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Posted by Phaedrus, 26 June 2010 · 1,442 views

Oh hey, I'm a Nova, so I made a blog. Cool beans. I don't know what I plan to put in here, random story/RP ideas, links to enjoyable things, and other random assorted goodies. So yeah, enjoy your stay in The Attic... its rather dusty up here.

So I guess I'll start off with what I did today:
  • Woke up
  • Went to work
  • Got picked up by friends after work
  • Drove around
  • Played 'Dirty Truth or Dare'
  • Had Burger King
  • SAW TOY STORY 3 OHMYGOD AMAZINGESS (see my full review here.)
  • Cuddled :3c
  • Went home

Pretty decent, as far as boring summer days go.

Oh yeah I have some story ideas, just ideas right now, not a whole lot of development. I guess I'll list 'em off with a short description of each, and if you care to bother, you can comment with what you think.

  • Mass Effect - Ooh, you don't see Mass Effect stories very often, do you? Exactly what I plan to play on. I have some good ideas for this one, small band of travelers, who may or may not be outlaws. Conspiracies. Betrayal. THE FINAL FRONTIER. I still need to figure out the finer details, but this is the one I'm personally most inspired to actually do.
  • Star Wars - Overdone, yes, but I have two characters that I never finished writing about, and I should get around to that some day. Rax Joultar the bounty hunter, and my namesake, Darth Phaedrus the Sith Lord.
  • Resident Evil - I like this one too, it would be a collection of stories, told by different characters, about the rise of the T-Virus, ala World War Z. I actually started writing it once in English class but I never finished or got anywhere for that matter.
  • Halo - This would be another collection of stories, told from the perspective of civilians and government workers and such on various planets under Covenant attack, maybe some on Earth too. A blue-collar outlook on the Human-Covenant War.

So those are my super duper original story ideas. If you even bothered reading this far, please also take the time to leave a comment telling me what you think. Goodnight.

Anything. Anything except Halo or Star Wars. Both of those are simply far too overdone, and I would far prefer something a little more original.

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