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In Topic: Delving Too Deep OOC - Rules, Character List, and Chat

19 August 2017 - 02:11 AM

Yeah, I've been waiting on a character to get approved before I join in on that again ;>u>


In the meantime, though, I'm... well, I'm trying to throw my own thing together, but really I dunno if that'll happen, so in any case I'm willing to wait until this RP can kick off again. ^^

In Topic: Werewolf's Art

18 August 2017 - 01:53 PM

>glances at the Patreon pic


>stares helplessly at his face






...That aside the picture's actually pretty well all around, even though it pales somewhat by comparison to the second drawing (that being fully colored and all). The little details on Kain Talon's armor are really cool, though, in particular. There's a crazy amount of neat designs packed in there between the cloth, chain mail links (albeit a few patches of those seem to be missing ^^; ), and even the plate armor. :D

Though even that can't quite push me to look over the face entirely (though that's mostly in his eye [and nose :P ] position, the lower face looks pretty solid), as well as the slightly awkward bend in his right wrist. It doesn't seem like it breaks anatomy or physics, but it does look like an uncomfortable position to keep one's hand in.


But even with those faults the overall drawing turned out really well! His armor looks like some pretty serious, layered stuff, fancy details aside, and you conveyed that really well. Also the shading, particularly around his hood, looks stellar. It'd be awesome to see a full color version of this with a bit of nose general polish. ^^


Can't wait to see what's up next! :D

In Topic: Delving Too Deep OOC - Rules, Character List, and Chat

07 August 2017 - 02:26 PM

I'm definitely up for continuing, buuut I also know you could really use a proper break. Maybe it's time someone else took the mantle of DMing a big Errant thing.


...Which I have plans of doing, myself, on that note, but God alone knows if that'll come to fruition, so don't hold your breath. ^^;

In Topic: ZONE - Arrowfall ((Delving Too Deep))

25 July 2017 - 12:26 AM

"Just offerin' an opinion," Agethar muttered to himself "no need tae git yer beard in a twist."


Korvarl scowled. “An’ I offered mine, so we’re even.” He pointed out. “If yer stupid when we’re done, you’ll get what’s comin’ for you. If yer not, then you’ll be fine. Simple as that.” Silvershield added for the sake of finality.




Huo said something, but Percula was waaay too busy squeeing inwardly over how cute Elnira was. I want twelve of her! Pleeaaase!


"I'm Elnira! It's a pleasure to meet you both."


“Yeah, same!” Saffron managed without unleashing all of her excitement. Guuuuuh I can’t hold it in forever!


The dwarf looked rather curiously at her. "Have you just joined us? Or maybe you haven't. There are so many people here, it's exhausting trying to remember all the names!" She yawned surreptitiously into the back of her hand.


Perky giggled, both at Elnira’s words and her adorable little yawn. “Well, I sorta just joined. I’m with Caid, and I’ve just been kindaaa… trailing after you guys! Figured you might need some help now you’re entering the wilds and stuff.” She grinned, crouching down to be more even with the little dwarf lady’s height.


“You look kinda tired, though,” she pointed out. “You guys got rooms yet?” Percula asked, her attention finally including Huo, again.


In Topic: ZONE - Arrowfall ((Delving Too Deep))

20 July 2017 - 02:14 PM

Garandros laughed, but it was cold and humourless. "Because alerting everyone to the mass of treasure we'll be carrying home can't backfire at all, can it?" He snorted and stepped back from the table. "I've seen men kill for far less."


"Depends," Agethar pointed out, "I don't know about ye, but I donnae want th' help o' Bandits or a rival clan."


Korvarl sighed, reluctant to admit either had a point. However, before he could continue the argument against the two humans, one of the heavily-armored - and rather rich-looking - Templars stepped forward.


"I don't know how much treasure you think that we'll be taking back with us," Malvolio said bluntly "but Agni only asked us to get his clan's sword, not to bring the mountain's entire treasure horde with us. If he did, I think that we would have more dwarves to help us and a ton of carts to carry it back with us. I only plan on taking what I can carry, unlike whatever imagined version of us you have in your mind."


“Well, o’course yer not carryin’ too much, yer already covered in gold.” Silvershield pointed out, before turning to the other two. “An’ if yer so concerned about gettin’ ambushed on the way back, don’t take the same route we came up.” Korvarl added. “I doubt any bandit worth their silver’s gonna try robbin’ us before we get the treasure, either. So as long as you play it smart, doesn’t matter if we make a bit o’ fuss out here on the way up.”




The Priest nodded, simply saying "It's good to have another elf with us."


Percula grinned. “Glad to know someone thinks so.” She quipped, before asking about his eyes.


"I am blind, inquisitive one," Huo said, wondering if this...elf was considered a child by her society "but I have my own way of seeing."


“...Oh.” Saffron blinked. “...I’ve never met a blind person! That’s… uh, cool!” Perky offered, not entirely certain how someone lived without eyesight. Yeesh, that’s got to be awful...


"And what about yourself?" he asked, peering at the elf "You don't seem to be a true e-."




Huo stopped mid-sentence as a very short lady - one of the dwarves - materialized beside Percula. The pixie almost melted at the sight of her. She’s so small! ...Well, I mean, right now. Eheh.


Perhaps fortunately, she didn’t realize Huo was so close to realizing she wasn’t actually an elf.


"Hello, Small one," he said politely as he made a small bow "I am Huo Shiye of the East, and this is..."


“Percula, nice to meet you!” The ‘elf’ introduced herself, holding out a hand for shaking. “Who’re you?” She asked, barely able to resist the urge to coo at Elnira. She was so cute!