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Warrior Born eBook now on Amazon!

Posted by Saber-Scorpion, 01 February 2015 · 1,375 views

Nova Refuge
Took me long enough, didn't it? Yes, now you can buy and read Nova Refuge: Warrior Born as an eBook through Amazon! It's half the price of the physical book, with no expensive shipping for international customers!
In other news, I've made a new webpage for my first novel, G4M3: Shattered Reality (no one told me the old one was broken!): http://www.saber-scorpion.com/g4m3
A few answers to questions you might have:
  • Will you also sell Warrior Born through other eBook providers, besides Amazon? I hope to eventually. If there is a particular one you prefer, please say so in a comment on this post!
  • Will you release G4M3 as an eBook too? Yes, I'm planning on it. However, I may make some revisions to the text before I publish it again. I always liked the story concept, but I think I could convey it better now that my writing skills have (I think) improved.
  • Will you sell the paperback version of Warrior Born through Amazon too? Yes, but not right away. It will take some time for me to set that up. In the meantime, the physical paperback versions of both my books are still available in my shop! And if you order there, you'll get to own one of the first 500 copies printed! I still haven't quite sold them all.
  • Does this mean you're finally going to write a sequel to Warrior Born? I always planned to - I just got extremely sidetracked by other things. I still intend to get the first Wulfgard novel and comic published before finishing Saber's Edge (the current title of Nova Refuge book 2).
  • So how is Wulfgard going? Very well! I'm going to make another news post about that soon! For an idea of what's to come, see this topic on my forums.
  • Can I become a Nova Member on the forums by purchasing the eBook? Yes, just log into your forum account and shoot me a private message. I will ask for some proof that you purchased it, like a photo of it open on your screen or device, and maybe a quote from the beginning of a chapter that is not included in Amazon's preview.
Hope you decide to order!

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