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The Attic > Oh hey this feature still exists

Posted 25 April 2013

I totally forgot about this blog thing. I haven't made an entry in almost three years, and looking back, I was a bit of a twat. Oh well. I suppose I can use this thing to dump my http://irrationalramblings.tumblr.com/  text posts into, get them some exposure. Or maybe no one will read them on...

The Attic > I know, I know you tried to change things

Posted 03 August 2010

Honestly I don't know what to write in this blog post but I have aboslutely nothing better to do, so here I am. I could describe my feelings and thoughts on a great many topics but I fear that would quickly lead to diction that is considered inappropriate on these forums. I'm so bored, summer is almost over and though some of my good friends have...

The Attic > What's All This Then?

Posted 07 July 2010


The Attic > The times they are a-changin'

Posted 05 July 2010


The Attic > Up the Steps

Posted 26 June 2010