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I know, I know you tried to change things

Posted by Phaedrus, 03 August 2010 · 1,405 views

Honestly I don't know what to write in this blog post but I have aboslutely nothing better to do, so here I am. I could describe my feelings and thoughts on a great many topics but I fear that would quickly lead to diction that is considered inappropriate on these forums. I'm so bored, summer is almost over and though some of my good friends have returned from camp (speaking of which, many shenaigans were declared today). MY home computer is broken so I can't really type up these story drafts I've got lying around, I somehow managed to break the spit valve on my trombone which means I can't practise it (which means I'm screwed), and I have to work on my birthday and everyday that week, pretty much denying any chance of holding the epic lasertag party I was planning. So all in all stuff is pretty crappy right now but oh well. I'm trying to decide if I should by a laptop with my paycheck n Friday or finish paying off my Reach Legendary Edition preorder and put some money down on a Reach console.

Speaking of Reach, I love all my Xbros (no homo) but I am so gorramed bored with every vidya gaemz I own. I have tasted Reach via the Beta and since then nothing has really held my rapture, so I apologize to anyone in advance if I don't want to play Gheyloz with you all the time.Actually why do I bother its not like anyone reads this crap anyways I don't have LEGOs or shiny nifty things to post, I'm really nothing special.

Just a man trying to find his way in the universe

Wow... your life at current sounds like it's no fun... almost like my life right now, but mine's not as bad...

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