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Ramblings of a Deranged Hocotate Freight Employee - A Blog by Sir Muffonious

The New Year has come and a space rock the size of Texas is hurtling through the atmosphere straight towards Time Square

Posted by Sir_Muffonious, 01 January 2014 · 25,615 views

Hello everyone. I used to write a blog a while back, in the days when I was a frequent RPer and a writer of fiction. I still write fiction from time to time (but mostly flash fiction and poetry now), but with the exception of participating in one or two every year I've pretty much dropped out of the roleplaying profession. This has made me sad. Globejumpe...

At last I have come upon the much overdo completion of an old writing project of mine.

Posted by Sir_Muffonious, 01 July 2011 · 2,803 views

Ah yes, the return of the RP known as Rise is what brings me back to this most familiar of all places. Lately I have not been very active on SSLF, and as a result I have not been all that active in this little blog of mine. I've found myself growing more and more detached from this website and the community that this forum has created. It's...


Posted by Sir_Muffonious, 31 March 2011 · 2,570 views


Something I thought should be pointed out...

Posted by Sir_Muffonious, 18 March 2011 · 2,452 views

For those of you interested but unable to sign up as of yet, my D&D RP has been moved to Merc's new forum, Three Mile Island. This place seems more popular than Soul of the City, and we've been...

A random question I feel like presenting my readers with so that I may pick their brains

Posted by Sir_Muffonious, 06 December 2010 · 2,858 views

Several months ago, I made a blog post about Ginger's Fallout series of roleplays, encouraging readers of my blog to read it and draw inspiration from it in the same manner that I did nearly a year (?!?) ago. (The...

Just to inform you of the happenings of this day/night rather quickly so that I can move on to watching Boardwalk Empire

Posted by Sir_Muffonious, 07 November 2010 · 1,728 views

In case you don't hover over Globejumper the way I do, I wanted to inform you that I've started sign ups for a new RP called Frontier. This idea has been in my brain since, um...sometime during part one of Journey. I've had a lot of stumbles trying to develop the idea, but I...

Reasons why I have been promising a new RP and not giving an RP and an excuse to write a blog post instead of making a new RP

Posted by Sir_Muffonious, 04 October 2010 · 1,801 views

Lately a lot of people have been coming to me and asking me, "Muffonious, what have you been up to? Why is there no new RP? Write a blog to answer my questions!" As it turns out, as of late I have been promising a new RP left and right, and yet, where is this phantom project? Does it have something to do with that text adventure...thing...

Do you really care? Probably not but I'm going to post about it anyway and you will read it damnit.

Posted by Sir_Muffonious, 11 September 2010 · 1,677 views

Like I said, you probably don't care but since so many people seem to like Paramore all of a sudden, I thought I'd bring this up. The Video Music Awards are on tonight on MTV at 9:00 (eastern time). Normally I wouldn't watch the VMAs. They're like the Oscars, but I think that they might actually be worse because all of the winners are pretty...

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