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Today, 11:42 PM

Caiden confirmed this with a slight nod, though he did subtly glance in Percula's direction with mild annoyance only she could read in his eye - though she also could tell he had fully expected something like this.


So all he got in reply was an innocent - well slightly mischievous - grin.


"We've been traveling together for a while now," he clarified for Agethar's sake, though he left it at that.


"Really?" Agethar said, raising an eyebrow "Because he hasnae told me about ye.”


Saffron shrugged, lounging in her seat. “Well have you ever held a conversation with him?” She asked teasingly, nudging Caid. “It’s a miracle if I can get him to open up. Much less someone like you.” The pixie pointed out with a completely, totally innocent smile.


"It is understandable an' all, with me nae seein' him fer a while." he elaborated quickly  "I heard that ye and some others went off tae Artorius tae deal wid some mages o' some sort: I would'ave gone wid ye, but I was on a mission at th' time, and didnae hear about it until it was too late."


Percula blinked, a few particularly unpleasant flashbacks coming to mind before she shook her head slightly. “Oh, well, uh…” She glanced at Caiden briefly. “You didn’t miss much.” The pix- ahem, elf, reassured him, leaning against Caid a little. “There were sooome… unpleasant thingies. And stuff. Y’know, the usual with dealing with evil mages, right?” Saffron went on with a grin.

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Yesterday, 06:44 PM

Ooh, not bad! I especially like that shading style you use. ^^


However, I think just about all these guys are, uh, a tad disproportionate. At the very least I can tell their heads seem a little big on their bodies, but in a few cases (namely Caiella's) it looks like the arms are kinda long, too.


Your faces have some really nice details going, though, so definitely keep that up! Can't wait to see who else you draw :D

In Topic: ZONE - The Skaldsong Tavern ((Delving Too Deep - START))

Yesterday, 12:50 PM

Korvarl finally heard Elnira pipe up from behind him… though to his growing dismay, she seemed at the very least uncertain, if not plain uncomfortable.
"I umm... I think we.. I think... Why don't we all have that drink and get to know each other better." She smiled brightly. "I'm sure we have plenty in common!"
Silvershield was appalled. She not only wanted them all to be friends, but though he and Elisario could just… talk this out? She thought they’d have plenty in common? Korvarl slowly turned to stare at her, barely registering Allya’s speech as she cut in.
"That sounds like a wonderful plan to me!" Elisario replied, the corners of his mouth turned upward in a small smile.
He turned to Korvarl. "Can I buy you a drink, as a show of good faith? We'll be working together for Ormazd knows how long, and I would prefer to be friends rather than rivals with you."
The dwarf was perfectly fine with them remaining rivals, since this human couldn’t be bothered to learn his damn lesson. Before he could put that into words, however, Allya spoke again.
"Now that that is settled"—she cast a warning glance at Korvarl—"shall we?" she suggested, gesturing towards the bar.
Silvershield returned the glance with a scowl, grumbling into his beard but deciding he’d let this go… this time. Given a few liters of beer he’d be ready to bash each and every one of their stupid heads in. Show ‘em what it feels to have your pride an’ culture tossed out th’window…
As it was, Korvarl kept his arms cross but trailed after the other three as they approached the bar.
Percula glanced up as Agethar strode over, grinning… not entirely wholesomely at the Nordling towering over her. She seemed to be preparing some cutting greeting when, much to her evident disappointment, he addressed Caid, talking - pretty much literally - over her. It didn’t help that what he said was so incredibly ironic it hurt.
"Good tae see that ye've joined us again," he said as he sat down next to the fellow venator and ordered himself some food. "I though I would be stuck with that other guy - Garandos - fer the rest o' th' evenin'."
It’s a small world… Saffron thought, tapping her fingers on the table… which left small, frozen patches.
Finally, Agether noticed her and asked "And who's yer friend?"
“Call me Perky.” She smiled, seeming polite and cheerful. “And you’re Ags, right?” Percula asked innocently. Hehehee… “Caid’s told me sooo much about you.” She added for good measure, still working away at her plate.

In Topic: ZONE - The Skaldsong Tavern ((Delving Too Deep - START))

21 June 2017 - 07:02 PM

"Mhm," Caiden replied quietly - his voice lost in the cacophony of the tavern to anyone except Percula - glancing over to them as well as he swallowed entirely too large a mouthful of food. "And other Venatori, and a Templar and Inquisitor... gods know why."
“Maybe they got lost trying to have a picnic?” Saffron grinned cheekily. “Now careful you taste your food a little, Caid. It deserves that much.” She couldn’t help but tease, as well.
He gave a nod to the waitress who'd served him before, and a glass of wine and a plate with a variety of food - including prominently a jar of fresh honey for flavoring the bread - was placed in front of Percula. The pix- elf’s stomach let out a quiet growl as she both realized how hungry she felt and how good the food looked.
"Told you they had nice food here," the Venator said as he shoved a handful of silver coins across the bar. "If you don't eat it all, I can finish it," he added. Given he'd already cleaned half his already oversized plate, that would have seemed unlikely, but he still hadn't slowed down.
That didn’t seem to surprise the elf, ahem, as she began tasting the various foods on her plate, though she did stick her tongue out at Caiden. “Oh I know you can,” Percula confirmed with a grin. “But for your information it’s been awhile since I’ve had food that you haven’t gotten to first. So mind your own plate, O Bottomless Pit.” She snickered, popping a grape in her mouth with the style and grace that befitted the race she most definitely wasn’t just pretending to be.
((Gonna let Elmira say something before I continue with Korvarl :P ))

In Topic: ZONE - The Skaldsong Tavern ((Delving Too Deep - START))

21 June 2017 - 02:04 PM

“Now listen, Korvarl,” Elisario glared. “I was just making conversation and getting a drink. You’re quite welcome to join us. If you do, please be civil.”


The dwarf ground his teeth irritably, but held his ground. Surely Elmira would back him up, and together they’d take this human boy down a few inches. Surely.




Shortly after Caiden returned from upstairs, a young elf lady descended, adjusting a traveling cloak before pausing at the base of the stairs. She glanced over the crowd of adventurers with some interest - and her eyes seemed to dwell on Agethar for little longer than most, a mischievous gleam in her eye - before she shifted gears and headed over to Caid, taking a seat by him. Fortunately for the waitress who’d tried flirting with him, the pix- ahem, elf had missed the attempt.


“I maaade it.” Percula Saffron grinned, before glancing over at the group of adventurers and their discussion. “...Wow, we sure got a mixed bag this time. Are those real, live dwarves?” She asked him quietly, seeming to take a fascination with the short, bearded folk in particular. And elves, and humans, and Aggie…