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A new roleplay that has dungeons and dragons and monsters and treasure and swords and I am the boss.

Posted by Sir_Muffonious, 06 March 2011 · 2,414 views

I have recently started a new (kinda) RP on Soul of the City. It is creatively named Dungeons & Dragons roleplay 2.0. This is an RP that I tried a while ago but never quite managed to make it work. I really enjoyed the concept of it and wanted it to work, but unfortunately inspiration for Frontier drew me away from the project. Now, with Frontier dead and me having no interest whatsoever in running a gigantic RP on SSLF again, I decided to reboot this old thing.

The concept is basic, and the title reflects the main idea. It is a Dungeons & Dragons roleplay, as close to the real thing as we can get without resorting to keeping track of hit points and damage and having virtual character sheets and whatnot. This is accomplished not in the way the game itself is played (it's like any other RP, really), but is instead achieved by the idea of it. There's no overarching plot in this RP, you're just adventurers running around killing monsters and getting loot. A lot of the RP will be spent crawling through dungeons and battling a number of fiendish foes, and really the story isn't gonna go much of anywhere. Sure, here and there one quest will lead into another and eventually feature a climax of sorts, but you're not saving the world or anything.

As a result of this plotlessness, you don't have to worry about constantly being in the inner circle of the party. No one absolutely has to know everything there is to know about what's going on. They just jump into the party and start fighting and looting alongside them. The intention is to have fun and see what crazy stuff we can get into. I have no interest in telling a great big story in this RP.

I don't want a whole ton of players, but I figured that this time around I might as well clue you guys in on what's happening. I don't want a lot of players, but I want some dedicated players. People who can post every day or two, hopefully. You'll find that I'll be very relaxed when it comes to my expectations from each post, so there's no pressure. Hell, I'm going to be making up most of the stuff as I go along, so sometimes I might just be making one-sentence posts for the sake of stalling until I come up with something new. That's the honest truth.

Also I'm really into the D&D stuff right now, so if this doesn't work out then I'm not just going to let it die. I'll bring it to SSLF if that's what it takes to get the right amount of players. Just don't expect it to be your typical Sissilfian RP.

So, if you're interested then head on over, please. Check it out and sign up if you want.

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Just to do some advocateing, it really is a blast.

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