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19 August 2008 - 09:42 AM

Republic (Joined too many as seps)
Ike "Mouse" Ragnell
Bio (short cause im tired of bios): Born to snipe, born to fly, he convinced the Jedi Generals to let him take up a position in the army and navy. He is generally light hearted and humorous.
Faction: Clones
Role: Long range/Fighter Pilot
Rank: Sharpshooter/Wingman
Weapons: Illigally modded sniper rifle
head: old luke (when helmet off)
Minsc: ARC 130 (R3 Droid gunner)

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19 August 2008 - 08:59 AM

Name: Shokick

Race: Rodian

Age: (I dont know rodian ages) 26 human years

Appearance: Dark blue eyes, dark blue head, dark blue frills, white tips. (see pic)

Clothing: (See pic)

Weapons: Heavily Modified E-13 (Like Boba Fett's, see pic again) and pistol

Personality: "Whats your price?" or jokes about it.

Fears/Likes/Dislikes: Fears: None. Likes: Someone with good humor, like himself. Dislikes: Twi'Leks

Bio: He has been known to work for the Hutts. During one mission, he was asked to kill a mere gambler, which was no problem and nothing new. As he set up his position, and looked threw the scope upon his target, he could see, it was Trace, his friend back in the rebellion flight academy, which he ended up dropping out of the work for the Hutts. He knew he couldn't do that to his friend, so he got up and stepped away from the placed gun. After a short stop, he went to pack up the gun and flee Tatooine. As he layed the gun down, a rock was in the path of the trigger cage, which resulted in the trigger being activated, and firing the shot. He noticed it, and looked through the scope to make sure everything was O.K. Well, it wasn't, and I think you can guess what happened. He returned to his boss. The job was finished. He is a regular at the Mos Eisley Cantina now, and a frequent drinker.

Motto: Death does not defy or frighten me, it is unimportant to me, it is only a minor inconvience,
Ooops forgot the pic, give me a second.

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15 August 2008 - 07:43 PM

Sepratists (sp?)
Name: Ike Ragnell
Bio: After being raised in poverty until age 18, Ike enlisted in the Clone Army. The army refused to take him due to the fact that he was too young and not battle hardened. Despite the fact that he excelled at taking targets away from long range (sniper) they had to let him go. He tried the Navy, and they were glad to get their hands on him. He was a natural, and quickly rose to the rank of Squadron Leader. While Ike and his squad were
escorting cargo, AC-130 parts to be exact, they were ambushed. One of the fighters hit Ike's R2 unit, and by slim chance, causing a shockwave throught the ship, leaving him as a "sitting duck." The rest of his squad fled like the cowards they prooved to be. The Cargo ship was destroyed, give the Sepretists a large advantage on Naboo. The ship needed an escort, due to the fact that it needed to be manuevered through a moderatly sized asteroid belt. After waiting for a while, the weight of a stray asteriod slingshotted Ike's ship down to the surface, fracturing his body greatly. Now, he lusts for revenge against those who left him to die.
Faction: Droid?
Role: Fighter Ace, Sniper
Weapons/ Accessories: Customized Sniper, Issued Blaster sidearm.
Headwear/ Hair: Ground: Black Ninja (Wraps, and the holster on back for sniper) Air: TIE (he kept his clone helmet and painted it.)
Head: Old luke (I think...the one with the dry.gif look
Neckwear: none
Torso: Dark Trooper or TIE Pilot
Arms: Black
Hands: Black

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15 August 2008 - 07:20 PM

Read 'em.