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In Topic: Star Wars Battlefront 1 or 2?

11 September 2008 - 02:23 AM

QUOTE (The Arbiter @ Sep 11 2008, 10:41 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I prefer the Civil War myself. It's one of the only games where I like playing as every side. No matter what side I'm on, I always show faith to it, and angst to others.

Except as CIS. Then I say "Beep" a lot.

I know what you mean. However, the Droideka isn't so bad, is it? In Theed, it's the only unit I use.

And Zero, what makes you think I want a job? Or if I can actually find the time to have one?

And everybody who's concerned about online play: I'm never going to play any XBox game online because I can't.

In Topic: Star Wars Battlefront 1 or 2?

10 September 2008 - 06:46 AM

You think getting a 360 is as easy as that? Why would I want a 360 anyway?

Anyway, in the end I got myself a working copy of BF1 due to all the arguements towards it. And I'm not regretting it yet. So far, my favourite levels are Naboo: Theed and Geonosis. I haven't delved into the Civil War much yet.

Maybe if I get enough money to casually waste, I'll pick up a cheap copy of Battlefront II later. I saw it going for 10 in Gamestation. Why just 'or' when you can have 'and'?

In Topic: Star Wars Battlefront 1 or 2?

06 September 2008 - 08:24 PM

Well, I have demos for both games on the original trilogy extras DVD (BF1) and the Star Wars Episode 3 extras DVD (BF2). From what I've played, BF1 seems better. On the BF1 demo, it had a wipe out all enemies/capture all command posts battle on Endor, and on BF2, it had a linear objective based mission for Utapau.

In Topic: Star Wars Battlefront 1 or 2?

06 September 2008 - 01:24 AM

Nah it's on XBox, and I'd prefer it on XBox cause that way I have a controller in my hands (I don't have one for PC).

In Topic: Star Wars Battlefront 1 or 2?

06 September 2008 - 01:20 AM

QUOTE (Pressure! @ Sep 6 2008, 04:20 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
What games did you trade in?

Star Fox: Assault in near-perfect condition (a few dents in the plastic laminate of the case, but otherwise perfect) and Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast (minus one manual). I'm surprise I got as much as I did for those two, but I was also suprised that they were trying to sell Battlefront 2 for 12 due to the condition the case for it was in. Even more surprised when it didn't work.