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16 October 2017 - 09:22 PM



Korvarl stared blankly at the enormous demon standing (well, laying down, strictly-speaking) between him and any chance he had at reclaiming his old honor and glory. He had expected impossible odds, but the kinds in bards’ tales that had a chance of being overcome. This, though? This was really impossible. Silvershield’s gaze flickered between the enormous lizard and his comparatively puny axe, a frown finally crossing his features. Yeah, I needed to pack something bigger.


"We have to leave, now. This thing... even a legion of your Templar would scarcely stand a chance" the elf said---the latter comment addressed mostly to Malvolio. "Forget the sword, let us just turn around and go, before it wakes up."


"We cannae, as much as I want tae," Agethar hissed back, for once in his life speaking quietly "we found out somethin' about th' nature o' this mission. The contract Agni had us sign...it has some sort o' power that'll force us tae git th' blasted thing, come hell or 'igh water."


Korvarl swore under his breath. “Damned hells, I should’ve seen tha’ comin’.” He grumbled into his beard.


The Templar, meanwhile, surprisingly suggested a retreat rather than a head-on assault. Korvarl was beginning to think he had the right idea, taking a step away from the demon - and, naturally, keeping close to Elnira the whole time. She’d get eaten last if they got caught, god-like demon lords bedamned.




Percula stared in awe at the enormous creature - well, demon - curled up before them. It was… well, both incredible and terrifying to watch as it snoozed away, larger than anything she’d ever seen; and considering the sorts of perspective-bending shenanigans she’d gotten in before this point, that was really saying something. She was pretty sure none of these guys had confronted a giant while just a couple inches tall.


Granted, this was an entirely different situation, so that was something of a moot point.


“...Maaaaybe we should head back up and look for… I unno, something useful.” Percula whispered quietly - granted, mostly to Caiden because he was beside her. “Maybe something lying around could help us distract it?” Percula offered to the rest of the group, already beginning to make her way back up the stairs with her usual light tread. As long as they didn’t wake the demon up, they had time to figure out a plan or find something more useful than what they already had, right?

As she headed up, Saffron belatedly remembered the books Huo had grabbed. Maybe somebody in the party could read those… once they were safely far enough from the demon to not wake it up while they discussed that course of action.

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06 October 2017 - 10:14 AM

Whoa, you're alive!

PM me sometime, man. It's been forever.

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04 October 2017 - 07:29 PM

I based his pose completely on a photo of a scuba diver.




Well, that shows me for not being a real diver. XD


And, to be fair, I assumed ice was involved because of the objects floating past the diver, but... ah, I suppose those are bubbles and I jumped to conclusions way too fast. ^^;

In Topic: Werewolf's Art

04 October 2017 - 06:53 PM

Okay I gotta agree with you there: the pose of the figure is definitely lacking. However, I really like that color scheme, from the figure's silhouette to the water around him. Granted from the angle the viewer is in this snippet it seems like we're looking up at him and there should be a crack in the suggested ice above.

Any chance you can upload the full pic, if only to satiate my curiosity? :P

In Topic: ZONE - The Forbidden Halls of Clan Dimmlundar

01 October 2017 - 10:53 AM

Korvarl frowned as, in the end, it was Valya who got the gate to lift. Muttering into his beard, he watched her finally set it down, addressing himself and Elnira.


"I can hold it long enough to get one of you smaller ones through at a time." She explained.


Silvershield set his jaw. “I ain’t leavin’ Elnira alone out here.” He decided, looking around. “There ought ta be another way…”


"There is a pipe that seems to lead inside, but I think only you two"---the elf spook up looking at Korvarl and Elnira---"could fit through it."


She paused, and frowned. "Either way, whoever goes through would be on their own, without our best fighters. I do not think we should split up like that."


Silvershield frowned right back, crossing his arms. “Ah’m a pretty damn good fighter, lass. Elnira an’ I’ll be fine. We c’n find a way ta open the gate from inside, no trouble.” He decided, ignoring her window option. Anyone wearing armor was going to have trouble getting up there, and Korvarl had no wish to go leaving the ground climbing places.


“What d’ya think, lass?” Silvershield turned to Elnira, searching her eyes for an answer. He was loathe to leave her, and as unpleasant as crawling in a pipe was… it was an option to proceed and prevent them from being separated.




Percula stood there, pointing at Huo, daring him to make a move, the room now undeniably colder. Standing in his circle, the demon said nothing, watching in silence. Her remarks had evidently irritated the priest, as the air grew warmer, undoubtedly from Huo’s Gift. For a brief moment, Saffron wished there was an inquisitor with them.


In lieu of that, Caiden stepped forward - though he noticeably stayed out of Percula's path, standing by her side instead. But he faced Huo, looking the priest in his blind eyes.


"Us fighting over it is exactly what it wants," Caiden said. It was clear from his tone he was looking to avoid any fights, but it was clear from his stance that, if it came down to one, he would back every word Percula had already spoken. "Your word is worth nothing to a demon. Whatever boon it's promising, sooner or later, will blow up in your face. Just leave it here and let's go find the others."


And that was that.


"I'm...sorry," Huo began to say, "I-"


"I have willingly given you aid already," the demon said, perhaps a bit quietly, "and received nothing in return. Blah blah blah blah blahblah - blah blah blahblah blah blah blah blah blah blahblah…”


Percula naturally shut the demon’s voice out before it could get to her, though she finally cooled down with the magic. Caid, as usual, knew what was best. The pixie shot him a brief, thankful little smile for his support before she began to follow him out, pointedly ignoring Huo’s bitter laugh as he followed.


She couldn’t help but catch the man speaking in a language she’d never heard before, though, and Saffron snuck a peek behind her. Yeah, of course he’s still talking to it. Ugh…


Shaking her head, Perky stayed close to Caiden as they made their way out of the damned temple. “Welp, guess it’s about time we found where everyone else went…” She sighed, keeping an eye out.