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New Decals and Minifigs, plus Wulfgard and Nova Refuge stuff!

Posted by Saber-Scorpion, 08 January 2017 · 2,306 views

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The first update of 2017! Today we've got new decals in the Space Wars, Fantasy, Post-Apoc, and Misc (anime) sections of the Shop - plus some things for those of you interested in Nova Refuge and Wulfgard - and a few updates to the LEGO Creations gallery! Check it all out below:
Shop Updates
These Space Wars updates were made some time ago unannounced, so here's the announcement!:
Posted Image
Updated Space Wars Dark Prince - now with Black Robes and Non-Cyborg options!
Posted Image
New Space Wars Dark Legacy Pack!
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
Plus the Dark Legacy Soldiers, Ancient Dark Lords and Masks, Dark Princes, and Dark Assassins! That's a lot of darkness...
New Fantasy decals:
Posted ImagePosted Image
"Dark Spirits Pack" and "Vampire and Hunters Pack"
New Post-Apoc decals:
Posted ImagePosted Image
"Baseball Arena Guards" and "Goul and Leather Armor" packs!
New Miscellaneous decals:
Posted ImagePosted Image
Anime Adventurers Pack 1 and Anime Music Diva
New Nova Refuge Story
Nova Refuge isn't dead! Here's a new story about the leader of the Slashrim rebellion against the Mahlok's Helexith Empire - Vasha Greeshakk!:
Posted Image
Unburnt and Unbroken - Vasha Greeshakk's Tale
You may also be interested in this article about another species whose homeworld was invaded by the Mahlok: the Wrognoth!
New Wulfgard Story and Comics
New to the Stories page of the Wulfgard website, please check out my sister Maegan's ongoing story "Echoes of the Mage-Emperor" and the fan-made comics based on her story "Hunted" and my story "Potential Energy" from Tales of Wulfgard, Vol. 1, drawn by Dalton Westmoore!
Posted Image
New to the LEGO Creations Gallery
Posted Image
Star Wars: Mara Jade, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Captain Pellaeon, and Talon Karrde
Posted Image
Star Wars Legacy: Cade Skywalker
Posted Image
Star Wars Legacy: Darth Krayt
Posted Image
Star Wars Legacy: Darth Nihl
Posted Image
Star Wars Legacy: Darth Maladi
Posted Image
and Komari Vosa
Posted Image
Skyrim Dawnguard
Posted Image
Fallout: Ghoul and Diamond City Guards
Posted Image
Gwyn, Lord of Cinder, from Dark Souls
Posted Image
more Fire Emblem characters
Posted Image
That's all for now!

Lord Gwyn of Cinder looks fantastic!


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