns. I had my doubts about playing a 2D Metroid with the 3DS's Circle Pad rather than a D-pad, but after playing it I actually think Samus Returns has the best controls in the series; the 360 degree manual aim cuts out all the awkward positioning stuff you had to do with your aiming locked to 45 degree angles in the older games. And the bosses were so cool! Really, really difficult, but still fair and amazingly rewarding to finally beat.


Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle: It's impossible to talk about this game without mentioning what a bizarre concept a Ubisoft-developed Mario/Rabbids crossover is, let alone one that plays like an XCOM-style strategy game, but it came together so well. As someone whose idea of strategy in a video game only really goes so far as punching the bad guys and dodging when they try and punch back, I kind of stink at this game, but I still really liked it all the same. It's designed well enough that even a schmuck like me can comprehend all the systems at work and feel like a cool guy when a plan comes together perfectly, and feel like an even cooler guy when my plans fall apart completely but I manage to improvise my way out of a heinous pickle. This is one of those rare Nintendo-exclusive third party gems that people are going to look back on fondly for years.


Gravity Rush 2: Imagine the original Gravity Rush, but run it through the Wonderful-101-izer. Even beyond what you'd expect for a Vita-to-PS4 sequel upgrade, they went nuts with this game. They gave you more gravity powers and more cool ways to use them, which is great, but then they decided to be crazy people and start shoving in gigantic bosses all over the place, ridiculous story twists and turns, like five different endings, a fight against a skyscraper-sized corpulent mass of horrific homunculi, followed with a fistfight against SATAN; I didn't know it beforehand, but when I learnt that this game was directed by the man who created Silent Hill some things started falling into place. It's a bit rough in places, and there's an irritating tendency to create challenge in missions by temporarily stripping you of your powers (I hate that so much), but this game is such an incredible spectacle that I can overlook them.


Nioh: Imagine Dark Souls crossed with a super technical character action game full of stance changes and frame-perfect timing and all that good stuff. I didn't play as much of this as I would have liked to, because I found it really stressful and I'm just not really a Souls/perma-death kind of guy. The things I enjoy about good character action games, like rewarding experimentation and creativity, don't really mix well with such a high penalty for death; I feel like the game is a little at odds with itself. But it still has some really cool combat mechanics, and I guess you can probably reach a point where you don't have to play so carefully once you've leveled up enough.


Uncharted: The Lost Legacy: What a great Uncharted game! What started as DLC for Uncharted 4 became a full standalone release, one that took me longer to play through than either the first and third games, and I had so much fun doing it. Chloe and Nadine were such a great pair of reluctant buddies to spend that time with, and this game feels like the culmination of Naughty Dog's decade of experience making Uncharted games. The final action setpiece is like a greatest hits compilation of every amazing moment of Uncharted-ing, rolled into one incredible car chasin', convoy drivin', train climbin', rope swingin', fist fightin' breathless action spectacle that's probably the best thing ND has ever made.


Assassin's Creed Origins: I'm surprised at how much I enjoyed a trek back into the world of tower-climbing and man-stabbing. AC Origins completely dumps the awful control scheme of ACs past, instead letting you just enjoy the game without holding a trigger the whole time, and it's so much better for it. It's heavily MGSV-inspired, and with that inspiration unfortunately comes the same repetitiveness, where more or less every mission is just infiltrating a base and killing/extracting something, but sometimes the story gets really enjoyably silly to break things up. How many other games let you throw a thousand spears at a rampaging war elephant elephant from the back of a chariot that Julius Caesar is driving?


