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Garandros Aldor

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Congrats Dalton and to everyone, I thought the standard of entries was incredibly high!

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21 May 2017 - 01:09 PM

*shrug* I see no reason why you can't use it, if you want to seriously reflect just how much this guy doesn't mind dying. It's certainly unusual, but it gets the point across. I rather like it. :P
I'm just not sure how useful it'd be. Most beastfolk and other monsters harmed by silver don't wear much armor, and maces made for war were often designed to crush armor; plus, silver just isn't a very heavy or durable metal, so once it hit something hard enough to do lasting damage, it'd probably be bent too out of shape to be much use. Most Venatori use silver daggers because, while still extremely expensive, their smaller size makes them less extravagant and wasteful than most weapons, since silver doesn't have the durability necessary to retain an edge after much use or make a good sparring weapon, anyway. Also, making a bleeding wound instead of a bludgeoned one is arguably more useful when it comes to silver weapons, as one can potentially create a blood trail for tracking.
All of that is really just kind of nitpicking and commenting, though. :P Ultimately, it's up to you. I won't say no. If you want a weapon with some distance, though, a silver-headed spear might be an excellent idea (especially since spears are more useful for hunting, as well).
Silver's not a very strong metal... it'd probably be hard to hold a fully transformed werewolf even with something like deepsilver. At the most, a silver chain would just hurt a lot, cause him burns, and the pain would only make the werewolf angrier and stronger and more likely to break free quickly.
I get the idea, though... a lot of werewolf things do that kind of stuff. I've never liked it to be too easy for one to restrain their werewolf form at night. Though, if he did have a few heavy chains, he could probably restrain himself at least on some nights (but on a full moon, when he's going to transform to the most extreme, all bets are pretty much off).
I just assumed, since you said he finds her again in her wolf form. But yeah, like I said, those were mostly just comments about details. Keeping things vaguer is fine, if you want it to be that way.
Sorry if all of this seems like horrible nitpicking. You don't need to change anything, really (though the silver chain wouldn't hold a werewolf). I'm mostly just commenting at this point.

I'm feeling more and more like I've created a new talent for no reason, but if you approve I might as well go ahead.

I'd envisioned something along these lines for the mace https://hydra-media....f5daa4d6485cb70 but on reflection I might change to a relatively short spear as suggested. Probably only as long as the claymore.

I might scrap the chain then rather than scrambling to make it work.

No worries about the nitpicking. It's your world, we just get to play in it.

Buy anyway, I'll create a character topic and stop clogging this one up.

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21 May 2017 - 08:18 AM

Eyyyy! I'll get on that. ^^
Yeeaah, I had a similar idea, but I also feel that's a bit too particular for Errant. I'll probably make a bard sooner than later and see if specifying is too hard or not.

Though with classifying stuff in mind, I figure the specialization list could run thusly:
Dancing (Automatic with Acrobatics)
Oratory (Automatic with Education)
Acting/Comedy (potentially singing could be added on here?)
Wind Instruments
Percussion Instruments
String Instruments
Keyboard Instruments

I'd love to make a bard character myself if you feel like creating a musical troupe.

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21 May 2017 - 04:15 AM

Interesting talent. So, I take it, it's essentially... Martial Combat with a death wish? :P
A silver-headed mace would be very expensive and unconventional (even by way of silver weaponry), but your choice.
For what purpose, exactly? I ask, because that wouldn't hold a werewolf, if that's the intention...
I really like the character (I especially love the way you described his physical appearance), and I'm certainly not saying no, but I do have to say... it'd be very, very unintelligent for any Venator to hunt a werewolf at night. Knowingly going after a werewolf at night is pretty much like committing suicide, which the Venatori would know best of all. If he were to take her down one-on-one when she was transformed at all, it's likely she was only partially transformed, not fully. Even then, he'd have to be both very foolish and very lucky to go after her alone (there's a very good reason Venatori always work in pairs) and actually kill her, even if he almost died, himself.
Just pointing out nitpicks. :P
Those are mostly just comments, and I'd like a little clarification on the things I mentioned. :P Otherwise, though, sounds great. Feel free to make a character sheet thread for him and I'll reply with his currency.

In my mind's eye Martial Combat feels like Dark Souls' combat, powerful but measured. I wanted to reflect something with very little finesse but unflinching pressing of the attack. But if you think it's slightly pointless as a new talent I'll happily go with Martial Combat.

The mace was chosen as something to keep the silver a safe distance away from Garandros' hands given thee danger it poses, although again happy to change if you think it's a bit odd.

Darn, you got me with the chain. My idea was he would use it to try and restrain his wolf form at the full moon (when he knew a transformation was definitely coming), but I may have to scrap that entirely.

I might be being stupid but I can't see that I've put reference to a night time hunt anywhere. Regardless, going after her solo was definitely a foolish decision, but it can he assumed he wasn't thinking clearly at all based in the circumstances.

In happy to amend the backstory to include some others in the hunt though.