Wolfenstein: The New Colossus: I was a little down on this one in the early hours, with some really overbearingly maudlin dialogue from our hero BJ Blazkowicz, a scene where a bad guy forces you to shoot a dog (that doesn't time out if you refuse to do it. Thankfully you can intentionally miss), and some really poor level design that had me really frustrated as I couldn't work out where to go. But then I realised just how good the game's writing and voice acting is, and things started falling into place. This game is genuinely funny, which is so rare in an industry where 'funny' generally means a character loudly shouting internet memes with zero artifice; Machinehead Games' writers have a wonderful command of character voices and comic timing and all that good stuff. And then I found the button that turns the one gun you're shooting Nazis with into two guns to shoot Nazis with, and then I realised you could mix and match said guns, and then I hit the halfway point of the game and witnessed what is absolutely, 100%, the most incredible scene in any video game of 2017. I'm going to put it in spoilers, because it really is a spoiler, but I really recommend that if you aren't going to play this game, definitely watch this scene:



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09 December 2017 - 09:42 AM



EDIT - Hey, Nintendo did the Akira meme:





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08 December 2017 - 09:11 PM

Wolfie, for you, I will make sure to assume a thoroughly uncharacteristic level of hype if they announce this... 'DMC5', did you say? It sounds interesting.


Shaun Layden, the guy who looks like the bad guy from Equilibrium, is sitting on a couch bantering with another guy. He's wearing a shirt with some kind of logo on it under a jacket. All that's peaking out is the top of a white circle; what could it be?


EDIT - So this whole thing is a little bit unbearable. It's very pretend-casual, like "Let's bring out the developer of this game and have a totally definitely not at all scripted and rehearsed conversation with him!". The God of War guy says the game's going to be forty hours long, which sounds insane.


EDIT - God of War passed with no new footage, not even a release date, and now they're moving onto Dreams, so I might be relegating this one to background noise while I do more important things. Like my daily hours of fantasising about DMC5.


EDIT - There's a new guy out there, but I don't care enough about who he is to unmute the stream. Nothing's happening. I'm wondering if this is Sony trying to do a Nintendo Treehouse stream and forgetting that they still have gameplay footage on the Treehouse streams.


Wait, the new guy's picked up a controller. AND HE'S PLAYING THE DAVID CAGE GAME! Oh man, you got me, Sony. Back to mute again.


EDIT - Audience is going wild...




From front to back, it's a perfect spectrum of pretending to care. Tongue-in-cheek polite applause -> reluctant clapping -> three claps and back to crossed arms -> not even bothering to clap -> not even looking up from phone.


EDIT - Oh wait, they're showing trailers. A new one for Soul Calibur 6.




No, wait, I think this is just Monster Hunter. God, my heart was pounding for a moment :P


EDIT - Now they're just showing the same Death Stranding scene from yesterday. All eight minutes of it. I mean, I'll watch it again, of course, but where's my new hotness, bruv?


EDIT - Kojima's here and he's got that weird robo arm thing on his shoulder from the Death Stranding footage!




EDIT - Layden's revealed the thing on his shirt: it's Sir Daniel Fortescue's grave. It looks like they're remaking the Medievil games for PS4 like they did with Crash.


EDIT - It seems like that's it for the main show, and now they're going to do panels or something. Oh God he said that Greg Miller is coming up next. I'm out. What an absolute waste of time. Don't do this again next year, Sony.

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08 December 2017 - 08:25 PM

I'm scared to ever play a DMC game, in case I turn into Ocelot. 😀


Once you witness the soul-searing glory that is Devil May Cry, nothing else will ever match up.


OK, TROOPERS, PSX is starting in about half an hour. Hopefully we'll see some more from Ghosts of Tsushima, a bit of The Last of Us 2, maybe even a proper reveal of whatever that From Software thing was last night. And maybe Devil May Cry V, of course.


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08 December 2017 - 12:34 AM


Not to be a big Debbie Downer all the time, but I think this looks pretty bad. I really don't want to see a movie about a bunch of poor dinosaurs falling off a cliff; I hated that scene in Peter Jackson's King Kong where all the dinosaurs were tripping and falling. This movie seems to be more or less the same thing as all the other Jurassic Park sequels, only this time the island is exploding the whole time, which is so silly it sounds like a joke, but they're playing it super seriously. And they even did another big Hero T-Rex shot and had Jeff Goldblum say the line right in the trailer.